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Hadrian's Pov

"So, apart from discussing what happened in the common room, and why me and Draco weren't talking, why are you here?"

"Those were the only reasons we were here." Dad responded, I nodded slowly

"And now that we've spoken about those issues?" Draco asked

"I suppose we best be leaving, before the curfew." Papa commented

"Yes, we best head back to the common room, I have homework to work on." Draco groaned beside me

"You're starting to sound like Granger." Draco huffed, making the adults chuckle

"No, the sooner my homework is done, the more free time I have to do other things."

"That is a very good point Hadrian, stick to that." Papa said, Dad chuckled

"I recall you waited until the last minute before doing your homework." Dad commented

"How did you even know that? We didn't even go to school together." Papa responded

"Or did I?" Dad asked, smirking at Papa

"You know, I don't need to heard this, you could talk about that at home, away from my ears." They chuckled, I glanced at Draco, who rolled his eyes

"Fine, let's go do our homework."

-Two months later-

Hadrian's Pov

"Young Master, you need to wake up." I heard Sebastian say as my shoulder was shaken, I groaned

"It's Saturday, I don't need to be up." I muttered and snuggled back into my covers, I heard him chuckle

"Your uncle has requested your presence in his office, you need to get up and ready." Sebastian responded, I groaned, and I heard a door open

"Is he still not up?" I heard Draco ask, I opened my eyes and glared at Draco, who was stood by the main door to the dorm room

"Granger and Weasley got off their restrictions yesterday, do you know what time I actually made it back to the common room last night?" Draco frowned

"Were they waiting outside the Common room?" I nodded

"It was nearly Midnight before I managed to get into the common room, then I got caught by Uncle Sev, who demanded to know where I had been, and why I was out after curfew, only to send me off to bed without letting me explain, so yes, I am tired, it is still early, so I was hoping to sleep in a little." I huffed and rolled onto my back and looked up at my canopy

"I didn't know that."

"The Young Master was rather tired, I did offer to knock them both out and let them be found by a professor, but unfortunately he declined."

"Did you try the cloak and map?" Draco asked, I nodded

"They were waiting for the portrait to open, they know I have the cloak, but they don't know about the map, every time the portrait opened they came out of the shadows and demanded answers from the other housemates, where I was, I couldn't get past on my own, those corridors echo so much, I literally had to wait until they had given up and gone to their common room, before I could get in to go to bed, I was beyond exhausted." I groaned and sat up "Might as well go and get this over and done with."

"You get dressed, while I'll go and speak to Uncle Sev." Draco said, before he left the dorm room.

"Young Master, would you like to shower this morning or wait until tonight?"

"I'll wait until tonight, the quicker I get this over with, the quicker I can start the rest of my weekend correctly." Sebastian nodded

"Very well Young Master." He quickly undress me and got me dressed into Black slacks and a green polo, I pulled on some socks and Black trainers, I quickly tied the laces and Sebastian turned into his raven from after he tied my eye patch. I sighed and made my way out of the dorm and into the common room

"Hey, Hadrian." I heard someone call, a hand appeared on my left shoulder and I turned to look and saw Theodore Knott stood there with a grimace on his face

"What's wrong?" Theo glanced over his shoulder, towards, where the Twins were Sat with their head close together.

"Well, Fred, or George, I'm not sure which one, I get them confused." I frowned and raised an eyebrow "Anyway, they know you came into the common room late last night and they wanted me to tell you to meet them later so you can go to Hogsmeade with them." I huffed and moved past Theo and over to the Twins, who looked up as I approached

"Next time you want to pass on a message, do it yourself, rather than confusing the other students." They both nodded

"_Will you come into Hogsmeade with us?" I chuckled

"Was that so hard? Yes, I'll come with you, as long as Uncle Sev doesn't stop me from going." They frowned

"But that wasn't your fault Hadrian." George said, I shrugged

"I was tired and Uncle Sev wouldn't let me explain, so he want to see me now, so I better go."

"~We'll meet you in the entrance hall, which office are you meeting him in?" Fred asked

"The one in the dungeon, I believe Draco has already gone there, to try and make my case for me."

"_We saw him go."

"~He didn't look pleased at all." Fred finished, I nodded

"I'll meet you in the entrance hall." They both nodded and I headed over to the door that connected to Uncle Sev's office, I could already heard raised voiced, I knocked on the door

"Enter!" I heard Uncle Sev call, I opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind me. Uncle Sev was stood behind his desk, and Draco was stood to the side of it, glaring at him, while Uncle Sev looked at me "Nice of you to join us."

"I got waylaid by the twins, they knew I came in late too." Uncle Sev frowned

"You know the rules Hadrian, you should be in your dormitories by the time curfew comes around, I will not hear any excuses." He said, folding his arms

"So, you won't even let Hadrian explain himself? And those two just get away with being out too?" Draco demanded

"I did not see anyone outside the dormitory after Hadrian had come in." Uncle Sev said, I rolled my eyes even though only one was visible

"That's because they had already left, knowing, I was either in the dorm already or I was staying elsewhere, I waited until I was sure they were gone, before coming in, I didn't want to risk being prevented earlier." Uncle Sev glared at me and I felt Sebastian leave my shoulder, before landing in front of me and turning back into himself

"Do you have something to add Sebastian? Before I assign Hadrian Detention?" Uncle Sev asked, I huffed

"Just that, I did offer several times to knock them both unconscious, My Master didn't want to draw anymore attention to himself, they were waiting for the portrait to open, they know my master has his cloak, every time the portrait opened, the duo appeared from the shadows and demanded answers from the other housemates, of where My Master was. Besides those corridors echo so much, I couldn't even flap my wings without the sound echoing." Sebastian explained

"Hadrian? Is that true?" I nodded

"I was stood under the cloak, just a little further down from the dormitory portrait, I kept an eye on them and I've been actively using the map to make sure where they were, I couldn't get close enough to follow anyone in, because they were right there and would have hear the extra set of footsteps, and ike Sebastian said, the corridor echo so much I couldn't sneak in on my own, because they would have seen the portrait open and realise it was me immediately." Uncle Sev sighed

"Granger, Weasley and Professor McGonagall got off their restrictions yesterday." Uncle Sev said, I nodded

"Professor McGonagall hasn't given me any problems yet, and hopefully she wont either, but Granger and Weasley have been on my tail, since the moment the restrictions let up." Uncle Sev sighed

"She did show some remorse after things were explained to her, maybe she just wants to get back to doing what she does best, being a teacher." I nodded

"So, are you still giving me detention?" Uncle Sev sighed

"You were still late back to your common room, I have to follow the rules, even more so, now that I'm the headmaster, so, you can either have your detention now or you can have two next week." Uncle Sev said

"That's not fair." Draco growled, I sighed

"Draco, will you tell the twins I'll see them later, they can go onto Hogsmeade without me today."

"But Hadrian-" I shook my head and looked up at Sebastian

"Sebastian, will you go with him please?" he raised an eyebrow

"Are you sure Young Master?" I nodded

"I'll call you back later." He nodded and then bowed. He turned back into his crow form and settled on Draco's shoulder. I nodded at Draco, who sighed and left Uncle Sev's office

"Hadrian are you sure about sending Sebastian away?" Uncle Sev asked, I nodded

"So, what will I be doing for my detention?" He sat up straighter

"Follow me into the classroom." He stood up and headed towards the adjoining door, that led to his classroom.