Title: Serious Wish

Disclaimer: Potterverse doesn't belong to me. I write this in order to have fun, not for profit.

Summary: When Sirius got serious about a thing, that's when others ran. He imagined Harry being rich, famous, hunted by girls he had no interested in, living in Grimmauld place with the crazy elf until the end of his days, bored out of his mind. Well, Sirius would seriously have to take care of that, even if it was the last thing he'd do. As it turned out, it was.

Rating: T

Warnings: This is aiming to be a slash story, boy/boy, but probably doesn't get there in this story. AU, powerful!Harry. Crossover HP/Lotr. This is also somewhat slow paced.

I owe a huge thanks to my beta Crystal who helped me in the beginning.

Chapter One - Let's Take A Look Around

He figured this was how it felt to be sorry to be alive. Whatever horde of runaway Hippogrifs had trampled over him should be on guard and very, very sorry. But right now, he was too sore to begin planning revenge.

He tried opening his eyes, wary of moving anything else. His body just about thrummed with the expectation of pain. And his eyes were crusted shut so he had to rely on his other instincts first. He knew he was in no immediate danger because his magic would've jolted him up by now otherwise.

He could feel he was lying on something hard, a small movement of his fingers confirmed that it was most likely a wooden floor. He rubbed his fingers together; they squeaked and had a film of dirt on them, so rather it was a grimy wooden floor then. Carefully he took a deep breath and concentrated on his surroundings.

When he focused, he first heard his heart thumping, and then blood whooshing in his ears, then, right under the surface, was his magic sizzling. His consciousness exploded outwards. He could hear birds singing on the roof, there was a warm touch of fresh air that came from a nearby window; there was an insect that was buzzing somewhere close by but that was it. No creek of wood to indicate anyone else was around. There was no talking or anyone else breathing. He was alone.

Harry let out his breath and bit back a curse when pain jolted in his back and side. Just to make doubly sure there was no threat nearby and to see where he was at, he let his magic shimmer about and sent it out in a slow pulse. It filled the small room he was in and the corridor beyond, it filled the three story building he was in and finally shimmered out once it was about 10 feet from the walls. He was truly all alone, somewhere he couldn't instantly recognize.

And so he decided that he was not a prisoner. This was an interesting change in things, kidnapping wise.

It had been a while since someone had managed to abduct him. Whether it was some grudge bearing former death eater or a new dark lord wannabe or – here he shuddered – an obsessed fan. Not that he was lousy at defence; he just didn't care that much anymore. It wasn't like they were able to really hurt him. Except those demons called fans, what they wanted to do with him gave him some serious mental scars.

But back to his current situation, he was somewhat blurry on his last memory.

"Better get up, Potter," he muttered to himself and put more force on his magic currently healing him. Even if no one was about now, that didn't mean it would stay that way.

Besides, he was uncomfortably sure he had no idea where his clothes were.

He groaned and turned to lie on his side. Spasms of pain spread to every limb, yet he was not bleeding. Maybe he had a cracked rib or two.

He finally managed to open his eyes to see a somewhat dusty room and a lot of filth. The walls were so dirty they looked black. The floor was worn out. The small tower he was in was obviously old. There was no windowpane or broken glass. Just stone.

He got to his feet unsteadily and stumbled to the door. It wasn't locked. It squeaked loudly when he pushed it open. Behind the heavy and rusty door was a dark hallway. The only light was coming from a small window at the end of it. There was no sign of his clothes or any sort of cloth he could use. This had potential to become a very embarrassing incident. The only way down seemed to be through a half open hatch with ladders.

After he floundered his way down, clumsier than Tonks, and was a bit steadier on his feet, he realized that even though he was wandless, it didn't prevent him from conjuring something to wear. Learning that sort of skills had been a necessity back when Voldemort was still around. Wandless magic that is, not specifically conjuring clothes.

Harry shuddered when his brain flashed through ideas of him, naked in Voldemort's lair. He blamed Seamus for all those sort of thoughts. That boy was very inventive and chatty while drunk.

But still, it always put a smile on his face remembering how incensed Hermione had been when it became clear that only Neville, in addition to him, was able to show some promise in controlling magic wandlessly, at least at their age. Saying to her that she would surely master it in the next few decades had not been appreciated, at all. He just thought she needed some consolation after ranting to him for two, three or nine hours straight.

Harry concentrated and then twirled his hand for simple grey shorts to appear. He pulled them on and made a mental note that conjured clothes usually didn't last that long. No need to forget that. He also did simple sandals because the floor still didn't look any cleaner than the walls. Although in this floor he could see clear signs of use. The atmosphere wasn't anything that would suggest that the people here would be friendly.

"What the hell!" He yelped when he stumbled after his first steps. Then his brain finally realized what was wrong. Well, one thing more to the list of thirty.

He was small. Short. Tiny in fact.

Gone was his almost 5' 9" frame which he had quite liked. His feet were small in the shoes he had, in his mind, conjured to fit his earlier stature. He had the same problem with the shorts. It looked like he was barely 4".

"I'm a midget!" he wailed. "Fred and George are so gonna pay," he muttered while hoping this really was one of the twins' pranks.

Harry ransacked the house, not finding much of use. No obvious kitchen nor bedrooms, just mostly empty and dusty rooms one after another. He looked outside but didn't recognize the scenery. There were mountains somewhere in the horizon and some thick forests that seemed never ending.

Finally on the first floor he found some clothes. Unfortunately they were in a horrid state. He couldn't tell the colour for they were so dirty and smelled as if someone had wrapped them around a rotting pumpkin and decided to leave them on the sun for a few days. Several cleaning charms earned him a grey shirt. He didn't bother with the trousers. They were a lost cause and not only because of the size. These clothes could've fit Hagrid!

So, after freaking out some more and looking utterly ridiculous, he ventured outside. What he needed was a stick.


"Point me Hogwarts!" Harry cried out for the third time, literally pushing his magic in the spell and nearly exploding his twig. He scratched his head, "This is weird."

He had found many sticks and finally one that seemed to respond to his magic. He didn't need a wand but point-me-spell was pretty pointless without something to show the direction. The twig was neither holly nor anything he recognized but then again herbology had always been Neville's forte.

He had done his focusing exercise, trying to spread his magic as far as he could in order to find any other magical beings. But had no luck. There was nothing for miles, nothing obviously magical. He actually couldn't detect anything but animals. And what was funnier was that the magic itself felt odd; which in itself was a strange idea. He had always known magic but here it felt as if he was speaking a different language.

Then he had tried apparating to different places but that had gotten him nowhere. Literally. After the fifth try he finally put so much magic in the spell that he ended up fading a few feet to the left through some sort of haze. It was as if the whole world was covered in light smoke. It was an interesting result and something to investigate later, but nothing to soothe his worry now. He was usually able to apparate over whole countries with ease! And wards hadn't been an issue either. Something the goblins had disliked immensely.

His last idea had been a point me spell and the stick. North worked but places didn't. A lot of good that did for him. He should've brought Hermione along. She would've suggested at least ten other things they could try by now to find their way home.

Harry sat on a nearby stone and thought. He had no idea where he was, he had nothing with him. His only help was a stick and wonky magic. Thank Merlin he didn't wear glasses anymore or he'd have been half blind as well. Apparating was working but not to any place he knew. He could apparate where he could see but it was as if his magic didn't know where any place was that he wanted to go. He couldn't sense magical beings anywhere near him.

He shrugged. It seems like he had done it again. He had gotten himself in mysterious trouble with very little to no help. He had to wonder if Dumbledore was still alive and playing games with him again. But no, it probably was just his luck that had done it this time.

Harry sighed and lay back on the warm stone. He looked at the unbelievably blue sky and the huge white clouds drifting by. At least the weather was good. It could have been raining.

This was way better than facing Fluffy, or a basilisk or whomping willow or any other half-arsed adventure he had had while in the school. While he pondered about those adventures and the numerous ones after those, he twisted his hand and a glass of cold milk appeared.

Harry frowned. It was just too bad his most recent memories refused to come. He remembered visiting the ministry the day before. Having lunch with Ron and discussing with Hermione the latest spell he was crafting. Then he had gone to Diagon Alley, had ice cream and done some shopping. He had come home, gone through his mail. Then he had taken a nap in the garden while trying to read a really boring old book. After that he had gone and met with Seamus in the Leaky Cauldron, he had been almost late. Ron had joined them later on, being very late. It had been a relaxing day and he thought he had gone to bed at the end.

Harry sipped his milk while deep in thought and absently snapped his fingers in his other hand to have a chicken and ham sandwich appear.

He wasn't a master occlumens but he knew if someone tried to tamper with his memories. There was no sign of that. His memories simply refused to come as if there was nothing to remember.

"Well, there's nothing to it then," He said to himself, dusted his hands and got up. He would have to get himself out of here by more traditional means. But first he had to decide in what direction to go, after all, well planned was already half-done. And after some food in him things always looked brighter.

He climbed on the rock he was lying on and then apparated himself to the roof of the tower to get a better view. It seemed he had gotten used to his new body already seeing that nothing got splinched. This was a huge relief considering he couldn't exactly count someone to find him and put him back together.

Even though the roof wasn't the most steady lookout spot, the view was magnificent. It was a bright sunny day and the land was truly beautiful. Huge fields of green grass waved gently in the wind as far as his eyes could see. At times the grass took on blue hues so it was easy to imagine it was a huge ocean lazily moving about. Occasionally bigger rocks or small yellower hills broke the sea of green or few trees sprung up. On the horizon were mountains in almost every direction and a huge forest right ahead of him. Harry brushed a hand over his eyes and when he next looked out his eyes had a golden hue.

He blinked a few times, it always surprised him just how sharp everything got with this charm. Looking to north now he was able to see the forest stretching all the way to the far away mountains. There was also a small river next to the far away trees. To his right he could see a long stretch of grass and a gigantic lake in the distance. Perhaps there were some fields of grain next to the lake, he couldn't quite make it out but if there were fields then surely there were farmers.

South was filled with dark, unwelcoming mountains. From the mountains he could see a giant river starting. When he followed the river northward, he saw big planes of grass and a lush forest. A river that big was sure to have towns along it. He could also see mountains in that direction, right behind the river but those mountains didn't appear to continue far. There was more green and perhaps a big lake in that direction as well.

"Hmm, looks like it's either left or right then. Left, right, left..." Harry muttered to himself and looked contemplatively to both ways. Then he made up his mind and apparated back down.