Middle height, handsome, well built, orange haired boy was siting in the canteen corner and having his lunch, when suddenly he heard "Khem khem." behind his back.
He turned his head: black haired, beautiful, busty, middle aged woman was smiling at him, her eyes closed.
"Mrs. Unohana?" he asked a little bit surprised.
"Ah, hello my student" her smile widened "May I sit here" she pointed at the empty chair.
"Ah, uh, yeah" the boy nodded, munching his sandwich.

Woman was silent, she studied boys moves, his appearance, well endowed body and finally have spoken "Orihime, can I have a word with you?"
"Sure" he didn't have time to talk. He was hungry.
"Is everything all right?" she said in her hypnotically calm voice.
"Yeah" the boy studied his sandwich "Why you ask?"
"You see, teachers and your classmates are worried about you" she stated calmly.
"My classmates?" he turned his head to Unohana.
"Ah, you have some crumbs on your face, here take this" she handed him a napkin from a cup.
"Thank you" Orihime said "So what did you wanted to talk about?"
"Can I ask you a question? You don't have to reply if you do not want to" she pulled her chair closer to his.
"Ye-ah" he stuttered. He was starting to feel uncomfortable. This woman sure knew how to scare people.
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
Orihime wanted to move from his chair and leave.
"Well, do you?"she was one very stubborn woman.
"You see, Orihime, me, other teachers and your classmates are thinking that you are gay."

Orihime dropped his sandwich.

'GAY?' he thought to himself? 'He is not gay. He's just too busy right now. Busy with his studies... And that's all."

"Mrs. Unohana, I am not-"
Teacher didn't let him finish "It's okay. You can tell me. No, actually, you don't have to, because I know it-" Orihime could swear, his teacher was saying something, but he didn't hear, he just spaced out.

'Know it?' he spatted in his head, how can you know it? Is it written on my head? How possibly you could know such thing. This is so stupid. I should have said "no" to her first question.

After some time Orihime came back to reality, the woman was still speaking.

"So that's why we decided to transfer you to '12 month program' school."
"Miss Unohana, you can't do it. It's again the law and you know it. I do like it here. I want to finish this school" Orihime managed to say.
"Actually I do. Because you, my dear student, are freaking other guys out. Have you notice these half naked men posters in you closet? Or did you not? Do you know what should be in healthy boys closets? Women, Orihime" she sipped her cold coffee. "You should be put in a place around boys and girls like you. And be threated."
'Threated?' Orihime couldn't believe this 'First of all he wasn't gay, and second what word 'gay' had to do with illness-' his teacher was saying such terrible things to him. Calmness and that scary smile which didn't leave her lips.
"Pack your things, Orihime, tomorrow you will go to new school."
"But-" Orihime butted.
"No buts" she stood, shot serious glare to him and left.

Orihime was speechless.

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