A/N. I am trying something new here. I apologize to all of you who have read this story a thousand years ago and long forgotten it. But as readers and I am happy to say, reviewers, still find this, I decided to post an ending summary. I always know how my stories will end when I post them but they are not totally written out. I get hung up on editing and rereading stuff. For instance this was supposed to be super Harry in Middle Earth. That Harry who effortlessly uses big magic and not even realising it. Then came the whole elfling thing which was fun and soon the super Harry was't working like I wanted and... Argh.

I like to read a lot myself and as I dislike unfinished stories, I've been thinking of writing ending summaries. If/When I get to write them out, I'd the replace them but this way readers would know where the story would go and I would remember as well. Just in case a flashdrive dissappears or something. So here it is. ( sorry about the typos and grammar. This was written on my phone)

Harry goes through Hobbiton to the Harbours, trying to find a geographical way home. He dodges the elves, not really caring about their plight, not feeling it as his.
Harry also manages to do some super legimency or something and through the hallows he reaches a mental connection to his home. Only to realise that while he has been gone only a week, half a year has gone by there. Harry gets more desperate to return. He finds out that Rivendell has the largest library of magic and goes there in his james bond spy mode. He also retries this legilimencylike connection, only to be interrupted by the valar. He is pretty mad when he finds they were his kidnappers, he is mollified a bit once they tell him Sirius passed from veil to their hands. And that this was his godfathers last wish. Harry's happiness. Harry just does not see quite how this place would make him any happier.
Back to Harrys journey to Rivendell... Unfortunately he again passes shire and sort of accidentally bonds with the one ring. Half of the letters in the ring now go around his wrist. Harry doesnt like it and it takes a while until he figures out he is a horcrux once again.
He does manage to sneak into Rivendell but doesnt find a way back. Instead he finds information about the ring. He really cant return now because that would leave Sauron truly immortal. He is just calculating how long it has now been at his home when he is surrounded by elves. They weren't really fooled by his spy sneaking.
Tadah. Harry is caught and cuddled and argued over. He doesnt mind, he has his own plans that consist a bit of training, learning, killing the horcrux and getting home. The elves find him very slippery, it wont take long until they find out his magic and demand to hire tutors. Here enters either Gandalf or Saruman. I didnt decide yet. Glorfindel will help Harry with his other studies. Such young elflings are supposed to just play but Harry insists otherwise. But not much studying. Harry just wants to learn some history and a but of P.E in the form of stick fighting. Harry begans to see the good sides elves have.
In the end Harry has muddled up a plan where he gets to sneak after an elven patrol across the mountain. He knows Sauron is in dol guldur as the necromancer. He has a pouch that is linked to Mt Doom. Once something is placed there, it pops itself straight into the heart of the mountain. Tricky part it, Sauron has to kill him before this for the horcrux to die too around his wrist.
So Harry needs help and he cruelly reveals his wrist to Legolas only when it is too late to get a word back to Rivendell. The elven patrol engages orcs across the river and stumble upon the Necromancer/Sauron. Then they are but helpless to watch as their beloved elfling is given a horrible blow. Legolas shuts the ring into the pouch and Mt Doom crumbles as does Sauron.
Harry is still the master of death, the Valar will give him a choice. He gets to see his home where ten years has now passed. Life has gone on. Harry Potter is still revered, legendary almost. What makes up his mind are the wrinkles on his friends faces. Harry has now realised the price of the hallows. He would stay there, unchanged, while everything around him corrodes. He chooses middle earth and the babying elves. And though the Valar caution him, he still decides to hone his super legilimency skills so he can talk to Ron and Hermione.
Harry wakes up in crying Legolas' arms and says something cheeky/funny. The end.