Kill me, kill me, kill me!

This is the worst day of my life! Why did love came here to infect my dad? Why did he fell in love with HER mother? I hate love!

I heard someone knocking on my door.

- Courtney, can I come in? - asked my dad slowly opening my room's door.

- No- I answered- I'm sleeping

He ignored me and came in

- No, you're not sleeping- he said smiling- Courtney, I know you don't like the idea of my marriage, but-

- I don't care about the marriage- I cut him- I'm mad because of who you're getting married with! Do you know who her daughter is?

- Of course I do, I already met her family. Her daughter is your age, you two can be friends!

- Her daughter was the one Duncan cheated on me with at Total Drama- I said a little too loud.

- Okay, okay- he said rolling his eyes- I'll go to work. Oh, and we will have dinner at Lauren's house at 8 o'clock, for you and her kids to know each other better. You better be nice to Gwen and Jake. They'll be your siblings soon.

Ugh! I need to talk to someone. I'll go to Heather's house. After Total Drama, somehow we became good friends.

I knocked on Heather's door, she opened the door smiling like an idiot.

- Hi- she said smiling, then she looked at me and frowned- oh, it's you, Courtney.

- No, it's Alejandro- I said smirking. She rolled her eyes- of course it's Courtney.

-So, what do you want? I have things to do today, so you better say whatever you'll say now.

-Okay- I said sitting in the couch. She sat at a chair next to the couch.

I explained her the whole thing about my dad marring Gwen's mother in two weeks. Heather seemed to pay attention in the story, she didn't said anything while I was talking. I asked her what should I do. She thought about it a little.

-You wouldn't try to break up your dad and her mother, right? - she asked still thinking.

-No- I answered.

-Well, I guess Gwen isn't happy about it either. You two at the same family will be more dramatic than Total Drama.

- Not funny! I don't want to be Gwen's "sister". Imagine living with her! And my dad said I'll have to share my room with her! – I said. Heather laughed at this.

- Your pink CIT room will be full of her gothic things- said Heather

- Didn't you said you have things to do today? - I said changing the subject.

- I guess he forgot- she said, more to herself than for me. It's probably Alejandro again. After Total Drama, they started going out, but he is always late. Sometimes I think he may be cheating on her or something like that, but I never told her that- whatever. So, any ideas of what you will do?

-No. And I'll have dinner at her house today at 8:00pm, for me to know "Lauren's kids better"- I said the last part imitating my dad's voice. Heather laughed. She was bossy on TV just for easier fame.

-So you better get going. It's almost 7o'clock- I gasped at this. I arrived at her house at 4:20, we talked for kinda three hours.

- I'll go home.

-He didn't came. Again- she sighed, clearly sad.

- Don't worry. You two will be okay- I said trying to make she feel better. All the girls who ever fell for Alejandro should've know he is a player. But, anyways, he seemed to really like Heather on TDWT.

-I hope so. Good luck at your dinner- she said. I opened the door and drove home to get ready for the dinner.

My dad is already ready. He was wearing a suit. I went upstairs to put on stupid formal clothes to meet Gwen's stupid family. This is gonna be a long night.

We entered in the car and quickly arrived at Gwen's house. Unfortunately, it is very close to our house.

When I entered at the house, I gasped as I saw someone I didn't expect to.