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Training Again With You Guys.

Jessie's P.O.V

I woke up yawning and got out of bed and went to the bathroom took a shower. I changed into a different outfit. I didn't bother to put my hair in my normal high pony-tail though. I brushed my teeth really good, till they were white again and I walked into the living room with my shoulders slumped over, bored out of my mind. I sat on the couch and my eyes felt dry so I closed and opened my eyes. I kept my eyes closed thinking of candy and food. I started to fall asleep from just sitting there with nobody to talk to. Tyson came running into the living room with Eliza behind her. Tyson jumped her big fat butt onto the couch making me fly off of it and hit the floor. I was now fully awake now from the impact. "Is it just me or is your butt getting bigger and bigger?" I said. She made this cute little 'puff face'. "Wow, you actually look adorable!" I said. "Shut up!" She jumped on the second couch pillow and the spring shot her into the ceiling! "Are you okay!?" Eliza asked, while I laughed! "Of course she is!" I said. "My knees were in my ears you jerk!" Tyson said and I laughed some more.

Tyson's P.O.V

I looked around noticing that we were alone here. "Just where is everyone?" I asked. "Don't know." Jessie said. "Hey go ask your boyfriend Tyson!" Eliza said. I blushed and gasped. "T-That's," I couldn't think of anything to say. "He's not my boyfriend! He's not even my friend. Remember?" I shouted, feeling bad that he said those words in front of me to that guy in town. "But seriously where is everybody." I switched to being serious. "Quit dodging the bullet and take it like a man!" Eliza said. "But I don't want to be shot!" I gasped, realizing that I had just admitted to liking Ago! "I don't like him that way! And he doesn't consider me hid friend anyway." I remember when he said that I wasn't even his friend I couldn't stop thinking about it. Get out of my head! I'm trying to figure out where everyone could be! "It's so romantic what's between you and Ago!" Eliza said. I gasped and blushed again. "Quit it! Everyone could be dead for all we know!" I said. "Yeah, we have more important things to tend to than Tyson and Ago's thing." Jessie said, I could tell from that look in her eyes that she was mad. "Well I'm leaving today anyway." I said picking up my bag. "What? Where are you going?" Jessie asked me. "I'm going to train with Orochimaru-sensei. He said my chakra control still needs work." I said. "Oh, so bye then. Good luck." Eliza said. Jessie looked down. "I don't want you to go and leave me again." She said. "It's only for a little while." I said. Unike yesterday I'll be gone longer than a couple of minutes. "Yeah, you be careful out there." Jessie said, earnestness all over her face. "I'll be fine really, it's you guys that I'm worried about though. That's why 'I needed to see Hidan-sensei. He might know what happened to me." I said. I still remember what that man said to me yesterday. He grinned and said, "Do you remeber me? It doesn't really mater, but I need you to do something for me." He said before he... I glenched my fist and grented my teeth. I'll never forgive him for that. "You guys be vigilant of a man in a white hood and cloak with golden arm bands and leather boots, with pentagrams sewn into his leather gloves." I warned them. "Why, who is he?" Jessie asked. "He's my boyfriend, who do you think he is?! He's the guy who did this to me!" I don't know what he did but I do know that he was there when we first came to this world. "So he's the no good dirty skum bag that did 'that' to you." Jessie smirked and punched her fist in her hand. "I'm gonna feed him to my Houlong!" Eliza said. "Your- you know we can't let other people know about 'that'!" I said, almost sounding angry. "I know but-but nothing!" I snapped. "Just think about what people would do to us if they... you know, knew aout 'that'." I didn't want to go through that pain again, I just don't! "Anyway I've gotta go now so see you around and don't talk about that EVER!" I said. Using my teleporting scroll to teleport to one of Orochimaru-sensei's Hideout.

I ended up in one of the many confusing halls in the Hideout. "Orochimaru-Sensei!" I called out, hoping he was in this one. Which one am I in anyway. I turned the corner and saw Kabuto walking this way. "Tyson-Chan your early. Are you egar to train with us again?" Kabuto asked greeting me with a reather warm smile. "No way, un-un, nope!" I shock my head and wavered my hands in front of me. "It's just that I thought I was suppsed to come to day." I said, scratching the side of my face with my finger. "Well Orochimaru-sama is kind of busy doing very important work right now and doesn't want to be bothered." Kabuto told me. We started walking down the hall, I didn't recognize anything here. Kabuto is reather nice to me, even if it might be a trick it's a lot better than him being mean to me. "I understand. So if I may ask, just what is he doing?" I asked. Am I supposed to wait after asking, "If I may" without him answering first? "I really don't know myself actually." He answered shrugging. "Kabuto-sama you're always so nice to me, except for when you're training me that is." I lowered my voice so he wouldn't hear the second part. "Aw, really, you think so?" He looked embarassed. I looked around and finally wonder which base I was in. "Um, Kabuto-sama which base is this?" I asked. "It's the Eastern Hideout." I stopped, widened my eyes and I nearly fainted. Oh wait never mind Jugo is in the Sourthern Hideout, I signed in relief. "Is something wrong?" He asked. "I just mistoke this one for the Western one!" I felt stupid for that. "Oh I see, you're scared of Jugo right?" How did he know I knew about Jugo!? I've never been to the Western Hideout before! "How did you know?" I asked. "Orochimaru had told me before that you had came here from another world and that you knew about how everyone died. All though is that all you?" He asked. "Uhhhhhh! No." I hesitated, what is he gonna do to me now?! "I see," He adjusted his glasses.

*BOOM* Me and Kabuto flew back! I fell on my butt and bounced off the hard floor into a wall! I fell off the wall landing on floor next to Kabuto! He sat up and fixed his glasses. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." He answered. "Orochimaru must have had another mishap again." He signed. Orochimaru-sensei was on the floor knocked out. Orochimaru is quite fun to make fun of, especially when something like this happens. I helped Kabuto carry him into bed. Kabuto bandaged him up while I hooked his leg sling to that pole thingy. Orochimaru woke up while I was putting his arm in a sling and hooking it on a the pole above his head. "Orochimaru-sensei, I'm starting to worry about you. I think your IQ is getting low." I joked a little. My finger got stuck while trying to hook his sling to the pole. He started talking but the bandages were on his face too. "You need something?" I asked. He glared at me and I was frozen! Temperary Paralysis Technique. My arms were the first things to get tired. I started to get sweaty and the AC wasn't on. I did feel uncomfortable with him just garing at me. I feel really insecure when I can't move and my hands are up, not even covering my chest. I felt awkward! "You pervert! Quit looking at my chest, pervert!" I yelled at him. A snake popped up and hit me across the stomach knocking me across the room! My finger dislocated, my arm crashed into the wall and I'm pretty sure it's broken now! "You brought this upon yourself." Kabuto said. I moved my arms and got up, having to use my legs of course. "Now that you're here, why not go ahead and start your training." Orochimaru said. "Whaaat!?"

Time Skip...

I was laying in bed completely bandaged up from the tip of my toes to the last hair on my head from the painful training they put me through. Both my arms and legs were in slings. Luckily Kabuto healed me before we trained. Stupid Orochimaru and his stupid Curse Mark and his stupid posions! Well at least nothing's broken. Something creeped in through my door. I looked down on the floor and it was one of Orochimaru's snakes. It had a note in its mouth. It dropped it on my stomach and left. If only I could use my hands I could summon one of my Summoned Animals I learned how to summon last time I was here. I don't want to bother Kabuto though. I took my hands out of my slings and imediately my arms cracked and they hurt so bad! I read the note. It said, "How do your arms feel?" that jerk Orochimaru! I jumped out of bed completely forgetting about my arms and legs being badly hurt and stormed down the hall! I kicked Orochimaru's door down shouting out his name. "Sas-Sasuke Uchiha!?" I gasped. "Tyson fix that broken door right now!" Orochimaru ordered. I picked the door up and my arms started hurting again and I fell down, the door fell on me of course and the door frame calapised on me too! "Help," I wheezed. "Me...please." I pasted out after that.

Sometime In The Near By Future

I woke up in the medical room cover from head to toe in bandages again. I looked around hoping that Kabuto would be here, but he wasn't. I guess I'm stuck like this. I don't want to bother Kabuto-sama, especially after he went through the trouble of bandaging me like this for the second time today. I'll go back to sleep... Sasuke's here! I just remembered I should apologize to Orochimaru-sensei when I see him. But more importantly Sasuke's here! Now I'll have to train with him! I don't have to worry about him.

But I should be nore worried about that guy who killed me. He was definatly there when we first came here. Maybe he's one of the people hunting us!? And then there's Ago. No don't think about him right now! I wonder what Leader-sama is gonna do after that thing that happened to me. Is he gonna device a plan to capture us? Or would he do that if he ever found out what we really were? Twinkle, twinkle little star I want to hit you with a car throw you off a tree so high hope you break your neck and die!

Jessie's Point of View~! ( ^ . ^ )

I was sagging over the arm of the couch. Everyone had been gone all day. I miss Tyson, it's so boring wih out her doing stupid junk around here. And she died yesterday, yeasterday! Someone is after us and what if Tyson never made to Orochimaru's?! What if she died again? "Hey Jessie, is it just me or is it strange how everyone is gone without saying anything. Of course Pein is in and out of the place all the time, but everyone couldn't have gone on missions?" She's right, and I haven't seen Tobi at all today and we're friends. "Plus Tobi isn't here, if they'd take Tobi, then they'd definitely take us too. I'm positive about that." So, Akatsuki was destoryed overnight and because we don't wear our cloaks and we're new, we were passed by? I stood up, I have a feeling that we're missing something. Something's in here I can feel it. What is it? Where is it?

"Jessie they're here." Eliza said darting her eyes from side to side. "Yeah, I know." I summoned my ultimate weapon, Nagai Ono, I got it's appearance from the United Cutlery Kit Rae Black Legion Battle Axe my dad has hanging on his wall in his room, except mine is a spear. "Almighty Gale!"

A few Moments Later...

I pretty much destroyed the base and everything in a one mile radius. "I guess I over did." I scratched the back of my head and laughed nervously. "No kiding you idiot!" Eliza punched me on the head. "Now if the Akatsuki was in there you just blew them away!" She yelled at me. "I hadn't thought of that." I said. "Yeah, no shit!" She yelled at me and hurt my feelings a little. "I was just trying to help is all. Tobi's rubbed off on me!" I cried anime tears. "*sign* Let's just find them."

"What?" I exclaimed. "Bunk that! I'm going to a hotel and going to sleep. They're Akatsuki they'll find a way." I said walking off. "Yeah we must be whined, I just didn't want to look for the saps. "Earth style: Ground Pool!" Eliza mainly uses Earth Style Ninjutsu.

"I think things are about to get interseting, don't you think?"

"Why yes I do Jessie."

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