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Aya's POV

I was in my room, preparing for school. I don't go to the same school as Ran-nii-san though, I go to an all-girls school and it's really fun!

''Aya! Your brother is asking for you!''


I got out of my room and went to Ran-nii-san's room. When I came there I saw my onii-chan lying in his bed, completely covered in blankets, he didn't look too good.

''Ran-nii-san?! What happened to you?''

''I've got the flu.'' He smiled weakly.

''Why did you call me here?''

''There's something I need you to do, something important.''

''What is it?''

''I need you to pose as me at school.''

''EEEHHHH?!'' I exclaimed, ''why?'' I would help my onii-chan with anything, still I would like to know why.

''I need you to attend the soccer practice, because if I miss practice I'll lose my spot as a regular. And as you can see I'm in no position to play soccer so I need you to pose as me.''

I didn't have to think about my answer, posing as Ran-nii-san seemed like a lot of fun.

''Okay I'll do it!''

''Really Aya? Thank you so much, I owe you one. You must wear my uniform though, it's right there.'' he said as he pointed at the chair in his room. His whole face had lit up when I had said I would do it, I loved seeing my brother happy.

''Hai, I'll put it on, but how do I know which classes I have?''

''Don't worry, I always walk to school with Shindou, you just have to wait for him at the corner of the street, he has the same classes as me so just follow him around.''

''Are you sure he won't mind me following him?'' While I said this I already had Ran-nii-san's uniform in my hand.

''Nah, we pretty much spend the whole day together anyway.''

''Okay'', I was already walking towards the door again. ''Get well soon Ran-nii-san.''

He smiled at me but then he quickly said something before I had closed the door.

''Aya matte! Don't forget my schoolbag.''

How could I be so stupid to forget his bag, everybody would quickly notice I wasn't Ran-nii-san if they saw me with my own bag. I quickly stepped in again and took his bag before I walked away again and closed the door.

I felt so excited as I put on my onii-chan's uniform and shoes, I had never done anything like this to help someone. I had finished putting on the uniform and I took out my hairclip. Now I looked just like Ran-nii-san! I was really flat-chested, normally it would bother me, but now it was a good thing.

Now I just had to call my school to say I was ill and couldn't come today. I took the phone from downstairs, while I made sure my parents didn't see me, they surely wouldn't agree with our plan. When I had grabbed the phone I went upstairs again, to my room. I dialed the number from my school and waited for someone to pick up. Eventually someone picked up.

''Moshi moshi. '' said a feminine voice.

''Moshi moshi, Kirino Aya desu, I can't come to school today, I'm feeling a little sick. '' I tried to make my voice sound just like Ran-nii-san's, hopefully the person on the other side of the line would fall for it.

''Okay, I got that noted. Make sure to get well soon so you can return to school again. ''

''Hai! Bye miss! ''

And with that the call ended, now I could start my 'adventure'. I took my onii-chan's bag and headed downstairs again, I was lucky my father was already on his way to his work and my mother was in the kitchen. I put the phone back in its place and headed out of the door.

''Ittekimasu! ''

''Itterasshai! ''

I headed for the corner of the street and waited there for onii-chan's friend Shindou. I had no idea what he looks like, but he knew Ran-nii-san so I'm sure he'd 'recognize' me, even though I wasn't who he thought I'd be.

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