So this is the Epilogue, the last and final chapter to my sort of novelish and historical fanfic. I wanted to explain in the beginning the scenario that they recieved the letters, but I'm too lazy. So anyways, this takes place the next day and the twins have left. Scatty decided to hang out at Joan and Francis's house a while longer.

So they received these in the mail...

La Hire's Letter:

Dear Joan,

Bonjour mon ami!It's been a very long time know. So we're all immortal, you, Alencon, Dunois, Gilles de Rais and I. The last I heard, they're all still living in France. Ever since becoming immortal, I've been doing what I do best, which is waging war! I had joined the French Army multiple of times throughout history. I still want you to know that the best experience I ever had serving in the army, was when I was fighting alongside you and the fiery Scathach over six hundred years ago. It still shocks me knowing that you've been alive all these years, that the records lied about your death. You know...I was about to launch an attack against Rouen to try and rescue you, but by that time we all thought it was too late. My old heart nearly shattered at the news of your death. It was um...a pretty dark and grim period for all of us. I don't know about you or the others, but I could never forgive that spineless, half-witted Dauphin Charles for betraying you like the bastard he was! Such a generous reward did he gave you for placing the crown on his head, eh? Bah!

Ah Scathach, give her my thanks will you? I wasn't a bit surprised when you told me how she stormed into Rouen and nearly annihilated the entire English army while stealing you right from under their noses! You two are the best of friends that ever walked this planet, so it's only natural that Scathach was prompted to rescue you. Now you're both official blood touch my heart. Joan, you and Scathach are the best warriors that I ever had the honor of meeting. The vision of you two, all clad in armor and mounted high upon your steeds, charging headlong into a heated battle slashing and hacking at everything that lives and still moderately fresh in my mind. You two make such a great team.

Speaking of teams...I haven't seen your husband..uh..what's his face? Saint Germain, I believe. Listen well, Saint Germain, I love Joan here like my own daughter and if you even think of trying anything crafty, or hurt her in any warned that the next thing I'll deliver to you is a painful knuckle sandwich! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you that much. I'm just looking out for Joan, since I'm sort of like her father. Look, I think you're a pretty nice guy, but come on you're the Master of FIRE! Joan was almost burnt by fire! Just be try to careful alright?

So...I'm currently living in the region of Gascony, the place of my birth. I am a senior officer in the police station there. I'm making a pretty good living busting low-life creeps. I also dabble in buying antique swords. So far, there is approximately 2000 in my collection. It's my pride and joy, the love of my life! Also, I think you would be very proud of me Joan, now that I have finally mastered my temper and is extremely cautious with my language. I've never forgotten the time you whacked my ass with that baton. It was an invaluable lesson. I salute you, my General!

Forever your yours, La Hire also known as, Etienne de Vignolles, my birth given name.

P.S My aura is metallic gray and smells like blood...ironic, eh?

P.S.S Keep an eye out just in case I consider visiting you guys next year.

Dunois, Bastard of Orleans Letter:

Dear Joan,

Bonjour and many greetings! How are you and your husband, the magnificent Saint Germain? I hope that life is going your way right now. So today, May 31, is the very somber anniversary of your um, 'death' as it seems. Of course, we now know that you are in fact, alive and well...but the scars are still not fully healed. All of France was utterly devastated by the death of you, our savior. Though, it did fueled the fires of resentment and rebellion among the hearts of the people and ultimately prompted us to kick the English out of France forever. La Hire, Alencon, even Gilles, and I...we knew that your death and all of your efforts would have been in vain if we remained still and do nothing. We wanted revenge for your life and we got it. The English paid the ultimate price, both in blood and their conquests of France.

Let Scathach know that I am eternally grateful for her aid at Orleans and more importantly...for rescuing you from a fiery death. I have always admired the powerful friendship between you and her. You both are exceptional warriors, worthy of all due respect and honors.

You know, I would never have thought of immortality as possible, six hundred years ago. But now that I have it, I don't regret it...most of the time. Like most, I faked my death and disappeared from the face of the Earth, leaving my tomb empty of a corpse. Being immortal have shown me marvels and taught me wonders. It was also a bit startling though, because everything that I believed in to be true was simply proven completely wrong. I also encountered other immortals, some being pleasant...others not so much. The worst ones I've met were all allied to the Dark Elders, whom I have learned is extremely hostile to our human race. Don't worry, my allegiance strongly remains with mankind, as with you , always. I might be immortal now, but I still chose to retain my humanity towards our race, all of God's children. No doubt La Hire and Alencon feels the same way. Gilles de Rais, I'm not sure.

I am now mayor of Orleans, as I have always been for the last few centuries. It's my city and it always will be. To ward away suspicions, I use a spell taught to me by an Indian skinwalker back in the 1600s. I can alter my appearance, either to drastically change my age, or the subtle features of my face, such as my eye color for example. My aura is a deep indigo ,smelling of saltwater. I am also trained in both Earth and Water magic...sometimes it got me in trouble with some unhappy gods. Still worth it! Perhaps your thieving husband can relate to that. Though he does make up for it by being an extraordinarily talented musician.

Also, ask your husband if he would like to perhaps do a concert in Orleans next year on May 8. Every year on that day, the people of Orleans throw a grand celebration, in honor of you for freeing Orleans from the English. It's a really big deal, you know! Come and I guarantee that you'll have a great time. How can you not, since the celebration is all about you? Bring Scathach if you like, and we'll go back down memory lane together. However, there's not much of the original city left. The only thing that you might recognize right away, is the home of Monsieur and Madame Boucher. Ah, such good people!

So although we might have argued a lot back then and clashed together often, I still posses an infinite amount of respect for you, Joan. I admit that I was stubborn, foolish, and irrational towards you most of the time. I was just jealous that the Dauphin put you in charge at Orleans and not me, though we did much progress together. As we continued to win victories over the English, I came to trust in you more than I did towards anyone else. Ah, those were the Golden Days. Then there was was the beginning of the end for us .Hmm, it's so ironic that after failing to capture Paris over 600 years ago, it now serves as your home and residence. I still can't believe that we were defeated by our own King! . He disbanded the army and dismissed La Hire, Alencon, Gilles, and me from military keep us way from you while he continued to form false alliances with that conniving rat of Burgundy! Even though our days of glory together is long gone, you shall remain as my great, divine General forever. I salute you, my friend and comrade.

Sincerely yours, Dunois, Mayor of Orleans.

P.S It's completely beyond my how you could marry someone who specializes in fire, considering your history and all. Love is love, I guess.

Jean, Duke of Alencon's Letter:

Dear Joan,

Ah, dear and gentle. My pen is visibly shaking in my hand with pure joy, as I'm writing you this letter. I could call you, but my phone is dead right now. When you first contacted me, from the grave as it seemed, I was ecstatic. You have not changed one bit when I met you again for the first time at your wedding in Hawaii. Saint Germain is one lucky man, indeed! May the Lord bless your marriage with good fortune and a happy union. You two looked like you were meant for each other..though I am a little worried for you, since your husband is the Master of Fire. Of course as always, I have faith in you and your pure silver aura. Mine is a red one tinged with yellow, and smells like brimstone. My lovely wife, Lady Therese, possess a magenta aura smelling like irises, her favorite flower. The strength of our auras matches that of our never diminishing love for each other.

As you know, it was Gilles de Rais, that black sheep, who discovered the elixir of life buried on his estate by accident. He was kind enough to share his findings with us. I could not bear to part with my wife, knowing that she shall die soon and I will be all alone on this Earth without the love of my life. That's the dreaded price of immortality and eternal life, as they say. So we decided to become immortal together and live out the rest of our long, unnatural years together in peace and bliss.

Oh, how terribly grieved were we upon hearing the news of your tragic 'death' at the hands of the English. I was utterly crushed by it, for you and I were comrades in arms, we were a duo, a team! Ever since then, I began to resent my cousin the King, whom I still hold responsible for your sufferings and then your untimely death. By God, after all the things you've done for him, the blood that you have shed for him...and he still did not give a shit about you! We might as well went ahead and crown you at Rheims instead of him! Now that would have been much better. Too bad he didn't open his eyes and realize his mistake until it was far too late already. Still though, he could have been a worse man, plagued with madness like his father. Again, I am so sorry for my cousin's cold and ungrateful nature, even though it was over 600 years ago. Yet, I heard you defended him with your last dying breathe. How very noble of you, indeed!

Now, pushing those matters aside...the very best days of life was while fighting alongside you, Joan, for the liberation of our beloved France! I felt so alive during that short period by your side when I was part of accomplishing spectacular feats for our country! Ah, I was never the same man again after that, for without you, my life was without any purpose.

Of course, I can never afford to forget your friend, Scathach. I admired her for so many things...her fortitude, her charisma, sense of duty, and most of all...her loyalty to you. France owes her a huge favor for rescuing our savior from a horrible and fiery death. Such a pity that the world will never get to know the truth, lest we we want to upset the delicate balance of reality in this world. Though, I am aware that it was for the best, but I can't help but feel jealous of her for being the one to rescue you instead of me! I thought we had a special bond...God, I'm acting childish. I'm willing to share your friendship with her and be your other best friend.

Also, since we have a lot to catch up on, me and my wife would love it very much if you and Saint Germain can come visit us next summer. We have retired to our lavish estate of Saumer, where my old castle was torn down and we used its bricks to build a new and magnificent mansion! You know the cask of wine that I sent you? It was made by grapes grown on my estate and brewed right here on the spot. The weather and conditions around here are simply perfect for this kind of business, and it brings me and my wife much wealth. There's a good chance that we'll never have to suffer any financial problems again. Promise me that you'll come, we'll have such a wonderful time together! It'll be just like the old days. Oh and bring along Scathach will you? I really want to see her wrestle a bear again.

Joan, keep in mind that no matter what happens in our lives, our friendship shall remain sacred and intact. Scathach might be your sister now, and Saint Germain your husband out of all people... but I, Jean of Alencon, will forever and always be your loyal comrade in arms. I have not forgotten about that battle, where you saved my life by warning me of a cannon aimed right at me. I might as well have been blown up to smithereens! Ever since that fateful incident, I came to believe in you all the more and my faith in you was solid as steel. Nothing has changed between us. You are still my honorable General, and I salute you!

Will all grace and respect, Jean, Duke of Alencon.

P.S Enjoy the wine!

P.S.S I suggest that you keep plenty of fire extinguishers around your home, just in case your husband gets out of hand. You almost got burned once, and I'm not at all willing for that to happen again.

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