Hey everyone! This is the OC I created for a new story of mine called The Pink Fraud!

Name: Kirino Aya

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: She has rose pink hair tied into two pigtails, she usually also wears a green hairclip, and she has sky-blue eyes with long eyelashes. She's pretty tall for her age (she has the same height as Kirino) and she has a fair skin. She looks an awful lot like her brother Kirino Ranmaru.

Clothing: Casual She wears a white knee-length skirt and a green one-shoulder short-sleeved shirt. Underneath it she wears lime green ballerina's.

Personality: She cares a lot for her friends and her family, she'll do anything she can to help them, even if she has to put herself in the second place for that. She will always protect her friends and stand up for them. She's pretty spontaneous and often speaks before thinking, although she intends no harm.

Crush: Kageyama Hikaru

Likes: Hikaru, her brother, spaghetti, soccer, watching the stars, reading.

Dislikes: The sound of lightning, bullies, history, the heat.

Hobbies: Soccer, volleyball, reading, skating.


Kirino Ranmaru (brother)

Kirino Hirotada (father)

Kirino Arisa (mother)

Position: Defender

Hissatsu Techniques:

[DF] The Mist

The user first walks towards the direction of the player in possession of the ball. A thick cloud of fog surrounds the user and the area around the player keeping the ball. As the mist surrounds them, the target gets confused, and then the user spots the ball quickly and steals the ball. The user dashes out of the mist, in possession of the ball. The opponent doesn't notice that the ball is gone because the opponent is still stuck in the thick cloud of fog.

[DF] Deep Mist

The user summons a mist which surrounds the attacking opponent. It confuses the opponent until the ball simply disappears from under their feet and the user is seen running away with the ball while the opponent is still confused.