Back by popular demand

Side Story: Getting to Know You



"Ok now, what's your favorite food?" Kagome asked idly, swinging her legs from the park bench.

"Ice cream," Ranma replied, a bit sheepishly.

"Not ramen?"

"Nah, the whole Shampoo thing kinda ruined ramen for me. Not that I don't still like it or nothin. It just isn't the same. You?"


"Oh yeah. I remember you were raving over that the first time I came through the well to get you.

"Humm. Do you have any hobbies? Bedsides martial arts?"

"Huh. Martial arts is my life. Let's see, I can cook."

"Really? That's new. I like to ice skate."

"Hey, I learned how a while back. Maybe we can go sometime."

"I hear the rink is open on Saturdays." Kagome looked down at her hands.

"Saturday it is. I'll have to let my father know. He seems to want to schedule my life out."

"Is he harsh?" Kagome looked at him with concern.

"Nah," Ranma leaned back on the bench, fingers laced behind his head. "He's strict but he still gives me a lot of leeway."

"How's school?"

"I've been doing a lot better with the tutors. They say it's due to 'catering to my learning style' or something. Sessho-maru says I'll have to begin etiquette lessons soon though." Ranma grunted. "That'll be a pain."

"I think it would be a wonderful improvement." Kagome swept to her feet. "If you would, good sir, could you escort me to my domicile?"

"I would be honored, my lady." Ranma tucked her arm into his and they began walking.

Leaning into his strong shoulder, Kagome smiled. "This is nice."

"Um-humm," Ranma replied, taking a large whiff of her hair. She smelled so good. To bad he couldn't go hanyo in public. "Where are we going again?"


Authors note: Sorry, but I think Kagome and Ranma would take things slowly. Ranma's had enough rushed relationships in his life, and their both still young!