The Wedding Pt 3

„Tess baby, please calm down. It will be okay", Carol tried to calm down her daughter, who was running up and down in the room. "Can I have a cigarette?" Tess instead asked, not reacting to the words of her mother. This just couldn't be true. "Tess?" Carol again asked and finally Tess looked at Carol. "Oh mommy…how can I calm down? He isn't here…first it's raining and I can't have my wedding in our garden…but okay, we can't change the weather…but now my fiancé isn't here! God, what if he doesn't want to marry me? That's so embarrassing", Tess whined, sitting down on the chair again. Kate sighed. It really was embarrassing, but she knew Travis…he wouldn't do that to Tess. "I really don't think that he chickened out. Maybe he's just late, who knows", Kate said and Tess rolled her eyes. Carol suddenly chuckled. "What's so funny, mother?" Tess said annoyed, not believing that this could happen to her. "Well, I once had a fiancé named John Taglieri; he didn't show up on our wedding day…I found him sitting on a bench outside the church", Carol told her twin daughters who just nodded. "Have you been married before you married dad?" Emery asked who overheard this story. Carol laughed. "Oh no honey. I didn't marry John. He found out right about time that I didn't love him the way he loved me", Carol answered. "Thank god", Emery smiled. Tess jumped up from her seat again.

"I have to go find him. Does anybody have a mobile phone here?" she asked, searching around in the room. "Tessie, we tried to call him downstairs…no answer on his phone", Emery said and Tess covered her eyes with her hands. "Oh God…this *just* isn't happening", she cried and ran out of the room.

Doug was sitting on the chairs that led to Alfredo's big hall, where the reception should be held. Carol smiled as she saw him, all handsome and sexy. Shaking these thoughts away she took a seat next to him. "Do you have any idea where he could be?" she asked him. Doug blinked because of the sun that came out of the clouds. "Sorry…I'm not involved this time", he answered and smiled at her. Carol sighed. "I feel so helpless…I don't know how I can help our daughter", she said and he nodded. "I'm going to kill him", Doug then said and Carol looked at him again. "I'm serious. As I told you…any guy who hurts my daughters will be killed. I can't see them sad because of a guy and Travis…I was so sure about him, but now I just want to kill him", he said. Carol smiled. He was such a good father to their children. "I know…but as I said before, I won't visit you in prison", she said and Doug nodded. "I know…so how's Tess holding up? I haven't seen her anywhere", he asked, wondering if he could comfort his daughter in any possible way. "She's searching for Travis", Carol answered and leaned her head on Doug's shoulder.

"Tess? Tess? Theresa!" Kate almost yelled when she was searching for her twin sister. "Here", she heard and she looked around the corner. Tess was sitting on a bench, her mascara all blurry from the crying. "Tess, what did I tell you about crying and the make-up?" Kate said annoyed and took a seat next to her sister. "You're not a big help here", Tess cried even more. "I'm sorry…here, Uncle Robert gave me a cigarette for you", Kate answered and handed the cigarette to Tess. "Thanks", Tess said, took the cigarette and lit it. Of course she wasn't used to smoking, so after inhaling the smoke she coughed her soul out of her. "Not so tasty huh?" Kate laughed and Tess nodded her head. "Katie…I can't believe this is happening…why me? Why?" Tess now asked and Kate shrugged her shoulders. "I really don't know…I'm so sorry Tess…I dunno what to do", she said and Tess smiled a little. Tess again took a puff from that cigarette; this time without coughing. "You know…I get why smokers like that…it's not so bad after the second puff", she said. "God, please put that thing away…it smells awful!" Kate complained and Tess laughed. "Aaah, you're laughing again…I like that", she then said and Tess nodded. "I really don't want to cry anymore. I hate him. I hate him for doing this to me…and now I really just want to get out of that stupid wedding dress and get drunk", Tess said, putting out the cigarette and getting up from her seat. "Don't you want to wait a little bit longer?" Kate asked and Tess turned around. "Why? He doesn't show up…why wait any longer?" Tess asked. Kate smiled and looked up in the air. "I wouldn't be so sure about that", she smiled and pointed up with her finger. Tess looked up, and there she saw him, paragliding down from an airplane.

"I can't believe this", she shook her head and looked at Kate again. "I knew he would show up", Kate said smiling. "KATE! Can you redo my make-up? A little bit, maybe?" Tess suddenly cried, all nervous again. Kate laughed. "Of course…wait", she said and wiped away the blurred mascara.

"TESS! I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T MAKE IT IN TIME! I LOVE YOU! PLEASE FORGIVE ME", she suddenly heard from Travis, who almost was ready to land. "WHERE WILL YOU LAND?" Tess shouted back, ready to rip his ass off. "WELL…HERE", he answered and Tess rolled her eyes. Kate laughed and went around the corner again.

"Everybody get in, Travis is coming", she smiled and everybody was relieved. "Oh thank God", Carol said and sighed. "Yeah, I guess I have to forget my murder plot", Doug chuckled and Carol punched his upper arm.

As Travis landed nearby Alfredo's (thank God there was a meadow), Tess rushed to him. "I'm so sorry Tess", Travis said again and smiled. "You look beautiful, absolutely stunning", he added and tried to get rid of that parachute. He was wearing his suit and he was ready to marry the love of his life. Tess so wanted to kiss him, love him right there, but she stayed calm. "Where have you been?" she asked and crossed her arms in front of her. "Can I tell you this after the wedding? I guess everybody is waiting for me", he somehow tried to smile, but he knew that Tess was pissed. And she was pissed. And she was so freaking happy that he showed up. "Of course everybody is waiting! I was waiting! I thought you walked out on me!" she cried shaking her head. "I'm sorry Tess. Does it help a little when I tell you that this wasn't exactly my fault?" he asked. It hurt seeing her like this. She didn't deserve that. "I love you Tess…and I want to marry you, now", he said, getting closer to her. Finally she looked him in the eyes. "God I hate you", she said and rushed to him to kiss him passionately. Travis chuckled and twisted her around. "Now go in, let's get married", Tess laughed and Travis nodded. "Have you been smoking?" he asked and she just rolled her eyes.

Travis ran inside, straight to the registrar and then he turned around to all the guests. "Sorry for being late, but thanks everybody for waiting", he smiled a little, ran a hand through his hair and then waited for Tess to come.

"Ready?" Doug asked, as he waited with Tess at the entrance. "So ready", she smiled and Doug hugged her. "I love you, Peanut", he said and Tess had to hold back tears. She linked arms with her dad and they both went 'down the aisle' to Travis. "Take good care of her", he whispered to Travis and he nodded. "I will. Thank you, Doug", he answered smiling, happy to finally marry the love of his life. He wasn't tired anymore. He only had eyes for Tess. She was so beautiful and he was so sorry for being late. At least he still made it in time.

The registrar started with his speech and Carol couldn't hold back her tears anymore. Her baby girl was getting married. It was such a beautiful sight, seeing her eldest daughter in her wedding dress, shining eyes, with so much love for the future husband next to her. Kate then handed her a tissue and Carol smiled a little. She was a proud mom. "Beautiful, isn't it", Doug then said as he took a seat next to his wife. Carol just nodded, unable to say words. Doug patted her knee and smiled. He was a proud dad.

Finally they exchanged the rings and said yes. Finally they were married. "I love you, Theresa", Travis said, looking into her eyes. "And I love you, Travis", she answered and finally they shared a passionate kiss to seal their vows.

"So, can you tell me where you have been?" Tess asked her husband while they were dancing to a love song from the radio. Travis chuckled. "They kidnapped me to Vegas", he told her and put a strain of hair behind her ear. Tess just shook her head. "After I came home lust night…I went showering and then I wanted to go to sleep, when suddenly they put a sack over my head and dragged me to the car…We stayed at Wynn, gambled a little bit and afterwards we went to a party…then we flew back and I had to skydive here", he finished and Tess snuggled closer to him. "Oh god…I'm so sorry you had to go through this…did you get any sleep?" she asked and he nodded. "I slept in the plane…and don't worry, I'll be wide awake for you today", he promised and with that she kissed him once again.

Light at night everybody was in party mood. Kate was dancing with Cary and laughing; they already seemed a little bit drunk. Liam was kissing his girlfriend Alex and somehow they seemed far away. Emery was chatting with her cousin Luisa and Mason talked with Jason about basketball. Doug and Carol clinked their wine glasses and shared a little kiss.

Tess watched everybody from her seat and she searched for Travis' hand. "After all it's a great party, isn't it", she said as she smiled at him. "It is…but to be honest…I can't wait to go home with you and get you out of that dress", he whispered into her ear and she had to giggle. "Well, maybe we can sneak out of here?" she asked and Travis looked at her. "Well, well, Mrs. Boyd, I really like the idea of it…but I wanna do it right", he answered and she nodded. "Okay…then it's waiting time again", she chuckled and Travis kissed her.

"Hey guys, come on, let's dance!" Kate called to them and she squealed when Cary turned her around quickly. "You're such a good dancer", she laughed and kissed him. "What do you say…shall we show them a good dance?" Travis asked his Tess and she nodded smiling.

Even after all circumstances that happened that day, it was the perfect wedding for Tess and Travis. He was wide awake when he got that wedding dress off Tess and he was more than happy to show her how much he loved her.

Carol was finally able to show Doug how handsome and sexy she thought he was. She was a little bit tipsy, but happy for everybody in her family. Her Tess was married now and calling herself Tess Boyd, but in her heart she would always be a Ross girl with Hathaway curls…