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Title Tyr pursues, unites his Pride, Beka caves

Author Genna Star
Rating NC-17
Pairings Tyr/Beka other possibly pairings

Chapter 1: It's time to get to the heart of the matter

The sexual tension had been building between Beka and Tyr for months.

It was uncomfortable and aggravatingly noticeable. Something has to be done about this before it gets in the way of my plans to avenge my family's death. The pride will continue on with me, but I have things I promised Mom I'd do this before she gave into her injuries.

We're adults. We can come to an arrangement. No footsies. No cloak and dagger! No more games.

The sexual tension can be one reason to get up in the morning and report to my duty station, but why concentrate on it to the point that I can't fulfill my purpose?

"Andromeda, where is Valentine?"

The projected image of Andromeda came to stand in front of Tyr. "Captain Valentine is in the lounge with Harper and Trance. Tyr, I actually hesitate here with this question. Why don't you just call me *Ship* like you normally do?"

"I have alternated in how I address you. When I am attempting to get your immediate attention, I call you Ship. You strive to be more like unaltered humans. Ship refers to the way you are built not your aspirations."

Andromeda was shocked. She cut the current conversation with Tyr, but she would put this on a list of items her avatar, Rommie, needed to complete that were not a present and pressing concern.


Harper is spinning a tale of his chaotic path to being a master surfing artist. Trance is amused. Beka's is politely listening. Her mind is elsewhere.

Tyr enters the room and immediately approaches Beka.

She turns all of her attention to the artful and often undetected flirting Trance does with Harper. She notices Tyr, but she has no intention of letting him know her attention strays too often to him.

"Valentine, I need to speak to you. I would prefer if we spoke in private but if you are unwilling, I will express my thoughts in front of Trance and Harper." Tyr looked from Trance and Harper to gage their reaction. When he first came aboard his mere approach would have sent Harper running to another room, but now Harper seemed firmly set with Tyr being his crewmate.

Annoyed, Beka looked into his eyes and said, "I can't imagine what you might have to say that would require Harper and Trance being dismissed in a public area shared by all."

Tyr quietly looked at the other two to make sure he didn't see any emotional investment in their conversation. He idly thought Trance no longer was the purple monkey he once thought her to be. The transformation she had taken really made her quite alluring. He focused on Beka's body language and quickly got to the point.

"Beka, I wish to do something about the sexual tension that has developed between us as of late. I would continue to ignore it if it had not started to distract me from my central purpose in being on the Andromeda: to avenge my pride. The Kodiak must replenish its numbers and teach Drago-Kastov what it means to be Nietzscheans."

"They have lost their way. I am here to bring them back."

Beka sat in stunned disbelief. She could barely believe her ears.

As she glanced over at Harper and Trance, they stopped their conversation about the places which are best suited to surfing and looked between Tyr and her.

Back again. Their expressions clearly asked the question, 'What in known space was Tyr doing approaching Beka so directly?'

Beka looked at Tyr herself, "Let me get this right a Nietzschean is telling me without throwing any curve balls that he not only desires to sleep with me in an uncommitted fashion but also does not lose any points from his valuable reputation by sleeping with me?"

Tyr had begun to examine his finger nails while she was talking. She hadn't said no outright nor had she slapped him for being too forward. His nails needed manicuring if he was going to actually sex her. He didn't want to snag one of her sensitive places with a ragged end.

Sex was an honored part of Nietzscheans culture. His people did not have sex loosely or without thinking through the possible outcomes out in advance.

He would not use her or belittle her.

Tyr briefly looked up because he didn't want her to believe he wasn't listening or taking in a reasonable amount of concern for her feelings, but it really was a *yes* or *no* question. 'Yes, you will sleep with me. No, you won't.'

Okay, I have to settle down and answer her outright or prolong her interest. How do women normally like these things? If it is romance she is looking for...well I've ruined that. I want her. I told her as much. Women want to be in control, right? I will leave it in her hands.

"Okay, Beka. I am assuming you want to continue this conversation by the question you just asked me. I will answer your questions, but you must answer mine. Agreed?"

It should be a win-win situation if I am able to get her to tell me more about Eureka Maru's potential to be refitted for my fight to regain the Kodiak's standing. I know from experience that Valentine will read 100 different things into my request to alleviate the sexual tension, but I have given her all the information she requires to make a prompt decision.

If it is not in my favor, then the central goal of reclaiming my inheritance will still be firmly established and protected.

Beka decided to run straight into the unknown, "I'll see you in my quarters in 2 hours. Neither one of us reports for 3rd shift for another 6 hours. Let's make the best of the time we have."

Turning to leave, a bashful Beka looked at Harper and Trance "This conversation did not exactly shape up the way I originally thought it would. We only have 2 other crewmates who don't know the latest. Make that one. Andromeda's internal sensors allow her to know what happens throughout her body. You can make it your business NOT to tell Dylan or let him find out on his own. I am confident you know how I'd want this handled as your Captain, but I don't control either of you.

"Tyr, I will be preparing for your arrival. I prefer you wear the leather pants with the black vest that has a v-neck and a diagonal zipper. Do not disappoint me, Mr. Anasazi."

She turned on her heel and left.

Tyr sat down in the lounge across from Trance and Harper. His eyes were dancing as he gave them a brief smile. He was satisfied. She didn't curse him out, say his suggestion was ludicrous, or get flaky or giggly.

He might be able to regain a handle on this situation. He had allowed it to spin out of control for too long. He wanted to choose a different course for them and himself..

"Before I prepare for what promises to be a lively conversation, I'd like to ask you two a few things about Valentine that I have been curious about." Tyr shrugged with his eyebrows raised. Their answers would give him the decided advantage.

This afternoon was going to make it so much better than the last 2 years had been on Andromeda. He could hardly wait.


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