Hi all, glad to be here (finally!) and sharing my mental movies with you. This baby is the product of a boring summer job and a notebook, so be prepared for some actual excitement and drama. I appreciate even the shortest of moments spent reviewing! And the obvious:

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Chapter One: A Dash of Reality

Mel groaned as she eyed the mélange of papers the Clerk's office had sent over that morning. Damn, she mused, there goes my escape to Thalie's Semi-Annual Spring Shoe 'Stravagana; she mourned the metaphorically bulging paycheck tucked in her bra. Suddenly, a knock startled her out of her melancholic tantrum. Instinctually adjusting her cleavage, she cursed Stephanie for forgetting to buzz her about visitors once again. After the run-in with Mr. Galvatore a.k.a. Mr. Grope-y McGoo-Goo Eyes, Mel didn't take any chances.

Ready to whip out a smart jibe about overwhelming city affairs, her voice stalled and her eyes widened when she saw the mayor step into the room. "Chuck! Ma main boss! What can I do for you this fine Thursday afternoon?" Mel quipped with a charming smile, any trace of annoyance gone from her now sparkling eyes.

An average and unusually shy Italian family man in his fifties, he shot her a tight grin before settling into one of Mel's custom-upholstered wingback chairs. "Well, um, I caught your segments on 'Good Morning Toledo'…"

"You did!? Oh well, what can I say," Mel giggled, "this face is made for morning television, but I guess the ol' mouth didn't get the memo, ha! I'm just so glad to be back in the office." Mel admitted sweetly, semi-honestly. "I guess I'll just have to rock it when I represent the City Council on 'Dancing with Toledo's Stars' again next month!" She gushed, missing Chuck's slight frown. "And I'll put in a good word for your reelection of course, seeing as…" But before Mel could finish Chuck signaled her to stop. She recoiled slightly. In all the years she'd worked for the city of Toledo, she'd never been shushed. "Mel, I'm not here for fun." He stated harshly before blushing and apologizing under his breath.

"After the tweet from your… brazen niece, its been brought to my attention that such behavior does not belong in conjunction with the high standards of the government of Toledo. And as mayor, it is my job to approach such negativity with a, um, steady and unbiased hand." The man recited, staring at and wringing his hands nervously. " So, um… I have to be the one to tell you that you were anonymously nominated for review this quarter."

Mel's smile faltered. She hadn't been reviewed since the completion of her first trial year with the city, and even then, it'd been for the promotion to Stephanie's current job! "If the review… if it… if it's not good you'll be up for probation on account of misconduct while a civil representative of the city and the county. It's either that or… um, or… resignation." He choked out severely. And with that, he left Mel grappling blindly for her phone in attempt to calmly tell Stephanie to cancel her appointments for the rest of the afternoon.