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It was amazing. James had gone here for a year, and he hadn't told him anything about it? Why? Albus certainly would have talked about it. He was soaking wet. As they were getting into the boats, James had pushed Albus in the water.

Luckily, Rose, who was right behind him, pushed him in too. Something slimy picked him up.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Albus screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" He heard another voice. Maybe it was James, but, he couldn't see enough to be sure. Then, he started rushing towards the ground! He couldn't tell if he was screaming or not, and then, suddenly, Albus's vision turned black. He was watching James look at a mirror.

"No, this isn't James, this is my dad," Albus thought. James didn't have a lightning bolt scar on his forehead, or glasses. He was in his first year. Albus didn't know how he knew this, but somehow, he could tell. Albus saw what dad saw in the mirror. There was a couple. They looked a lot like all of us. The man looked like him, dad, and James. The woman looked like mom and Lily. James and Lily. They were named after dad's parents. That must be them.

Then the scene changed. Albus was with dad and three old guys. Dad looked a bit older. One guy had greasy black hair and a sallow sunken face. The second had an eye patch that scared him half to death. There was this bright electric blue eye on it.* The rest of him didn't look too inviting either. The other guy was a lot older and had a long white hair and beard. He felt like he knew these people. Not like he had met them, but something different.

"I 'swear' Professor Dumbledore, Mr. Potter was in my storage room last night, he's the one that's been stealing the gillyweed, lacewing flies, and other things."

"Severus." Dumbledore said. "Calm yourself." Severus? But that was his middle name, and Dumbledore? As in Albus Dumbledore? These were the people that my parents had named me after? Albus thought to himself.

My namesakes? But who was the other one? Suddenly, dad turned to me, and in James's voice, said

"Al. Al. Al! AL! WAKE UP!" James yelled into his ear.

"What happened?" Albus said as he sat up. He was on a comfortable bed, surrounded by other white beds.

"Mr. Potter, do Not yell in my patient's ear!" A slightly middle-aged, sort-of nice-looking woman came in to the room.

"Sorry Madam Sarah," said James. Madam Sarah went back to her office to get something. Albus snickered. James stuck his tongue out. Rose said

"Albus, are you feeling okay? You hit the ground pretty hard."

"My head kinda hurts, yeah," said Albus. "But I'll be alright."

"Let me see."

"Um, do you have t-"

"Yes, I do."

Rose took hold of Albus's head with one hand and began feeling around, knocking on his head with the other. While she was doing that she began explaining what happened.

"James pushed you in and because he was being an insufferable git, I pushed him in," Rose said as she was pounding on his head. "I don't know what grabbed you guys but somethi-"

"I am NOT an insufferable git! Take that back!" James said as he got up from the chair he was sitting in.

"Oh yes you are," said Rose as she got up from her chair.

Albus could see the beginnings of an all-out fight coming on. That sometimes happened when they were together in a room by themselves, or, in any room for that matter.

"Guys." Albus said.

"You are always an insufferable git and you always will be!"

"I am not! You're always a pain in the-"


"Always saying you know more than us."

"Because I do know more than you, Mum taught me some spells that I could practice when I got to Hogwarts."

"I'm in my second year, you're only in first. "


"What?" said Rose. "What were we doing?"

Albus sighed. "You were fighting again, do you seriously not remember?"

"I actually do remember, but I want to joke around," said Rose.

"Oh, you Joke around? As if," James said, baiting her on.

"James Sirius Potter!" Rose yelled. She walked up to James and pulled her fist back. I think she was going to punch him but Albus didn't give her a chance.

"Protego!" Albus yelled. Rose punched a hard invisible wall.

"Bloody Hell," said Rose, rubbing her knuckles. "What did you do that for? Plus, where did you learn that?"

"You were going to punch him." Albus explained. "I couldn't let that happen. As for the second question... you weren't the only one who got taught spells."

"What has been going on in here?!" shrieked Madam Sarah. "I go to get some chocolate for Mr. Potter here," pointing to Albus as she spoke, "and come back to find you have been fighting. Fighting! In the Hospital Wing! I cannot believe this!" Madam Sarah looked breathless, and looked like she wanted to say more than just that. "Well, I suppose that Mr. Potter," pointing to Albus again, "and Miss Weasley," pointing to Rose this time, "have to get sorted now. Unfortunately, the feast and the sorting is over, but we can still sort you and get you dinner," said Madam Sarah. "But we need to get you two sorted first. Mr. Potter-"

"Please just call me James, Madam Sarah?" said James.

"Well I suppose I can call you, Mr. James," Madam Sarah wonderingly. "But as I was saying, Mr. James will go back to the Gryffindor common room, and after Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley have been feed and sorted, they will be brought to their new common room by their head of house.

Hurry along now, Mr. James, unless you don't know where the Gryffindor Tower is?" said Madam Sarah sweetly.

"Uh, no, I - I know my way to the common r - room." James said like he was embarrassed.

"Well then, you go to your room and I'll take your siblings-"

"Rose isn't my sister, she's my cousin!" said James.

"Mr. Potter, will you stop interrupting me?!" Madam Sarah said.

Her face was getting red and sweaty. In her fury, she had forgotten to call James, "Mr. James".

"Sorry." said James.

"I shall take Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley to the Great Hall. Now, chop chop, let's get moving." James left the room.

"Are you able to walk Albus?" said Rose, ever the medic.

"Well, I think so,"Albus said. He got up and walked three times around in a circle in the middle of the floor. "Yep, I can walk."

"Okay, good. Now, Madam Sarah, lead us to the Great Hall!"

"There's no need to shout, Miss Weasley. And yes, I will bring you to the Great Hall now. Now, come with me please." said Madam Sarah.

"First you two shall have your feast, and then you will get sorted into your houses." And with that, Madam Sarah started walking to the entrance of the Hospital Wing. Rose and Albus followed.

"Wow," said Albus as they were walking through Hogwarts. "We're going to be living here!" Albus said in awe.

"Yes, and studying in it too." said Madam Sarah briskly. "Here we are." Rose saw a cat.

"Here Kitty Kitty," she said as she stopped walking and held out her hand. "Here Kit-ty." Rose watched in shock as the cat transformed into an old lady wearing dark green robes.

"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Professor McGonagall, your Headmistress."

"Uh. But. What?!" Rose sputtered.

"I'm sorry dear, I should have warned you. Although, I would have to change to human form to warn you, and that wouldn't work out. Then I'm sorry to have startled you," said the woman.

"N - no. It's okay." said Rose, who was starting to come over her shock.

"Let's eat then." Albus said grinning.

"Yes, Mister?"

"Potter ma'am. Albus Severus Potter."

"Oh. Oh my!" Professor McGonagall gasped. "Really? I never knew!"

"What?" Albus asked. "What is it ?"

"And you are Harry Potter's son right?"

"Yes ma'am."

"I - I see. Very well then. I shall take you two to the Great Hall to get you fed and sorted," said Professor McGonagall wearily. Madam Sarah went back to her office and Professor McGonagall led Rose and Albus to the Great Hall.

They both ate like wolves when they served dinner, and then came the sorting. Rose was pacing back and forth while Professor McGonagall got the Sorting Hat out. Albus, on the other hand, has sitting down on a bench remembering what his dad told him at Kings Cross Station.

"The Sorting Hat takes your choice into account. It did for me." Albus kept reciting that in his head, over and over. He wondered if he should tell Rose this. "'I probably should, or she's going to freak out until she drives everyone crazy.'" Albus thought.

As he was getting up to tell Rose this, Professor McGonagall came back with the Sorting Hat. By now, Rose was chewing on her nails.

"Potter, Albus." Professor McGonagall called out. Albus walked up to the stool and sat down. Professor McGonagall placed the hat on his head. This is what it said.

"Oh, another Potter eh? Yes, your father defeated the most evil wizard of his time, Lord Voldemort. But enough on that, I'm supposed to be sorting you! Well, let's see. Ah, of course. GRYFFENDOR!"

The Sorting Hat shouted the last word out loud for all to hear. It was at that time that Albus realized that the Sorting Hat had been talking in his mind. Albus sat back down on the bench, grinning.

"Weasley, Rose." With her knees shaking, Rose walked up to the stool and sat down.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Rose thought. After a while, the Sorting Hat cried out,


"NO!" Rose yelled. She got up from the stool and ran away.

"Rose! Come back!"

*This was during Harry's fourth year and I'm sure you all know that the guy I was describing was Alestor Moody A.K.A. Barty Crouch Jr.