Sebastian's Pov

As per my master's orders I stayed with Young Draco, he made it to the entrance, where the two twin demons in training were stood, talking, but stopped when we approached

"Um, Draco, why is Sebastian with you?" George asked

"~Yeah, he never normally strays to far from Hadrian." Fred commented

"Hadrian had to have a detention with Uncle Sev, so he asked me to tell you that he'd see you later, as to why Sebastian is with me, Hadrian asked him to." Out the corner of my eye I caught sight of the two pathetic children making their way over

"But why?" George asked

"~Uncle Sev knows it wasn't Hadrian's fault, right?" Fred asked, I pecked Draco's ear

"Ouch, what was that for?" Draco asked turning his head towards me, I pointed with my beak over to the two children "Oh, maybe we should move, the two stalkers are on their way over." The twins glance over and then nodded, wrapping their arms around Draco they headed out onto the school grounds "Hey, I don't have my cloak."

"~Don't worry, we have a spare one."

"Yeah, we don't mind you borrowing it." They stopped near a tree and hid behind it, Fred kept an eye out, while George pulled a cloak out of a small bag, I hopped onto Fred's shoulder while Draco put the spare cloak on

"~Oh, Hello Sebastian." Fred said, I bowed my head at him "~It's strange to see you without Hadrian, you two are never far apart." I bowed my head again

"Thank you, George." Draco said, I looked over and saw he had the cloak on

"You're welcome." George responded

"~What do we do now? He can't hide behind this tree all day." Fred commented, I rolled my eyes and flew from Fred's shoulder, up into the tree branches, I then hopped to the other side of the tree and looked around, I spotted the two children searching the grounds, I huffed and hopped back to the other side of the tree and spotted the whopping Willow, I flew back down to Fred's shoulder and pecked his ear ~Ouch, What was that for Sebastian?" he looked at me and I pointed to the Whopping Willow with my break, I saw Fred's eyes light up and he grabbed his brothers arm "~George the Whopping Willow."

"Of course, Come along Draco." George said

"We can't go near the Willow, it'll attack us." Draco said

"~Just trust us, we wouldn't let you get hurt." Fred said, Draco nodded and took a hold of George's hand, who then pulled him towards the Whopping Willow

"~Are you sticking with us Sebastian?" I bowed my head and Fred set off running towards the tree.

-Twenty Minutes and a Tree tunnel later-

"This is the Shrieking Shack, why are we here? I'm sure there were plenty other ways to get away from the meddlesome Duo, why did we have to come here?" Draco demanded

"Because it was the quickest way to get out of there and Ronald nor Hermione know about the knot in the tree branch to make it stop moving, besides we can get to Hogsmeade from here." George explained

"And just how are we going to explain us, not leaving with the other students, to only return to Hogwarts with the students attending Hogsmeade?" Draco asked

"~Simple, we return the same way we came, besides, it's much more fun that way." Fred said

"I just wish Hadrian could have joined us." George commented, then looked towards me "Are you going to return to Hadrian?" I bowed my head once "When?" I tilted my head at him and flew down off Fred's shoulder, only to transform back into myself

"I shall return to my Master once he calls for me, until then, he has asked me to accompany young Draco, until such a time that he calls me back to his side." The trio nodded their heads

"Well, on that note, shall we head into Hogsmeade?" George asked

"Sebastian do you still have hold of my card?" Draco asked, I looked down at him and nodded

"I do indeed." I slipped my hand into the inside pocket of the waist coat and pulled out his card, I handed it over to him and he nodded in thanks and I transformed back into my crow form and landed on Draco's shoulder. The twins led Young Draco and I out of the shack and down into the neighbouring village.

Draco's Pov

We arrived in the village and started to look around, Fred stopped me, and I looked up at him curiously

"What's the matter?"

"~Since Hadrian can't come this weekend, do you think he would like it if we took something back to him?" Fred asked me, I thought for a minute before asking

"What did you have in mind?" Fred shrugged

"~Well, I know he's still on a kind of diet with Sebastian, so I don't want to get this any food that might affect his wellbeing, so how about something that might be more helpful to him." Fred said as George walked back over to join, once he had realised, we stopped

"What's going on?" George asked

"Fred was just asking me about getting something for Hadrian since he cant be here today." George nodded

"That's a good idea, but what do we get him?" George asked, suddenly Sebastian pecked my ear

"Ouch." I looked up at him and he pointed his head towards an alleyway, I looked back at the twins "Come on this way." I reached up and rubbed my ear and walked into the alleyway with the twins following behind me, Sebastian then hopped down from my shoulder and transformed back into himself, I frown up at him "Do you have to keep pecking me?" he smiled smugly

"How else would you like me to get your attention when I'm in my raven form?" he asked

"I don't know, but your peck hurts." He chuckled

"Sebastian did you have an idea about what to get for Hadrian?" George asked him

"Well, as you recall, my young master has taken a liking to playing musical instruments, perhaps you could look for some sheet music for him, get him something, that he can learn to play, something that he hasn't played yet." Sebastian offered

"~But, for which instrument? He plays a lot, doesn't he?" Fred asked, Sebastian took on a thoughtful stance

"Perhaps, you could look for a piano sheet music, Piano is an instrument that my young master does not play often, and hasn't played since he returned to the manor after his brief time away." Sebastian said, then he tilted his head to the side and looked in the direction we had just come from "Unfortunately children, I must depart, my young master is calling me."

"Already? It's not been an hour yet." George commented

"I do not know what has happened, but I must leave you now, be safe and my young master shall be along promptly to meet you." Sebastian said and then transformed back into his raven form and flew off

"~I wonder what happened?" Fred mused

"I don't know, but let's enjoy ourselves until Hadrian comes to join us." The twins both nodded and we walked back onto the main street.