CHapter 2

Tail's Doll POV:

I awoke with a start. It suddenly felt hard to breathe. I loook around nervously. Nervously I stood up. I'm hard to scare. Heck, I'm never scared. That's why I'm embaresed about what happened next. The smell of brimstone filled the room. I froze. The already dim room got darker. Slowly I turned around. A tall siloette slowly melted out of shadows. If I had a heart, it would of stopped. The room darkened completely, until the only lightsorce was my gem, and the earie light that radiated from the figure. He was tall, taller than Slendy. The acridic smell rose from him. Heappeared to be made of some dark stone. Like coal and brim stone.
His sockets where empty, a dull red glow that resembled dying embers where in the place of eyes. A small bridge of the same stone like skin, served as slit-like pupils. Four large horns where mounted on his head. Each one was spider webbed with long, tin crack. Small trails of smoke curled from each one. Two smaller horns jutted from his four head. His head wasn't connected to his body. It floated right above his torso, the same red glow emminating from where his neck should be. But the most terrifying thing about him, was his mouths. He had four of them. One on his face,and three on his chest. Long, and spiked, like a jack-o-lanter, they grinned at me. Opened slightly, they where lit up like a iron rod placed in the heart of a fire. The sound of his breathing filled the room. It came in soft, hissing rasps. I knew why he came here. He was our,
leader. and no one considered it a honor when Zalgo came knocking on your door. He was cold, cruel, and heartless. Where ever he goes, he leaves behind a trail of caos and corruption. Just speaking his name in the mortal world brought disaster. He was the imbodiment of evil, and he was in my home. He allowed no mistakes, no mess ups. If you where lucky, the punishment for failures was death. And if your not...I rather not speak about it. It was rare, but sometimes there was banishments. They where exiled to the human world, forced to take new names. Bigfoot, Lochness monster, New Jersy Devil...all exiles. And I doubt Zalgo wasn't here to offer me the hope of escape. "L-lord Zalgo." I stammered. The deep throated, growling laugh echoed across my room. "I saw your failure..." He growled, each mouth speaking in unison.
His song ebony claws twitched he spoke, I knew he wanted to rip open my throat. He looked into my eyes, and I could see it happening. I could see his claws rip across my chest, then plundge into my throat.
I brought my hand to my neck, making sure it was only a illusion. He laughed. "I don't stand for failure..." He continued.

"Do you know how many mortals saw what happened? You made a fool of us. It toook forever to delete that video..." He hissed. I gulped. That human lived, yes, some of our victems survive. BUt normally scarred for life. And normally its not embarresing when they do. His eyes narrowed. "You will pay for mocking us, and more importantly, failing me..." And he took a step closer. Fear kept me from moving. It was as if I was frozen. I couldn't talk, my voice was stuck in my throat. "P-please." I begged, sound suddenly returning. "O-one more chance." He stopped. Then closed his eyes. "Three humans will summon you soon...give me the soul of one of them, and I will spare you. You'll know wich one to take. You have until New Hallow's Eve. Do not fail me..." he growled. Before I could answer, smoke, darker than the night it's self poured from his mouths. It filled thr room, choking me.
I coughed, covering my mouth. SLowly it faded away, leaving me alone. I knew that if I failed this time, there would be no second chances...

Reader's POV:

You wake with a start. Your dreams had been filled with Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Masky, Smile Dog, The Rake and, so many other monsters. You shiver and flick on the lights. Then check the time. Your digital cloack blinks 10:00. You sigh, normally it would have been a good thing if you sleep in on Saterday, but today... it just didn't. You turn the tv on, the Gravity Falls theme song plays in the background as you sit down in front of your computer. You turn on Skype and quickly start a chat room.


(FF): What is it bro?

(MF): What?

(YN): I-It worked!

(FF): What did?

(YN): Tails Doll! He appeared!

(MF): What!?

(FF): Good try (YN), but we both know your a e=terrible lier.

(YN): I'm not lying! I saw it live!

(MF): Umm...(YN)...

(YN): Yes?

(MF): I seareched the video this morning, it's not there.

(YN): WHAT!?

(FF): I just searched it, it's not there.

(YN): But I saw it!

(MF): Maybe you fell asleep waiting, and just had a dream?

(FF): MAkes more sense than Tails Doll being real.

(YN): Oh yea? Then- then where's the video? Tails Doll is a digital monster...maybe he...I don't know...

(FF): He probably chickened out.

(MF): (FF)s right. As cool (and scarry) as it would be, there's NO WAY Tails Doll is real.

You groan. How could they, your best friends, not believe you! And they actually think that your lying, granted that Tails Doll being real is strange. Ok 'unbelievable'. But they where your closest friends! They knew that you don't lie. And when/if you do, your pretty bad at it. You HATE it when people don't believe you. You clench your fists and slam them on the key bored. Random gibberish appears on the screen. You almost push send, just to tick them off,
but you get a better idea.

(YN): guys really don't believe me?

(MF): Yes.

(FF): Yup.

(YN): Fine! (FM), ask you mom if you can spend the night. (MF) Do you think you'll be able to sneak over?

(MF): (YN), what are you planning...?

(FF): You know I was already going to crash at your house, with out you asking. Right?

(YN): Doesn't matter, I'll tell you later. And yes (FF), I do.

(FF): Your planning something, aren't you?

(YN): Yep!

(MF): Oh no! She's starting to act like you (FF)! It's the end of the world! Quick, to the under ground bunkers!

(YN): XD

(FF): Not. Funny.

(YN): What ever, just come over tonight, ok?

(MF): Got it.

(FF): Alright.

You grin, and trot down stairs. Your mom was already up, and eating breakfast. You grab a piece of left over pizza. "Hey Mom, can (FF) spend the night?"

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. You are atarting to regret theis... (FF) Was sitting on the couch, eating popcorn. You two where waiting for (MF), it was 11;30 am. Outside, rain poured in gallons. Thunder rumbled softly, making you shiver. "I don't think he's coming." Mumbled (FF). You sigh. "He'll come." You say, but you where pretty unsure. Maybe he was caught? Maybe he forgot? Maybe it was raining to hard? Maybe he got hurt, and couldn't come? Maybe he was kidnapped! Maybe he's being held hostage right now, and his captores have a gun pointed at him! A knock interupted your thoughts. You spun around, and opened the door. (MF) stood in the doorway,
wearing a raincoat, and holding a umbrella. "Can I come in?" he asked. You step out of the way. "What took you so long?" Asked (FF). "Couldn't find the unbrella."
He answered. You grin, and take the popcorn away from (FF). "Hey!" She snaps. "Now, for why you two are here..." You beguin. "We're going to do the Tails Doll curse."

And here you where. Standing in front of the mirror in your bathroom, all lights turned off, and your computer plugged into the outlit bhind you. You glance at (FF) then (MF). You dared them to try the curse with you. To prove if it was real. But since he didn't want to think about it. It was to late to back out of it. Biting your lip, you beguin to play the first song. Thunder rumbled in the distance as it began.

Tails Doll POV:

Zalgo was right. I was being summoned. I stood in front of my mirror, and waited. I could already see their outlines. The second song started. I took a deep breathe and extended my claws. I closed my eyes, gathering my streangth. I waited for the song to end. As soon as it did, I opened my eyes. I could see three humans.
One boy, and to girls. The light of my gem flared, illuminating the room they where in. Two of them, the boy and one of the girls backed away in fear. They still wouldn't be able to see me, only my gem. I noticed the third human, the second girl, was frozen in place. Probably out of fear. Something told me, this was her.
This was the girl I had to bring to Zalgo. Good, I can get that over with, then have some fun. He never said that I couldn't touch the other two. I grin, and strengthen my light's glow, trying to get a better look at the girl. She had (h/l) (h/c), and (e/c) eyes. I preprare to lunge. But I stop, something held me in place. The girl...she looked my in the eyes. I could see her fear. I growl, shake my head, and lunge. I really hate humans, she ducked. What is with humans and ducking?
Is it to much to ask for them to stand still? my claws brush, and tears something long and thin. A cord? The same moment I tore the 'cord', a explosive rumble, and boom sshook the room. eElectricity shot through my body, I opened my mouth to scream, but no sound came out. I crashed through what felt like the shower curtain,
and slam into the shower wall. Soon, everything went black...