A/N: Hey, Enjoy My Little Short Stories About My Favorite Character Bra!

The 16 year old Sayian Princess woke up and glanced over at her clock which read 1:30pm. Not bad for a Saturday, Bra thought as she rolled out of bed. Last night's party had been awesome and she couldn't wait to tell her best friends Pan and Marron all about it. Speaking of Pan and Marron, Bra decided they needed a girls' day out. It would be the perfect opportunity to tell them all about her night and to catch up on what was going on with them as well. Bra headed to the shower and got dressed for the day, a process that took nothing short of 2 hours. Being beautiful is a tough job but somebody has to do it, Bra thought as she headed downstairs to call Marron.

"Yes?" Marron answered on the third ring, sounding annoyed.

"Hey Hun!" Bra said cheerfully, "Are you busy today?"

"It's 3 in the afternoon Bra, don't tell me you're just getting up?" the blonde asked.

"Well in my defense I had a long night which I'm gonna tell you and Pan all about at the mall today!", the blunette said.

"Oh no Bra Briefs!" Marron snapped. "I'm completely swamped with college work and your shopping trips are well known as all day affairs."

"Awe but Mar", Bra whined her good mood evaporating; "can't you take a teeny little break?"

"Teeny break?" Marron said with a laugh. "The last time I went to the mall you with we were there for 12 hours and we needed 3 hover cars just to get our bags home!"

"But-", Bra began to interrupted but Marron quickly cut her off.

"Okay-love-you-bye!" she said and quickly hung up knowing if she stayed on the phone any longer she'd give in to her best friend.

"Ughh!" Bra yelled slamming the phone down.

Well at least there's still Pan, she thought as she grabbed the phone and dialed Pan's number. Unfortunately for the Sayian Princess, Pan was also too busy to hang out with her. She blabbed on and on about training for an upcoming tournament and how badly she wanted to win. And she wonders why she's never had a boyfriend! Bra thought irritably as she hung up the phone again.

"Now what am I gonna do?" Bra said stomping her feet in frustration.

Her day was beginning to suck big time. Her mom was at a business conference all weekend and Trunks was probably just as swamped with work as Marron. There was no way Bra Briefs could be seen at the mall ALONE! People would think she was a totally loser, but the only other person around was her father. Suddenly a sneaky smile slide up the blunette's face, then she glanced at the clock at the clock & realized she needed to act quickly if she wanted her plan to work.

At exactly 4:30 Vegeta entered the house and headed straight for the kitchen and fridge. Bra knew her dad never missed a meal and she stood in a corner with her Ki concealer bracelet on waiting for the right moment to attack. As soon as her father had grabbed a large turkey leg and was preparing to eat Bra attacked.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Bra screamed and bum rushed her father causing him to drop his food.

"Have you lost your senses brat?" Vegeta yelled surprised he hadn't been able to detect her presence.

Bra burst into false tears, wailing and blubbering as she clung to her father. She knew the one thing he hated most was dealing with her emotional outbursts.

"Where's your mother?" he asked trying unsuccessful to pry her arms from his neck.

Where is the woman when you need her, the Sayian Prince thought? He was extremely uncomfortable dealing with Bra's woman drama.

"Stop this wailing and release me at once!" he ordered but his daughter ignored him and continued sobbing.

"Daddy!" she shrieked causing him to flinch, nobody has time for me! Mom, Trunks, Mar, and Pan don't wanna hang out with me! I'm all alone, I-"

Bra prepared to release another ear piercing wail but Vegeta threw a hand up to stop her.

"Enough of this!" Vegeta yelled annoyed with his daughter's antics.

Bra gave her father her best puppy dog eyes filled with tears and even the Prince of Sayians softened at the sight of his sad Princess.

He growled angrily. "You have one hour to do whatever you wish and I will accompany you."

In an instant Bra's tears dried and she hugged her father tightly.

"Yayy!" she squealed in delight. Mission accomplished!

She quickly grabbed her purse and her father's arm pulling him towards the door.

"Come on daddy the mall awaits!" Bra said. "And promise me no blowing up stores if I take too long!"

"I will make no such promise", Vegeta said darkly with his signature smirk.

Bra's eyes widened as she stared at her father and she knew he was completely serious.

Uh Oh. This just maybe my shortest trip to the mall ever.