Hello everyone! This is Blaze 808 with another story for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This is going to be a shipless set of drabbles about the Homunculi, though I'm sure if you really squinted, you could find a few pairings in here. These range from kid to teen, or a mix of both, depending on the age. I'm just going to list the oldest to youngest and distance from age, as to avoid confusion. As well, I think they stop aging around twenty, so if the age distance is a bit distorted if there is one at twenty.


Lust-three years younger

Sloth-one year younger

Envy-four years younger

Greed-one year younger

Gluttony-two years younger

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1. The Devouring of Mr. Squishy

That toy was incredibly annoying. It was so annoying. Five year old Envy stared menacingly at his younger brother Greed, who was playing 'derby' with it, crashing small cars together. It was called Mr. Squishy, though Envy preferred some of the words big brother Pride had used for it though Father had instructed him not to, saying they were 'big people' words. The horrid thing was a teddy bear, and Greed took it everywhere. To the park, the kitchen, the bathroom, and even on the training missions they went on. Envy himself thought he was too old for a comfort object, though he did like his blanket-but he didn't feel the need to have it all the time. It was what happened when you were five. You were practically a big kid! Comfort objects are for babies and bedwetters! He allowed himself a sneer, remembering that his younger brother fit into both those categories, which is why Greed continued to share a room with Gluttony.

Envy could have put up with this bear, even though it embarrassed him that he had two baby brothers, except that Greed had done something so horrible and wrong to the bear. Something so infuriating, it was mind-numbing! It was programmed to say 'Envy's a freak.' He had tried telling Father, and though Greed was reprimanded, Father couldn't remove the cursed speaker from Mr. Squishy. Plus, when he had taken the bear, Greed had spent the next four days wailing at the top of his lungs, screaming "you can't take my things away!" and "give me back Mr. Squishy!" without a reprieve, so Father gave in and gave the cursed toy back.

Envy scoffed at this. He wouldn't have given it back! Not a chance! He would have let the little baby wail until his throat had stopped making a sound, or he broke his own stone. Something had to be done. What could be done?

"Sloth! That's gross! Clean up the barbecue sauce! Gluttony will eat the bottle and get sick!" Lust screeched at Sloth.

"Too…tired...to…put…it…away…" The older boy droned.

"No, just put it away!" Ten year old Lust screeched. "If he throws up on me, it'll ruin my dress!"

Envy's expression grew dark, but a smile showed on his face. Barbecue sauce…Gluttony…excellent…

As he listened to his older brother and sister prattle about the barbecue sauce, he sat staring at Greed with an evil grin.

"This ends tonight brother…"

At 10 pm that night, Envy's time had come, and his plan shall be realized. He probably would get grounded for a year, but he didn't care. Sweet justice shall be his. Envy snuck into his younger brothers' room after a quick stop in the kitchen. Taking one of Sloth's socks-which he had stuffed with peas to simulate the beads in the bear, he snuck up to Greed's bed. He stifled a chuckle when he saw the bed was wet again-yet another time out from Father would be in order. Holding up the sock creature, he quickly raised his hands to his nose. He had already thrown up once from this thing, and didn't want them to wake up to the sound of his puking. Quietly, he switched Mr. Squishy for the foul sock creature. This however, was easier said than done. Even though Greed remained blissfully unaware of his older brother's presence, he squirmed in his sleep, as if he subconsciously knew what Envy was up to.

Not to mention the fact the toy kept screaming "Envy's a freak". After stifling the darned thing, so it only sounded like a murmur. Knowing that it wouldn't take long for the other boy to wake up, he quickly lathered the bear with the barbecue sauce, and walked up to Gluttony's crib.

When he got there, his littler brother was snoozing away. "Put…the bunny…in the…box." He murmured sleepily. Envy looked strangely at Gluttony, but then shook his head. Never question the mind of a two year old.

"Gluttony! Wake up!" He shook his younger brother.

"Envy?" The younger sin murmured.

Envy knew the magical words. "Want a snack."

As if he had been awake for hours, the younger one sat up and opened his mouth, making a soft 'aaahhh' sound.

"That's a good Gluttony." Envy smiled evilly as Gluttony swallowed the obnoxious bear whole.

He quickly sneaked back to bed, waiting for all hell to break loose.

Father was concerned. Envy had sat in the dining room, staring at his bowl of cereal with an evil smile on his face for the past hour. He shuddered, worried at what the boy had done. He had full reason to shudder, as a frantic Greed ran into the room.

"Father! Where's Mr. Squishy?"

Every parent knows to fear that phrase, because when a child loses their comfort object, it becomes a nightmare for everyone.

"Did you check under your bed?"

"Yeah!" Father could see the unshed tears in the four year old's eyes. It was too early for this…

Noticing the older boy had started to slink away from the table, he was filled with a sudden dread. "Envy…"

"What? I didn't see it. Maybe Gluttony ate it."

Father took one look at his younger son, and cursed, as the child's chin began to wobble and fists clenched.

"YOU FED IT TO GLUTTONY!" The boy screamed, running after Envy in his carbon state.

Father took one look at the two and thumped his head down on the table. It was way too early for this…

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