Oh gods I'm not sure what I'm doing here but here is a story. It starts with percbeth then turns into well read it I got the idea reading a wedding scene in a story a percbeth story a pretty good one… well I don't own PJ&O or HoO just the some of the books and the audio books…well onto the story I hope you enjoy!


It was finally happening; my wise girl and I were getting married. I had gotten Athena permission by doing a set of trials, so my mom and Paul all are friend from both camps such as Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper, Reyna, Nico, Thaila, and Rachel just to name a few, the gods were also there though some seemed to be slightly freaking out changing back and forth at random intervals but it was ok. It had been 4 months, since Gaia and her giants fell and the second giant war came to a close. With it, the world seemed to become mostly peaceful, nothing but the normal random monsters attack here and there. I hoped it last... but in the life of a demigod it hardly ever easy there not many happy endings maybe I'll get mine for a time... oh here she comes... She is so beautiful; my heart is pounding so hard in my chest trying to break free and claim the one I love so dearly…


I was wearing a gray gown with a sea green sash it glittered and shined it was so beautiful I had borrowed a old sliver owl with a blue clip to set in my hair from my dad... He was walking me up the aisle to Percy he looks very handsome in his black suit with sea green tie… Hera was the one to wed us lucky us I guess. We had just said are vows and where at the "I do's" when Hera asks the question "If anyone knows any reason why these two should not enter into holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace"…


A loud sound echoes through the camp pavilion and a voice that shouldn't be able to be heard said "I object for I love Annabeth and I have returned to take her as mine"… The whole room went dead silent… "LUKE!" Annabeth screamed right next to Percy everyone looked either anger, confused, or shocked as she ran towards him and he to her as they met they hugged and he spun her and they kissed and…


Oh Luke you feel the same I love you too. I've missed you so much… How are you back…? Oh I'll tell you later ok Annabeth… Ok Luke… lets go Annabeth… ok Luke. As Luke and Annabeth leave...


When I heard the voice I was surprised. When I turned to see it was who I thought it was saying what I thought he was I was shocked. The biggest surprise was what Annabeth did and said… As I watched a cold yet burning shock ran through my body as I felt my heart snap in half and fall breaking into too many tiny pieces to ever be right again… "It hurts so bad, why?" I mumble as unshed tears burn in the corners of my eyes as I almost fall to my knee barely managing to lock them to stop myself from buckling. That's when I start to wobble off slowly turning into a dead run towards the beach.


The Earth seems to shake and tear as Percy run. As water launches from the rips, like gazers, in mid-air. The sky turns murderously shades of dark stormy colors. The waves are slamming harder and harder, higher and higher, though the mortals here can only tell it is happening here. The gods can tell it is happening worldwide. As rips, gazers, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis rage simultaneously across the entire planet of Earth. The valley in camp is now flooding. The storms roar and rumble everyone in the pavilion is knocked over, falling hard to the ground, as all chairs and benches break…

(Point of views of the guests as the Luke and Annabeth scene is happening to when Percy leave)


What Luke is back how…? Wait did he just say that… wait did Annabeth just… whoa poor Percy... Ah oww


How can he be alive again he should be gone… did he really just say that too… Annabeth really just do that to Percy… aww poor Percy man… whoa ouch what the…


I knew something bad was going to happen today, but seriously this I could never see this happening and yet it just did… ouch


Who that's guy… that's Luke… wait did that just happen… oh Percy… what is this it so strong and it hurts


Who is that…? Whoa what a strong love… I shouldn't be thinking that of poor Percy his heart just shattered … oww ouch


Who… wait… what just happened did Annabeth just leave Percy for that Luke person… ouch Percy... it hurts


What going on… who's that guy why did Annabeth just… whoa poor Percy… whoa what going on oww…


What is this? Is it really happening… poor Percy… ouch was that Percy…?


My poor baby… how Annabeth could do this, I don't know… I thought she felt the same for him as he for her…


My poor son… to think this would happen… and by a daughter of Athena no less… ouch whoa I'm so proud soon you've become so strong… I'm so sorry what has happened


I'm shocked that this could happen that my daughter would do that to him even though he is a son of Poseidon he is still a great hero and person… that's a bit much and really hurts…


Whoa I never thought that a male could be heartbroken and by a female no less… Percy I'm sorry this happened to you. You're the only man I've respect in a way… ouch…


When I said I wanted his love life to be interesting I was not planning on this nor did I foresee it but such a strong love while another dies it sad… ouch


I rather like Percy he is such a good person to think the fates could be so cruel well we all know they are… ouch…


Wow I kind of feel bad for him and now I don't get to wed someone... ouch I hit my head…


Such a shame that poor upstart Jackson… what is this power is that him that kind of hurts… he might need to be dealt with somehow…


I may hate the kid but I wanted to break him myself not have some Athena brat do it … well to late probably…


Well he isn't all bad but ouch that has to hurt some how did Luke get back to this realm… ouch that kid


Should have eaten more cereal but poor kid… ouch my old bones…


Poor kid he kind of cute such a brave hero as well to have something so bad happen to him… ouch


Dude that is total not awesome unlike me that poor Percy I like him too he was pretty cool not as much as me though but yea… oww


So Luke is alive somehow and just took Annabeth from Percy destroying him possibly (Martha poor Percy I like him) (George rats I like rats but he ok kind of sad what happened though) oww and I'm over moderately behind of packages because I wanted to watch this wedding…

Main idea of the thoughts of a female or females whose name or names are unknown as of now-

Poor Percy he so… How could she do that to him… that did not feel good at all… can't be as bad as Percy though…?

(And finally we continue)


My powers were raging as I as ran out of control toward the beach. My heart hurt so badly. I thought she loved me as much I loved her we were get married and he appears and takes her and she willingly goes with him. My tears have been falling freely since I left the pavilion. It hurts so bad, I just can't take it. As I fall curl in a ball on the beach, in the only piece of it that is there and dry. As I scream and cry and curse and shout. Things that would make Arion whiney and shy away… "The pain please someone anyone make it stop" are my last words before I pass out from exhaustion. The destruction slowly but sure dying down worldwide…


Yea I'm not sure the shipping yet. But at least it's not the usual she cheats on him. In my story she leaves him at the altar for Luke. I've read a good number of stories so I'm pretty sure this hasn't happened unless I missed a random story then I'm sorry for copying unknowingly… well please review to tell me what you think. If you hate it and hate me, find it ok and like it and don't hate me, or something else entirely… I might continue this story or if someone wants they can take the idea and do what they want so I can read a story like this and not try and write one… well any way please review at least or in the hopeful but unlikely scenario that you liked the story enough follow and favorite I'd love that but it probably won't happen so it's ok… until the possible next time tell me what you want me to do give the story away to some people that want it so they can write different versions for pairing and such or if you want be to do certain a pairing or pairings or multi harem story…well bye! *if you find some where I made mistakes you can if you want help me correct them if it's possible I'm sure it is I'm not sure how so tell me*