AN: Ok, this is my first character x reader fic. Yay :). Now, why Tailsdoll? Because there's only two fics involving you and tailsdoll in a romantic sense. One is unfinished, and the other is a 7 minutes in heaven. Pluss, admit it, he's AWESOME!

(y/n) = your name

(h/l) =hair length

(h/c) =hair color

(e/c) =eye color

(l/c) =last name

(f/c) =favorite color

(MF) =male friend

(FF) -female friend

(I may add more later.)

Chapter 1: Homework

(Reader's POV)

You where completely, inexplicably, extreamly, bored. You where bored out of your mind. Your math teacher droned on and on about what ever unit you where in. Six? Yah, you think it's six. You sighed, it wasonly third period and the day was already moving slowly. You hoped it would speed up soon.

You where distracted by someone tapping on your shoulder. You turned around to see (FF). You and her had been friends since you where little. The two of you where close, like close. Your summers where filled with sleep overs at each otehr's houses and such. The schools year was normaly filled up with you two texting and calling each other. "What is it?" You hiss. She smirked and slid a piece of paper towards you. It was a sketch of your math teacher. Eccept he had a derp face, and some 'rude' (quote, quote) words and captions around the picture. Things that you didn't really want to dwell on.

You laugh, it was like her to do that kind of thing. Suddenly, there was a loud smack. You both jump a foot in the air. Your math teacher (insert male teacher name), was standing next to your desks. A meter stick was in one hand, it's tip on the edge of your desk. Man, he was always smacking some one's desk with that thing. It was really annoying. "Ms.(l/n). Ms.(l/n)." He said looking at you and (FF). "What is this?" He growled, holding up the picture. You could see most of the kids doing their best not to giggle. The rest had smug grins. They where those snooty populars. Man you hated them. They had always teased and tormented you and your friends. And all the other unpopular kids. "It's a picture?" (FF) said, trying not to snap. He turned to you. "Who drew this?" He asked. You glance at your best friend and tried to read her lips. 'Don't rat on me (Y/N).' She mouthed. You remained silent. Mr.(Insert male teacher name) glared at you two. "Then both of you will serve detetion, starting Monday." He snapped. Today was Friday. Great. a wek of detention, you knew that detention was normally about a hour. Just how you wanted to spend your week. You give your friend a quick glare, she only shrugs innocently. The bell suddenly rings, you grab your stuff and run out the door.

-time skip-

You climb off the noisy bus, and watch it rumble away. You take the bus to and from (name of school). The stop was only five maybe eight minutes from your house. You took the bus since both your parents worked today, pluss it was kinda nice, you usually got homework you didn't get finished on the bus ride home. You glance down at the piece of paper that you where holding. It was a slip that needed a parental signiture so that the school had proof that they knew about the groaned, knowing if your Dad found out, you'd be in BIG trouble. He was strict when it came to school, because he didn't do good at it when he was your age. You began to trudge home. A drop of water fell on your nose, you looked up to see the sky was a thick, gloomy gfrey void. Rain began to fall in light sprinkles. You began to run, not wanting to get wet when it actually began to rain. You got home just in time to beat the rain. The moment you set your book bag down, it was pouring.

You walk into your bed room. The walls where (your wall's color) and the floor was (your floor's color). You pull out a chair and sit at your computer desk. You turned your laptop hummed to life as you powered it on. You greeted by your wallpaper of (favorite cartoon/movie character). You opened Skype. You, (FF) and, your neighbore/close friend (MF) all had accounts. (MF) and you where (like I said) close friends. You and him livd next to each other and often hung out at the others' houses, playing video games and watching tv. You think he might have a crush on you, your cousin (enter cousin's name), thinks so too. But you don't have the courage to ask. If he does, it would be akward because you don't (at least you think you don'tyou) have the same feelings. And if he doesn't, then it'd be embarresing. You noticed two people have left you messages. It was (MF) and (FF). You opened up a chat so all three of you could talk.

(Y/N): Hi.

FF: S'up.

MF: I heard about your detentions. Bummer.

(Y/N): You heard!

FF: Everyone's heard. Didn't you hear them on the bus gossiping about it?

(Y/N): No...ARGH! Stupid Kristy! Why do you have to be such a snob and spread rumers? Man, I hate populars...

MF: Tell me about it.

FF: I know right?

(Y/N): Any way, how are your costumes coming along?

It was a little past mid-October. You and your friends always dreesed up and went trick-or-treating. Despite you age. It'd free candy. The reason is in the name. Besides, theres also parties and pranks to pull. The three of you decided to go as a theme, as usual. One year you where all from the movie 'Nightmare before Christmas.'. Another you where from a tv show you liked (Insert favorite tv show here). And so on. This year, you where having trouble deciding. (FF) wanted to do character's from her favorite game, portal 2. But since all the characters but one where robots that in no way resembled people, that one was out of the question. (MF) wanted to do character's from his favorite game, Sonic the Hedgehog. But it would be next to impossible to find supplies for costumes, not to mention expesnive. You wanted to do creepypastas. Personaly, you thought they where awesome. You and (FF) sometimes watched/read them. And (MF) liked some of them (all sonic related). But the idea was struck down, seeing not to many people would reconize any of you. But the three of you decided to be classic movie monsters. (FF) was going to be a patch-work, possesed doll. (MF) was going to be a where wolf, like in old cheesy movies. And you where a vampire. Like the kick-butt awesome kind in Van Helsing, Blade, Underwrold and, all original vampire movies.

MF: Almost. I got a old shirt, ripped jeans and, make up. I just need a wig and make up. Oh, and fake fangs.

FF: Hehe, I um... don't have anything.


(Y/N): WHAT!?

MF: Jinks!

(Y/N): Grrr...wait, argh! What do you mean you don't have anything for your costume

FF: I just don't. I forgot. What about you (Y/N)?

(Y/N): I got the dress and fangs. Just need make up.

MF: Cool.

FF: Can I see? Send me a pic of the dress. You said you got something good this morning.

(Y/N): Nope! We promised, no peeking at our costumes. Remember?

MF: I do.

FF: Fine...-growls-

(Y/N): Oh ya, I just remembered. (Insert favorite creepypasta reader here) is doing a halloween special tonight, live! (MF) it's tailsdoll!

FF: Nah, to busy. Stupid home work...

MF: That's why we have something called 'study hall'. Not, 'Stare at cute boys hall...' And no, Dad want's to take me out for a 'Father son' movie night. Sorry.

(Y/N): It's fine. More for me. You guys can watch it tomarrow, you know, when it's NOT LIVE. :P Any way, gtg, Mom's home.

FF: Bye.

MF: Later.

You log off and stand up. You Mom's care pulls into the drive way. You dash into the living room to meet her. "Hi (Y/N)." She says. "Hi. Oh um...Mom..." You stammer. She looks at you. "Yes?" You hand her the slip of paper. Before she could say anything, you cut her off. "I didn't do anything! He saw a picture some one was passing around and blamed me..." You quickly say. She raised a eye brow. "Should I talk to him?" She said, not sounding like she believed you. "No...Just sighn it and don't tell Dad." You say. She also knew how he sometimes over reacted about this stuff. She sighed and sighned it. "I swear (Y/N). He's going to find out somehow..." You sigh. "I know." Then took the slip back and place it in a folder in your back pack. "Sure is raining..." You grimace, knowing you'll have to walk through mud and wet grass that would soak your shoes on the way to the bus tomarrow. Your Mom nodded. "Ya."

"Hungry?" She asked. You nodd. "Pizza in the fridge." She says, just now taking off her raincoat. She worked at a diner in town. She left at 4:30 am and got home now, at 6:00. You couldn;t believe how long you where on Skype, lost in thought. The bus drops you off at 4:00. You grab a slice of pizza, and eat it cold. Your Dad would be home in a hour or two. He worked at police station, so he left and came home earlier. Getting home at eigth was actually kinda early. Normally it was nine, but he said he'd get off early today, or should at least. He trot into your room and watch some tv. Your favorite show was on, even though it was a rerun, you still watched. Quietly you waited for mid-night, when (Insert facorite creepy pasta reader) would be broadcasting his special episode.

You where excited, this was the kind of thing you where into. You didn't believe in them of course, if they where real, we would have proof by now. Or they would at least have been caught. You flopped on your bed, sinking into the (f/c) blankets and blankets. You glance at the computer, tempeted too use Skype. You gave in to the erdge. Getting up, so lumber over to the laptop. As you turned it on, you see there's already a program running. Cleverbot. You sigh, maybe you turned it on earlier and forgot to close it. Biting your lip, you start a chat.

You: Hi?

Cleverbot: You have met a terrible fate...

You: What?

Cleverbot: You heard me.

You: Shut up!

Cleverbot: You shouldn't have done that...

Annoyed, you ex-ed out of the page. Then opened up Skype, sadly no one was on. You where still a little freaked out about the cleverbot. Probably nothing. You turn on your phone, plug your favorite pair of earbuds, and listen to music on your play list. You lean back on the chair and sigh. Midnight was so far away... you set your phone so the alarm would go off at twelve, then lie down. It would stink if you fell asleep while watching the video. You scan your books shelf, trying to decide if you should read, or play one of your many vedeo games, but decide against it. Vurling up under your blankets, you drift into sleep...

-Time skip-

The sound of your phone alarm shakes you awake. You jump out of bed, and scramble over to your laptop. plug in the head phones, and go onto youtube. Just in time, the video was about to brguin...

Tailsdoll POV:

There are three types of monsters. Physical: ones of flesh and blood. Like Jeff the killer, The Rake and, Eyeless Jack. There the digital ones: that exist in the cybernetic relm of pixels. Like Ben Drowned, Lost Silver and, Me. Then their are ones that exist in both. Such as Slender Man and Knob. The physical monsters can come and go as they please. So can beings like Slender. Even Ben has some freedom. But I don't. I have to wait until I am summoned. And every day, it happens less and less. I haven't been called for years... and I hate it. Am I forgotten? All forgotten monsters dispear. They all die off and fade away. I can't die. No, I CAN'T let that happen. I don't want to die. That's why when I heard the song calling me, I knew I some one remembered me.

I looked at my mirror, my portal, my door way from the monster realm to the human world. I opened my eyes to see a human sitting in front of a tv, whereing a headset. I listened for him to the human talk. "Okay, you guys bothered me until I agreed to this. I got a copy of 'Sonic R.' And I am trying the 'Tails Doll curse.' It's all recoreded live..." I grinned. 'Live? Oooooh, everyone get's to see me spill his guts. It may rouse some attention.' I thought with a grin. "If anything happens, you guys will see everything. I was going to do the 'mirrior', but I'm to big of a coward." They laughed. "Now, let's do this..." I watched as the human tried to catch super sonic. I grinned. 'Almost...almost...almost...' I licked my fangs out of excitement."YES!" I heard them cheer. Nothing...I waited, just a little longer. I want him to jump.

"Nothing...well, I guess that means that the curse...isn't...real..." He stammered as my read light filled thee dark room. Slowly I stretched my clawed hand out, until my arm was all the way out. Then my leg and other limbs. I moved slow, in a almost trance-like state, and crouched. I kept my head low, and eyes closed. I could hear him slowly getting up. My eyes shot open, and I lept up. He screamed and jumped back, my claws barely missing his face. I growled and laughed. "Can you feel teh sunshine?" I hissed. He ran, and I chased him, makign sure the camera caught everything. My tails twitched, and I swung my arm at his back as I flug myself into the air. My tails spun like rotar as I rocketed towards him, so close... I was about to claw his skull when he ducked, right infront of his tv. And I went flying back into the screen. I fell with a thud. I spun around, trying to maul him. He will pay for making a fool of me. Nothing, I hit my mirro with a thunk. The image of the human was fading away as I watched the human tear the cords out of the tv. I saw a few bruises and cuts on him, but nothing else. I roared out in anger, wishing I left more wounds...

-Reader's POV-

You stare at the screen on shock. What just happened!? You just watched (Insert favorite creepypasta reader here) get chased around my Tails Doll! He had several scratched and cuts on him, blood leaked from his wounds. You stare at the screen, vursing under your breathe. No, Tails Doll can't be real. You like creepypastas, but this? No, this you couldn't handle. You es out of Youtube in fear. You feel like Jeff the killer is outside your window. You feel like Ben Drowned is in your laptop (maybe he was!) . You felt like Eyeless Jack was above your bed. You felt like Slender man was in your drive way. You where terrified. You crawl under your blankets, feeling like a little kid. You need to tell some one. You know most of his viewers would of seen it. But (FF) and (MF) need know too. You'll tell them tomarrow. At least, you hope do... Great, your all paranoid...