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Chapter 1: "Surprised To Be Dead"

Shock, regret, emptiness, anger and powerlessness these are the emotion that I feel right now when I saw my best friend die in front of me and now I am in front of his picture crying my eyes out, around all the mourning people but I still can't believe it I can't believe that he is gone...forever, it was just this morning when we were talking and laughing with each other and ditching class because he never liked Mr. Iwamoto and because all the lessons were easy for me.

(Few hours ago at Sarayashiki Jr. High's roof top)

I was just on the roof trying to take a nap when suddenly I felt someone's presence. "Yusuke you know better than to sneak up on me, it's useless and is that a marker that I see you holding?" he gave me a sheepish grin and hid his hands behind his back "What are you talking about?"

I sighed "Anyway why are you here? Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Yeah, yeah right back at you." he grumbled and then sat beside me.

'In...3...2...1' the roof door opened and from it came Keiko Yukimura one of the school smarts students and my and yusuke's childhood friend.

"Hey, nice skirt." said Yusuke to Keiko 'here we go again' I sighed.

"All the girls have to wear these-" said Keiko, then Yusuke got something from his pocket and threw it in the air to eat but Keiko was faster and took it before it reaches his mouth. "Just like all the boys have to wear blue jumpsuits which I noticed you're not!"

"Give me a break Keiko, I look better in green." Yusuke said not look at her in the eye.

"Maybe I could be more tolerant Yusuke if I see you in school more than once every ten days!"

'Well, I can't blame her for scolding him, he rarely comes to school.' I looked at Yusuke and sweat dropped 'And here he is yawning like the lazy-ass he is...' I sighed again.

"You give our class a horrible attendance- "I zoned the two out and started to sleep again. "AND DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT SLEEPING AKIRA!" 'Oops busted'

I grinned opening my eyes ."Hi, Keiko."

"How many times did I tell you that you can't ditch classes-" 'million and one.' Of course I didn't say that out loud or else I would get myself killed."-you're a girl and the student council president too!" that is right everyone I'm Akira Tsubasa the student council president of Sarayashiki Jr. High and best and childhood friend of Yusuke Urameshi and Keiko Yukimura , who ditches class and hangs out with the school most delinquent student.

"You two always get me in trouble, you hear me?"

"Hehe...you know we never mean to get you in trouble." I laughed nervously while scratching the back of my head, that is when I saw Yusuke sneaking behind Keiko. 'Oh-oh.'

"Nice uniform." chuckled Yusuke while holding up Keiko's skirt. 'He is so died now.'


'Wow this time the slap made a home run' I thought not feeling so sorry for him. 'But he deserved it.'


I watched with interest while Yusuke tried to regain his balance 'he looks like a drunken man who tries to dance, this will be a great blackmail materiel.' I chuckled.

"DUMB BOY HASN'T GROWN UP A BET SINCE HE WAS FOUR YEARS OLD!" she then stormed out of the roof angrily.

"Bye Keiko."I looked at Yusuke with a smirk "you know that this is not a way to treat your girlfriend."

When he heard the word 'girlfriend' his face became red "SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" 'hehe, he is so easy to tease'

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say." I stuck out my tongue at him "well then if you excuse me I have to return to my dreamland" I lied down and snoozed off

"I'm out of here anyway."

'At last the peace that I deserve-' or that what I thought until "Miss Tsubasa come to my office immediately." 'Argh' "why can't I ever sleep in peace in this school?!"

"Yes, Mr. Takenaka did you need something?" I said trying to sound as polite and calm as possible since I was interrupted from my nap for the third time today and I'm ready to murder the cause of all of this.

"I want you to get Urameshi back to school since you're the only one who could convince him to come back." Mr. Takenaka said with a sigh 'I KNEW IT!'

"Don't worry about it Mr. Takenaka." I said smiling and took my leave. 'YUSUKE URAMESHI YOU'RE SO DEAD WHEN I FIND YOU!'

"God damn it! Where the hell is he?! I have looked everywhere!" normally I can control my temper but not being able to sleep last night or take any naps at school is taking its effect on me. While I was thinking about where Yusuke could be, I didn't see the boy who was walking in front of me.


"Ouch..." 'Know my butt hurts, great what I needed...'

"Hey look where you're going-oh Aki?"

'I know that voice' I looked up to see the orange haired boy. "Kuwabara?" 'Wait a minute if Kuwabara is here then he might have seen Yusuke' I pulled myself up and asked.

"Hey Kuwabara have you seen Yusuke today?"

"Well yes..." he scratched the back of his head.

"Really? Where did he go?" I smiled brightly 'At last a lead'

"That way." he pointed to the way that Yusuke took.

"Thanks Kuwabara I owe you one!" I said while running the way he pointed at.

After awhile of running I found the person I was looking for, the cause of all of my troubles but what I saw was not expected, there near the road was a kid no older than six playing with a ball but he kicked it to hard that it was thrown in the direction of the road and he followed it as a car was speeding towards him, that is when everything started to go on a slow motion I even couldn't breathe, before the car could reach the kid a green figure pushed him away and took the full hit from the car, that green figure was none other than my best friend Yusuke Urameshi.

'No...This can't be...' I couldn't believe what I saw, I started running pushing myself through the crowed until I reached him, that's when I dropped to my knees.

"Yu...Y-Yusuke?" he was lying motionless on the road not even breathing. Then it sank in he was dead.