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Chapter One

Tyson's view point

My sisters Jessie and Eliza and I were walking home from the mall after we had gotten some stuff.

But there was one thing in my possession that is more important than the rest. That one possession is… a hotdog! I walked my beautiful hotdog to a nearby bench and sat down. I stared at it for awhile, analyzing it. I was about to bit into my beautiful, delicious, steaming hot, hotdog. Danger, danger, unknown object plans to steal the hotdog. I looked around and nothing, just my sisters glaring at me for not getting them a hotdog. I went to bit into it when a stink black, messed up, food stealing, poop dropping bird swooped down and stole my hot-dog!

In a fit of rage I chased after it, my heart pumping with screams of pain! I saw a pebble and threw it at the thief! It threw back instead of forwards! It flied over a trash can and I immediately knew it was going to put it in that trashcan! It dropped my hot-dog in the trashcan! Tyson this is not gonna work but, screw it! I jumped inside of a trashcan and not just any trashcan, the big green ones behind the restaurants. I could hear laughter, obviously it was my sisters. "Quiet y'all laughing and get over here and help me get my hot-dog!" I told them, rummaging through the trash can and get all kinds of nasty things on me! There are dirty diapers in here! "It's like a black hole in here!" I screamed, hoping that they'd get the hint to say, "Forget about it." "You can go die a horrible unconstitutional death." Jessie said laughing. I glared at her from inside the trash can. I couldn't breathe so I had to come up. I tried to get out but it was like there was no bottom, or anything to push myself off of and I smelt something strange that I couldn't define in smell.

I screamed for help swinging my arms and legs around in the air until one of my sisters grabbed me by my legs and got sucked in too! Then all of the sudden we were falling from the sky! It was a beautiful blue day. "DANG IT BART, YOU JUST HAD TO GO LOOKING FOR YOUR HOT-DOG IN A TRASHCAN!" Jessie yelled at me while weakly choking me. "And you stank!" She screamed letting me go and paddling away from me. I saw the ground beneath me and closed my eyes. We finally landed on the ground and it was soft for some reason. "Wow, wherever we are the ground is soft!" I said surprised, bouncing up and down, but something didn't feel right. Jessie came out of a pond and spit out some nasty fish water. What if people used the bath room in that water! "Get off that poor man, Tyson! He's already turned blue, with your big old butt sitting on him!" Jessie told me. I looked down and saw that I was sitting this 'big old butt' on a guy that looked like that guy Kisame Hoshigaki. "Get the hell off me you're as heavy as hell!" The person I was sitting on shouted with what little air he had left. "Oh sorry sir, please forgive me!" I panicked and fumbled moving around, making it worst. "Hey Tyson doesn't he look like Kisame from the Akatsuki?" Jessie asked me poking my shoulder.

"That's Kisame-san to you!" I said because I know that was him, no one can pull off looking like that, no body. "Whoa that is him; hey touch my hand with your almighty awesomeness, king!" Jessie said all fan girly. Kisame looked shocked, but I think that was just him gasping for air. "He touched my hand; I'm never washing it again! Take that Tyson I got an Akatsuki member to touch my hand before you, cha!" Jessie said even though he didn't touch her hand. "But he didn't and I'm sorry for my sister she's a pervert!" I said giggling. "Yeah sure just get off me, you're killing me here!" Kisame wheezed. "I'm no pervert, he's my favorite Akatsuki member other then Kakuzu and Tobi and don't forget about Sasori!" Jessie said. "You do know this guy is fish stick, remember fish stick!" I said randomly. "Hey Tyson no wonder he's not talking, you've killed him! Your going to straight to jail Tyson I'm gonna report you to the police!" Jessie said. I tried to get off the poor guy but couldn't!

Chapter End

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