Author's note: This will change view point between Dib and Zim :) Should be a few chapters long XD

Dib faltered at the door, this was too easy. He whispered to the computer who was being oddly cooperative.

"Are you sure he doesn't know i'm here?"

*Siiiigggh, Yes human. Master Zim has no idea you're here. Before you ask, he's in here.*

A door swung open slightly and Dib swallowed. It was good that the computer had kept to a low volume and Gir was still distracted with a toy Dib had given him earlier. Dib slipped inside in silence, praying his heartbeat wasn't as loud as it was in his own ears. The room was dark, maroon walls making it appear even darker. The only items visible was a table and a large bed. The bed almost filled the whole room, its rounded edges close to each corner and the table. It was covered with large pillows but the thing which drew Dib's eyes was the lithe frame of the alien he'd been chasing for over 6 years. Zim lay with his eyes closed, mouth slightly open and no disguise to be seen. He was only partially covered by a silky looking sheet and the Invader wore a thin white shirt and purple shorts instead of his uniform. Why Dib thought Zim would still be in his uniform was only because he'd never seen him out of it. Dib edged closer, he could see the Irken's hands and feet, claws reflecting small bits of the faint light. Dib stepped as close as he dared.

"Zim?" He called, expecting the Irken to bolt upright and screen at him but receiving nothing but a barely noticed twitch of an antenna. "Is he sleeping?" He asked, brain supplying a memory of Zim claiming not to need sleep.

*Master Zim has found a way to 'sleep' by switching off his thoughts for a set amount of time. While in this state, he only reacts in a hazy manner. He can't speak but he can fight to some extent. He won't wake until 6am.*

Dib nodded, wondering if he could trust the computer but having no real reason not to at the moment. The computer really didn't seem to like Zim much and from the few times he'd seen Zim order it around, it'd been sarcastic and slow.

"Is he a light sleeper?" Dib asked despite finding it hard to believe that anyone who lived with Gir could sleep through his noise.

*I recommend keeping to a low volume.*

He slunk round the side of the bed, positioning cameras in the darkest corner and on the doorframe, where there was a lower chance of Zim finding them.

"Why'd he decide to sleep anyway?" He hadn't before, so why now? Why would he leave himself open like that, if it wasn't a necessity?

*Apparently there's no fun in killing you as you sleep and planning all the time frustrates him. He then ranted about it being 'normal' here and I got bored.*

Dib suppressed a giggle. Zim's computer was so weird. He took a step closer to the bed and the unmoving form on it. The only sound was the faint hum of machinery and Zim's quiet breathing mixing with Dib's own. Dib climbed onto the bed, getting close to Zim's face.

"Zim?" He whispered seeing an antenna flick out of the corner of his eye. Magenta eyes opened, hazy and unfocused as they stared up at him. No sign of recognition passed through them and a second later they slipped shut once more. Dib let out a breath he didn't realise he was holding. He pulled away, scrambling off the bed. Would Zim remember that? He backed out of the room silently. If he did, Dib would know in the morning when Zim screamed at him for sneaking around his base. Hopefully the cameras would survive unnoticed...

Zim woke groggy. He staggered out of his 'room' and into the cleansing chamber, 'bathroom' as the human's called it. He'd only altered the house a bit to seem more normal since Keef kept wanting to come over. He wasn't even friends with the boy but he wouldn't listen no matter what he said... even when he said it straight out. Zim rubbed at his eyes to wake himself up a bit before running a hand over his lekku to flatten them down. He still wasn't used to this 'sleep'. Zim stretched, hating the odd discomfort of being in one position for too long. He ached for some exercise... maybe a fight. The adrenaline rush and satisfied feeling it left behind. Zim smirked, he'd have to see if he can't annoy Dib and get a fight from him sometime today. He glanced at the reflective glass 'mirror' that was 'normal' to have in a 'bathroom'. He never really understood humans and their vanity, it probably had something to do with their 'hair' stuff.

Turning away, Zim changed from his sleeping clothes and into his Skool uniform. They were in HiSkool now and the rules stated that they must wear the outfit everyday. It was plain with a white shirt, grey pants and black shoes. The only bit of colour was the red tie that they had to wear. Over this you usually had to wear a black blazer or a grey, red-lined jumper. Zim wasn't too bothered since he'd spent most of his life in uniforms anyway. Zim turned back to the mirror and pushed in his contacts and pulling on his new wig.

This was why Zim had decided it was used for hair since it had proved useful for him to make sure his lekku were fully hidden. His contacts were the same as they had been and the black hair that was slightly longer than before covered his lack of ears. Zim had been working on a new disguise machine but since no human except Dib had called his bluff, he'd given up on it. It was entertaining anyway, to watch the human try to make them see what they didn't want to. The other human's didn't want to know about aliens, they wanted to think they were safe and readily took any excuse they could to believe in their safety. Zim stretched once more, clicking some of his bones as he did. He left the room and set off downstairs.

"HI MASTUR!" Gir waved at him and Zim nodded. He'd gotten used to Gir's quirks over the years and had mostly learnt how to avoid or appease them before they became a tantrum.

"Hi Gir. Pancakes or waffles today?" The robot had gotten awfully good at baking and Zim hadn't found any soap in his food for nearly 4 Earth years.

"WAFFLES!" The Sir-unit cried, throwing it's arms in the air and going back into the kitchen. Zim followed Gir, the sweet scent making him hungry. He'd need his energy if Dib took his bait and a fight did break out. He entered the kitchen and sat at the table.

"Let's eat some waffles then." He smiled at Gir who hastily began piling Zim's plate high.