Me and Duncan shouted at the same time. I glared at him, I guess he and Gwen are still together, but I still feel like we have a connection... What am I saying? We never had and will never have a connection. What surprised me is that he still seems to care about Gwen, even after the World Tour is over. This is kinda sad for me, he never called me after or during Total Drama Action.

"Princess, YOUR dad will marry Gwen's mother?" Duncan said with eyes wide open. Gwen glared at him when he said 'princess', but he just ignored her. A small smile appeard in my lips bu that, but I quickly disguised it with a scowl.

"Don't call me princess" I said glaring at him "and yes, he will. SO WHAT?" I yelled a little at the last time. "Na... Nothing, nothing, just... Okay... Princ... I mean, Court... I-I mean... Courtney" Duncan said mumbled nervously. Gwen narrowed her eyes at how nervous Duncan got. I smiled slightly at this. Lauren and my dad exchanged nervous glances.

"This is getting good" said Gwen's brother, Jake. He is probably Heather's brother age. He got a cellphone and started shooting us. Gwen frowned "What will you do with this video?"

"I'll send it to Damian. Duh!" he said. Wait, isn't Damian Heather's brother? No... It might be other Damian. Gwen's mother looked at my dad with a nervous 'I'm sorry' look on her face.

"Hey kids! The dinner is in the table" said Gwen's mom nervously. We all sat down. My dad sat in front of Lauren, Gwen sat in front of Jake with Duncan in her side and I was in front of Duncan. This cannot be good.

The dinner was tense. No one said a word, I bet they're all nervous about the previous discussion. But who can blame me? My future sister is the ******* goth girl who stole my boyfriend! I can see Duncan is more tense than anyone here, he's looking at me the hole time, and when he sees that I notice it, he looks away. When Gwen notice it, she kicks him under the table or glare at him. Anyways, Duncan keeps looking at me and one time or another our eyes meet. Not that I'm even looking at him, it's just... Whatever.

Jake is taking pictures of Duncan, Gwen and me, my dad is nervously looking at Lauren and she is nervously looking at my dad.

"So... Lauren, should we tell them now?" my dad started. I don't know what they're up to, but by the nervous look on his face, it can't be good. "I think they better know it, or it will be a bigger shock" said Gwen's mother... Or should I say my mother... No Whatever happens next, she'll never be good enough for me to call her 'mom'. Even though my parents are divorced and my mom moved to London two years ago, Lauren will never replace her.

"Mom... What's going on?" asked Gwen nervously. "George... Tell them" Lauren told my dad. Yes, his name is George.

"Kids, tomorrow...me and Lauren decided...we all will move to my house"

"What?" me and Gwen yelled at the same time we glared at each other. Jake was just laughing histeraclly "But dad, our house is so small" I said. This is a lie, because our house is super big. But I can't think at anything better to say. "Courtney, you're always complaining about how huge our house is" my dad said. "This is true, princess" Duncan said smirking. Gwen glared at him "Mind your own business" I snapped at Duncan. He winked at me. Gwen punched his arm and deepened her glare at him "Ouch" he mumbled.

"Gwen, Jake, after the dinner you two will pack your bags and tomorrow at afternoon we will move" said Gwen's mom. "Yes, and Gwen will sleep in your room, Courtney. You will give some space to Gwen's bed and her things" my dad told me. This is tottaly torture.

What do I did to deserve this?

... Don't answer.

"Junk, junk, junk... Oh, tottaly junk" Heather said as she tossed my clothes out of the closet. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I'll also have to share my closet with Gwen's things. I asked Heather to come to my house to help me getting space in my room for Gothy's things.

"Can you at least put the clothes inside the closet when you're done?" I asked Heather.

"Yeah, yeah" she said. I don't even know if she listened to me "Courtney, your clothes should be divided in three categories: cute, bad and so-bad-it-become-offensive" I rolled my eyes. Unfortunatelly, I have to agree that some of my clothes are so-bad-they-became-offensive. I'll never say it out loud, not to her, anyways.

As she tossed the clothes everywhere, I remembered something I need to ask her.

"So... You talked to Alejandro after yesterday?" I asked Heather. She looked down and sighed.

"No, he didn't even said why he missed our date again. He didn't even called or texted me. I just don't know if he was just playing me at World Tour or if he's playing me now. Maybe he wants revenge for what I did to him" she said, sadly.

"I don't think he was playing you and I doubt he is playing you now. He loves you, I'm sure" I said.

Just as I said that, I remembered of Duncan. I was pretty sure he loved me more than everything and anyone, but I was wrong. I wonder if he regrets what he did to me, if he ever thought about how I felt about it. As much as I hate it, I need to admit (for myself, at least) that I still love him.

"Thinking about Duncan?" Heather asked me. I nodded sadly.

"You know, we're both stupid. We fell in love with the biggest cheaters and manipulators of Total Drama" I told. Heather was about to answer when I heard the CAMPAINHA ringing.

Me and Heather walked downstairs and I opened the door. "Hey princess" said a smirking Duncan. My eyes widened. I was shocked. How does he even remember where I live?

"Duncan! What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well, since you have to get space in your room to Gwen's things, I decided I'll help you, Princess" he said "Nice seeing you too, Gorgeous" Duncan said to Heather, who just rolled her eyes. He smirked entering in my house "Oh, yeah. Where's Mr. La Cucaracha when you need him" Duncan said, still talking to Heather. This stupid jerk probably don't know what Alejandro is doing to her.

Heather walked upsairs cursing Duncan lowly. "I don't need your help. Now, get lost, Heather is already helping me" I said opening my house's door.

"Princess, you-" Duncan started.

"Don't call me Princess!" I snapped.

"Okay, darling. Anyways, you know I won't get out of here until you let me help you" he said smirking.

I sighed, "Duncan, can I talk to you outside a little?" I said slowly. He nodded smirking "Okay then" I smirked. Duncan got outside my house and I stood behind him.

"Alright, Princ... Darling. What do you-" he was cut off by my house's door being closed and locked "Courtney, you know I won't give up!" Duncan yelled from outside the door.

Sincerally, I wanted him to stay, but I can let it show. If I'm lucky, I won't need to admit it to no one (exept Heather, which I already did). Speaking of Heather, where is she?

"Oh, really? Now you're tottaly ignoring me because of what had happened in Hawaii" I heard someone screaming from upstairs. I think I found Heather.

I walked upstairs to see my room perfectly fixed up with enough space to another bed and some space to Gwen's things. My clothes weren't tossed all over my room anymore. How the hell did she fixed my room so quickly? I didn't took too much to lock Duncan outside, did I?

"Than why don't you stay with Bridgette, Leshawna or Courtney?" I heard Heather still screaming. I entered my closet to see Heather walking and looking at my clothes, talking in her cellphone. "Yeah, ignoring my calls and missing our dates is an awsome way of showing me how special and unique you think I am" her voice softened a little, but it was for a short time "Call Bridgette" she shouted before she hung up the phone. Heather sighed.

"Don't worry, it will be alright" I said trying to comfort her. "How did you fixed my room this fast?"

"You took kinda 20 minutes talking to Duncan and I start organizing things when I'm mad" Heather answered. "Don't tell anyone about that" she said.

I laughed "I won't" I said as I smiled.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise comming from my dad's room, like something falling in the ground. Heather seemed to notice it too, she just looked at me with a confused look on her face. I ran towards my dad's room to see Duncan laying on the ground. "How the hell did you got in here?" I yelled at him.

"There was an open window and a tree near it. There is something else I should say?" he asked smirking. Heather ran inside the room.

"Oh just him" she said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, it's very sad it wasn't Ale-jerk-o, right?" Duncan said sarcasticlly. I punched his arm. Can't he notice that Alejandro and Heather are with problems?

I heard footsteps on the stairs, then my dad entered his room. "Courtney, are you-" he stopped and looked at me, then at Duncan, then at Heather. "Okay... I knew you would be here" he said refereing to Heather "but you? Aren't you dating Gwen?" my dad asked Duncan.

"Well, George, me and Courtney are still friends" he said as he hugged me tight. I could say nothing cause my head was burried in his shoulder, which isn't that bad... Yes it is, Courtney! It's covering your mouth so you can say nothing! Shut up!

"Well, since the three of you are friends, let's drink some coffe with cookies downstairs?" my dad said. Seriously, coffe with cookies? Wow. That's new.

My dad was in the kitchen, cooking dinner, since it was already 6 o'clock and Gwen's family is probably arriving soon. Duncan, Heather and I were sitting at the living room with an awkward silence. I was sitting on a chair, Heather in a couch and Duncan in a couch in front of Heather's. Both of them were doing something on their phones, probably just to make time pass faster.

There was a knock on my house's door "George, it's me! Lauren" we heard Lauren screaming from outside.

"Oh, s**t" Duncan mumbled before he ran away "Where are you going?" I asked. "Where's the closer window, Prin...Courtney?" he asked. "There's the back door" I said pointing to the back door. "Better" he said "goodbye, Princess" he said before he did the unexpected: he kissed me, in the lips. It was only for some seconds, unfortunatelly. Shut up, Courtney! "I'm sorry, but I had to do this" he said before he ran away outside my house. I was paralized.

"Courtney, I'll go home. Alejandro is sending more messages, I need to chill out" said Heather.

"Okay. Bye" I said still paralized. She walked outside my house.

My dad was making a tour in our house to Lauren, Gwen and Jake. I sat on the couch then I saw Duncan's phone laying at my side. I know it's wrong, but I need to see what's in his phone. I grabbed it and started reading his messages. He exchanged messages with Alejandro, but it's only about Heather. Then I saw what was Duncan doing some minutes ago, when we were sitting on the couch with an awkward silence. He was texting Heather.

Duncan: Hey, what's up with Courtney?

Heather: Why do u care?

Duncan: U has to promise u won't tell her

Heather: Whatev

Duncan: I'm still in love with her

Heather: The with Gwen?

Duncan: 2 try 2 forget Courtney. What does she say about me?

Heather: Why should I tell you?

Duncan: Cause I'd been talking to Mr. Lacucaracha about you XD

Heather: WTF?

Duncan: Tell me what Court say about me and u'll know everything me and Ale-jerk-o talk about you. That's a lot of subject XD

Heather: Fine! She loves u too. She can't get u out of her head. Now what do u told him about me?

Duncan: Does she really loves me or ur lying?

Heather: She really loves u! She is always going on about how she hates to love u and c**p like that! Now tell me what he said about me!

Duncan: Hum, someone's in love with the Spanish jerk

Heather: TELL ME!

Duncan: Gwen's in the door! Gotta go! Tell u later

Heather: Fine!

Duncan loves me too! And Heather told him everything… well, there is always time for a little revenge on her… and on Gwen too.