AN: Welcome everybody to my new fanfiction! Special thanks go out to Jodes (goodwifefan) for giving me the idea for it! I really thought that I should stop writing fanfics, because everything about D/C is already out there, but here I am again, thanks to you! Well, this story is about Doug and Carol who have to struggle with their kids leaving for college, school, etc. Also, I'm telling a little bit about Tess and Kate in the background. Hope you like it!

Fly away, little birds

Spring Break

Kate sighed as she finally corrected the last paper on her table. It was her first year as an English/Music teacher at the Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco and she never expected it to be so exhausting. Well, time changed and the teenager nowadays weren't the same as it was when she herself was a teen. At least it was Spring Break now and she would finally go home to Seattle again. She couldn't wait to see Tess again; God, how she missed the time they spent together. Of course she was also excited to see Liam, Emery and Mason again. Her triplet siblings were now teenagers too and she knew that the boys already made the girls crazy. Her mother once told her that Liam had a girlfriend already and that Mason had a broken heart because of a girl. Kate was excited to hear all the stories at home. She leaned back on her seat and took the last sip of coffee that remained in her cup.

"Ready to go?"

"Oh, Mark…hey! Yes, I'm ready…for what?" she turned around to find her co-worker and…well; she wasn't really sure what he was to her. "You agreed to have dinner with me", he smiled at her. Kate got up from her seat and grabbed her bag. "Oh damn, Mark…I'm sorry but I think I forgot to tell you that I'm going home today and I don't want to drive too late", she answered and made a face. Yes, she hated to take a rain check again but then again she wasn't really sure why she had these strange feelings about Mark. Mark nodded and sighed. "Well…I could accompany you", he smiled again and put her hair behind her ear. Kate bit on her lip. "It's just family…I'm sorry", she answered and turned away from him. "I'll see you next week then", she said as she arrived at the door. "Kate", Mark said and she turned around again. "I'll wait", he said and Kate looked down for a moment. "Thanks", she smiled then and left the school.

As she finally sat in her car on her way to Seattle, she asked herself why she just couldn't fall in love. Mark was such a nice guy; he was beautiful and handsome…it was just her heart that wasn't really ready for him. Well, maybe the week in Seattle would help her with that problem.


"Oh damn…why is it so boring today?" Tess murmured as she followed the hand on the clock on the wall. She rested her feet on the table and chewed on her chewing gum. "The patient in one needs some stitches…wanna do that?" Julia asked and showed her the chart. Tess rolled her eyes. "No. Go away. I stitched four wounds today. I've had enough. I just wanna go home", she whined and looked at her friend. Julia giggled. "I know that feeling…you have a holiday ahead and the time doesn't go by", she said and Tess nodded. "Kate is coming home today and we'll visit our parents and siblings again for this week", Tess told her and got up from her seat again. "Really? Maybe we can go out together again", Julia smiled and Tess nodded. "Sure…it's time to get drunk again, isn't it", she chuckled and Julia nodded.

"Alright guys…last patient went up to the OR…I think it's safe for you to go home", Dr. Burton murmured as he came back from the trauma room. "Really?" Tess asked and smiled at him excited. "Sure…Chelsea is still here, so we can handle the patients until the shift changes", Martin answered. "Oh, and say hello to your parents from me", he added and Tess nodded. "I will…and thanks, Dr. Burton. See you next week then!" Tess said and grabbed her stuff. "Hey…I'll call you, okay?" Julia said and Tess nodded. "Alright…have a nice week, Jules", Tess called after her and waved good bye."Aaah great, I can't wait to get hooome", Tess sang and was all smiling as she left the hospital.

As she finally arrived at her apartment, she found her boyfriend Travis sitting on the couch playing Playstation. "Seriously, how old are you?" she asked as she closed the door behind her. "Sorry babe…going to break the high score…ooh…no…damn", Travis muttered as he didn't break the high score and turned around smiling. "Welcome home", he added and got up from the couch. "Hey", Tess said and kissed him quickly. "Will you be okay without me?" she asked as she picked up a plate from the living room table. "I don't know…I already feel miserable without you", Travis made a face. "Aw…come here baby", Tess moaned, hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately. "I'll miss you too…but it's just one week…and…maybe we can arrange a meeting, who knows, huh?" she then asked and Travis kissed her once again. "Mhhmmm…would be awesome", he answered and Tess nodded smiling. "Send your family greetings and have fun with Kate", he added as Tess went to their bedroom to get her bag. "Thanks…you have fun here and don't throw a party", Tess answered and went closer to him again. "I love you", Travis whispered and Tess smiled. "Love you too", she answered and kissed him. "Bye sexy chic", Travis murmured and Tess chuckled as she left the apartment again.

"Mom…did I get a letter?" Liam called as soon as he entered his home. "I don't know, go take a look for yourself", Carol called back. Liam sighed and looked through the mail. "Oh…it's here", he said to himself and smiled a little. Now he was nervous. He couldn't open it.

"Hey babies…how was your last school day?" Carol asked as Emery and Mason entered the kitchen. "Like every other school day, mom", Emery murmured and got herself a glass of Coke. "She's right", Mason said and looked over Carol's shoulder. "What are you cooking?" he asked. "A cake", Carol answered smiling. "Right…Tess and Kate are coming today", Mason said and Emery nodded smiling. "Guys…the letter is here", Liam interrupted them as he came to the kitchen too. "So?" Carol asked and looked at her son. "I haven't opened it", Liam answered and took a seat beside Emery. "Why not?" Carol asked and turned around to him. "I don't know…I'm…I don't know", Liam answered frustrated. "Come on, just open it! You already are accepted on the Seattle University", Carol said. "Wait until Tess and Kate arrive", Emery said and Liam nodded. "Good idea. So…mom, did you cook something?" he answered and opened the fridge.

Kate Ross arrived at her old home in the afternoon, after she survived two hours in an awful traffic jam. When she got out of the car, she heard Avery. "Kate! Welcome home!" Kate turned around and smiled. "Hey Aunt Avery! How are you?" she asked and went to Ave to hug her. "Everything's fine here! How's San Francisco? We miss you", Avery answered. "Well…it's different and believe me, I miss you too…everything here", Kate said and sighed. "You could always come back", Avery answered and Kate nodded smiling. "Yeah, sure", Kate chuckled. "Well, I gotta go say hello to my folks", she added and Avery nodded. "See you", Avery said and smiled, as Kate went inside.

"Mom? Dad?" she called and her siblings immediately came running down from upstairs. "Hey sis! Hey Kate! Hey curly", the three smiled and Kate hugged them. "Hey baby people", Kate answered like she always used to call them since she was little. "How was driving? Can I drive with your car later?" Mason asked as he looked out of the window to find Kate's Volkswagen. "If you're a good brother to me, yes. And I was stuck in a traffic jam", Kate answered and rolled her eyes. "Well, now you're here. Mom and dad are really excited. And I'm always a good brother, aren't I" Mason answered and stroke over Kate's back. "Yeah, sure…so, where are they? Is Tess here already?" Kate asked. "Mom and dad are outside to get the grill ready…Tess is in the tree house", Emery answered and Kate smiled. "Well then let's go outside", she answered and everybody nodded.

"Hey Peanut! Welcome home!" Doug said and rushed to Kate to hug his daughter. "Hey daddy", Kate said and stroke over his back, holding back happy tears. "Hey baby…how are you? I missed you", Carol said as she joined them. "Aw…mom, dad…I miss you too" Kate answered and smiled as they separated again. "Are you hungry? The grill is almost ready", Doug said and Kate nodded. "Sure…but first I'm going to say hello to my sis", she smiled and made her way to the tree house.

"Knock, knock", she chuckled and Tess looked up from her phone. "SIIIISSS!" she yelled and crawled to Kate to hug her. "Hey sis", Kate answered and finally her tears appeared. "Oh don't cry…stop it!" Tess said and Kate smiled a little. "I missed you", she answered and Tess smiled. "I missed you too…you should come back to Seattle", she said. "I know…but I have my job and…I like it", Kate answered and leaned back on the wood. "Right, Seattle doesn't have any schools…" Tess rolled her eyes. "Haha, very funny…so, how's Travis? How's work?" Kate asked. Tess leaned back and smiled again. "Everything's going great so far…well, it sucks to still be a med student, but Travismakes up for it", Tess told her. "I see…will he visit this week?" Kate asked. Tess shook her head. "Nope…it's just family, right?" "Right", Kate giggled. Now the two didn't say a word until Tess broke the silence. "How's SanFran?" she asked. "Great, it's beautiful", Kate answered and sighed. "And?" Tess asked, knowing that Kate had something on her mind. "Well…Mark…" "What, you have a boyfriend?" Tess asked excited. Kate shook her head. "I slept with him", she answered and looked up again. "And? Come on…tell me everything!" Tess begged. Kate smiled. "I slept with him and now he wants to date", she answeredand bit her lip. "And you don't want to", Tess stated and Kate shrugged her shoulders. "I'm not sure…" she started but got interrupted by Carol. "Steaks are ready! Come down here!" "We'll talk later", Tess said and Kate nodded as they crawled down again. As Kate was halfway down, she stopped and smiled. "What now?" Tess asked. "Nothing…just thought about my first kiss up here", Kate giggled and crawled down. Tess laughed. "Carey Lawrence…" she said and Kate nodded. "Those were the times!" she chuckled and Tess rolled her eyes.

"Now ask her", Liam whispered to his sister Emery and she hesitated a little. "Okay", she whispered back and smiled at her mom. "Mom? Can we go to Lexi's party today?" Emery asked and made big eyes. Carol sat down and frowned. "I thought we'd all stay at home today", she answered and Emery sighed. "Caley is going too…please…our whole class will be there…it's like a Spring Break party and Lexi's parents are there too", Emery begged."Come on mom, remember, you were young too once", Kate smiled and Carol looked to Doug. "What? Don't ask me! You always say I'm too good to them", Doug said and brought some steaks to the table. "Ugh…okay, you can go. But I tell you, if I notice alcohol on your breath or anybody tells me that you smoked a cigarette, you're not allowed to go out until you're 21", Carol said and smiled at her kids. Liam and Mason rolled their eyes and Tess and Kate laughed. "You know we don't do that stuff…but thanks for letting us go!" Liam answered and leaned back satisfied. "Dad, the steaks are wonderful…you're the world's best grill master", Tess said as she chew on the meat. "Thanks Sugar", Doug smiled satisfied. "Will you two go out too?" Carol asked her older daughters. "Ah…no. I think Tess and I will get drunk at home today", Kate laughed and Carol rolled her eyes. "That's so unfair", Mason murmured and cut his potato. "You'll get there, lil bro", Kate said and stroke over Mason's short hair. "Liam, did you open the letter already?" Tess asked and Liam shook his head. "What letter?" Kate asked. "Harvard", Emery answered and Kate made big eyes. "What? You got a letter from Harvard and didn't open it yet? Open it!" she answered terrified. "Alright, alright…give me a minute", Liam said and got the envelope out of his pocket. He took a deep breath and looked at the white envelope in his hands. "Damn…open it already", Tess giggled and Liam looked at her. "Well, big sis…what would you say if there's a YES in it? I'd be better than you", he showed his tongue to her. "You wish!" Tess laughed and Liam looked at the letter again. Slowly but surely he started to open it. Nobody said a word. "So…Emery, you'll really go to Chicago after graduating?" Kate asked and broke the silence. "I will. Can't wait to get away from my stinky brothers", Emery laughed and Mason made a face."Mom cried for three days when I told her the news", Emery continued. Carol smiled and leaned her head against Doug's shoulder. Tess and Kate looked at their mother. "What? She'll learn at County!" Carol said and stroke over Emery's shoulder. "So, Mason is going to Berkeley, Emery is going to Chicago and what about Liam? Now tell us!" Tess said and tried to get the letter from Liam.

"Ladies and Gentleman…my future is in this letter", Liam started and everybody listened to him. "TELL US!" both Tess and Kate screamed at once. Liam put the letter down and looked at his family.