Glistening red eyes pierce my inner mind

As I can feel myself slipping

Deeper, deeper still I fall

Into my own head, I know it

Has to be in my head;

But I would rather not fight, since

It's easier to just let go,

Let go and allow myself to turn


And I let myself become angry, angry as I

Start to feel others' mockery,

Their laughter as I trip and fall

And my fury rises until I let it out

And I laugh at anyone and everyone

Even, and especially

When it isn't funny anymore

And I let myself stop trusting, trusting

For who can I trust with the

Truth, because that is a weak thing to do

When you can swerve around issues by

Bending the truth to ease the burden

On yourself

And I let myself turn greedy, greedy,

Because I am the only one who

Matters, let the others pick

Themselves up and I will tend to my own

Affairs, since I am too busy taking care of myself in

A world where I don't have any

Obligation to help you

And I let myself turn bitter, bitter

Because I am so often pushed around

And taken advantage of

That I will tear down and destroy

Anyone who dares to oppose me

All the while masking my own guilt and


And I let myself stop caring, caring

Since you can't trust anyone

And they will stab you in the back

When you get too close and

Loyal to anyone but yourself,

But I needn't worry about

That since I am the one

Holding the knife

And I let myself stop hoping, hoping

For so have all who I am close to

And my friends are mere shells

Of whom they once were,

And I myself am a shell without

Them, so I don't think

I can help them anymore

And as the mismatched eyes meet my own and

An evil laugh fills my ears, I have a simple question

To ask: Why bother fighting anyway?

I wouldn't be surprised if this has been done before. But I wanted to, so why not?

First poemfic, how do you think I did? Be honest but not jerky. :)

God bless you guys, peace!