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Her alarm clock went off, alerting her to the start of a new day. She was excited, Jervis had mentioned yesterday that someone she knew would be waiting to see her in the afternoon. Cynthia loved visits from old friends she had lost touch with. But Jervis had refused to tell her who her mystery guest was and so all she could do was wait.

At least it was something to do. Of course Cynthia had other obligations, being a champion and such, but after the Junior Cup and the publicity she had gotten from it, she just wanted to be out of the spotlight. She speculated, maybe it would be a challenger, or a visit from news reporters? She sighed, she really hoped no one would ask her questions. Especially at her vacation home. That was going too far. Cynthia wanted ice cream.

She thought about how Trip had failed against Alder and smiled. These up and coming trainers were strong but some didn't know what battling was really about. But these were the trainers she liked to help. Ash was an exception, he had already figured out that the bond between him and his Pokémon was the most important thing. The thing Ash needed to work on now was battling smarter.

Cynthia decided to head downstairs and eat the breakfast Jervis had set out for her earlier. Her butler had already gone into town to run errands. Outside, the sky was blue and a sweet smelling breeze was wafting in through the open window. Cynthia got slight chills, it was cooler than it normally was. She smiled, it was beginning to feel like Sinnoh. Unova was a little warm for her taste but the weather gave her a chance to shed her traditional black coat and wear that nice blue blouse she had bought but never wore. Her blonde hair was blown around gently by the wind and the breeze felt nice against her skin.

After her breakfast she pulled out a book to read. This was a good day so far. She hadn't been disturbed yet and Jervis wasn't back. If she wanted, Cynthia could do whatever she pleased. But there wasn't really anything Cynthia wanted to do except have her visitor show up earlier.

Red smiled. Cynthia definitely wouldn't expect him to show up at her villa. He had left Mount Silver without telling anybody was was travelling through Unova. The people there didn't know who he was and Red preferred it that way. There weren't any wayward trainers challenging him to battles, no stares because of his reputation, and certainly no women hitting on him. There was only one woman he cared about.

He straightened his cap on his head. When he had told Cynthia's butler that he wanted to visit Cynthia, Jervis just smiled. Red made it clear to Jervis that he would stop by around noon and to tell Cynthia that someone would be coming, but not who. He knew the suspense would be eating away at her. Maybe it would even make her happy to see him. Things didn't turn out the way he had wanted it to when had last seen each other.

Still, he was excited. He would be seeing her again after so long. He wondered if she had changed. Maybe she wouldn't even remember him. Red fidgeted nervously, fixing his shirt. Pikachu looked at him from the bed with amusement in his shiny eyes. The little mouse Pokémon was just as excited to see Cynthia as Red was. Garchomp was one of Pikachu's best friends.

"Pikachu, you're going to have to wait outside while I speak with Cynthia," Red had told his partner yesterday. To his immense surprise, the little mouse had nodded understandingly and responded with an enthusiastic, "Pika!"

Exiting the Pokémon center, Red walked towards Cynthia's villa. He had already memorized the instructions and was quickly there. The walk hadn't been long, Jervis had shown him a short cut yesterday. The butler had told him that roads to the villas are most often circuitous to dissuade curious trainers from stumbling upon homes owned by notable figures in the Pokémon world. Now, he was standing in front of the Sinnoh Champion's beautiful villa with nervous excitement. Today, he would see Cynthia again.