Hello all and welcome to my second fanfic and I have to give credit where credit is due. This is all thanks to Jameis for the concept and story of this fan fic and I will probably be working on it as a side project while I focus on Dual Destinies. This is a X-Over between Kingdom Hearts and Ghost Rider, though it hardly has any Ghost Rider characters except a few of the villains being the actual villains of the story and if you count him as a character, Ghost Rider himself.

Of course this means our friendly Sora will be turning into the flaming skull man himself. Who knows... since this is a Marvel universe we may even have cameos appear from other characters but those are undecided as of yet so all I can say is keep a look out.

Also for clarification this is near the ending of Dream Drop Distance in which *Spoilers if you haven't played it but you should have by now* Sora falls to darkness after beating Xemnas. Of course like all good stories there is a twist to this, so we'll see how this turns out together.

Chapter I

A Touch of Death

"Three elements combine to create a life; a heart, a soul, and a body.

But what of the soul and body left behind when the heart is lost?

When the soul leaves the body, its vessel, life gives way to death"

-Secret Ansem Report No. 4-

Sora felt a familiar sensation swoop over him as he fell. It was the feeling of darkness crawling onto his skin and attaching itself layer by layer until he could not see the light. It had been similar to his experience a long time ago in which he had sacrificed himself to save Kairi's heart. As he drowned in the blackness, he smiled. Whatever it was that was grabbing onto him, refusing to let go, it was a far cry from the hurt he had just endured. The worst part had been that it had been but a preview of what he would no doubt face. The images of Terra, Aqua, Xion, Namine, Riku and Kairi still resided in his mind, though he could feel them fading slightly. The warmth of this darkness was comforting, the thoughts of his friends residing and the pain along with them.

No! He couldn't abandon his friends now. The bond they shared meant everything to him and after telling Xemnas that his friends were his power, he wasn't so willing to back down and let the darkness take him. But what could he do in his current situation? Kairi wasn't there to save him this time. But Riku… Riku was! That's right! Riku would be there to save him. The two had been through so much together that it was unbelievable to think that something like the darkness could easily separate them.

So all he had to do now was wait. That was all he could do. He wondered how long he had been in this purgatory like state. He bordering between the light and dark, between life and death. Did time even matter in a realm such as this? He could barely even remember how he had gotten here. He quickly thought back to how he had gotten into this sea of nothingness in the first place. He didn't even need to do it quickly for he had all the time in the world now.


"You… again." Sora said weakly as the man he recognised from earlier reappeared from the darkness. He tried to get up but he couldn't move, he was trapped to the floor by the darkness that was slowly covering and devouring him.

"You just make it too easy. I know you think you've won, but you lost the moment you dived this far in. You're in the deepest pit of slumber, and you've worn yourself down to nothing. There's no returning to the world above." The unknown man heralded. His golden eyes glowed bright with amusement. He was this close to obtaining new vessel. Originally it had not been this boy that he had intended to capture, what with the other one a more potential candidate for the darkness, but he had been left with no other choice when he had learned of the other one's immunity for the darkness.

"What do you mean?" Sora asked, his eyes barely being able to look up into the man's face.

He smirked in response, "We told you. It was not the Sleeping Keyholes that guided you. They are not the reason you are here. You've been on a path, one we laid out for you. That sigil on your chest is the proof." He pointed towards Sora's chest, or more accurately the crossing straps on his outfit.

"What?" It took some effort for Sora to look downwards at his chest where the straps intersected. He was completely confused at the moment and the darkness didn't help in making anything clearer.

"See? That sigil, the X, it tells us where you are at all times." The man guided his hand back and forth making an X in the air before continuing, "You had wondered aloud before—why we kept showing up where you were. It's because we need you, Sora. Or, to be more precise, we need what will be left of you—the thirteenth dark vessel."

Sora stuttered, the words barely came out his mouth, "Why…I…" He didn't understand. How could everything have been timed so perfectly without him knowing? He even suspected that Yen Sid and Mickey had not realised this otherwise they probably would have intervened by now. It had somehow gone exactly as this man had planned, whoever he was and Sora had a feeling he knew who.

"Why was it assumed you could come here today? Because I followed my destined path, and I'm here looking at you right now. You can move through time, but time itself is immovable." The answer wasn't exactly what Sora wanted to hear, it made even less sense in fact. Destined path? Moving through time? His vision started to blur and he instinctively wiped at his eyes as if there was something there. His blurry vision wasn't going away and he was starting to feel lightheaded. He wanted to keep his head rested on the ground and fall into a sleep, hopefully one that would last for a long time without any intrusions.

"Today, all of my selves throughout time were meant to gather here, and to welcome you, Sora, as our thirteenth member," He knelt down next to Sora's blackening state, "These facts cannot be changed."

Sora clenched up all of a sudden as he felt something close to an arm wrapping around his wrists and crawling its way up to his arms. It touched against his skin offering a cool but deceptive embrace, it had found an owner and it was not willing to part with it.

"What's…gonna happen…"

"I have now told you all that I know. We are all here, and what the future holds in store is beyond my sight. I will return to my own time, and grow into the man who becomes all these others." Xehanort watched as the darkness covered the young boy, "While I know this future now that I have lived it, returning to my own time will erase the memories and experiences I have gained here. Still, my appointed path is now etched in my heart, which will first lead me to seek the outside world."

Sora turned his head slowly to the side and muttered out one word weakly, "Riku…" His eyesight was fading and fast.

"Your heart will sleep forever in the folds of darkness. And your body will be another vessel for me. So light gives way to darkness. Good night, Sora." His hand extended out and reached for Sora just as his vision went completely blank.

End Flashback

Already he was panicking. Was this what the darkness did to you? Drive you insane? It felt as if he had not seen the light in a century or so. He had to get out here quickly… and where was his body? Granted it was weird question considering he couldn't see or feel anything but to him it was of the utmost importance for some strange reason. He needed his body to get out of here. He couldn't become one of Xehanort's pawns, a vessel to be used against his own friends.

He thought about all of his friends who he had depended on through his journeys. Donald and Goofy had been one of the first people he had met back in Traverse Town and they had shown him the amazing Gummi Ship with its infinite potential to travel across the skies to see the other world, he would never be seeing either of them or the good old ship again. Then there was Riku and Kairi, his two best friends. What would happen to them? He hoped they would be strong enough to take on Xehanort without him. He had fond memories of the time they had sat down together in the secret cave back at the islands drawing what came to mind, and coincidently, they ended up drawing each other. Riku, who was his best buddy and a person who had helped him through thick and thin even when he was not really there.

Riku… where are you? He started to call out his friend's name but no answer came. And then…

Is that all you can do? Depend on your friends? If so then that line of thinking is quite outdated by now.The voice was like a whisper, echoing inside Sora's head and bouncing around his head. He shook his head and squinted his eyes shut. Now he was hearing things, another sign of his sanity falling out of the window.

Oh I can assure you that you are not hearing things. Now full well that you are not alone and I am always watching.

"Well that isn't creepy in the slightest," Sora responded sarcastically before raising a brow, "So I suppose you're going to be keeping me company while I'm here."

Somewhat,the whisper responded after a while, I have all the time in the world really. And where your 'friends' have abandoned you, I will not.

"You're that kind of guy huh? My friends have not abandoned me, they would never do such a thing. They've stood by my side for as long as I-"

Sora was cut off by the whisper, Of course, I heard your riveting speech when you were talking to Xemnas about two days ago. Xehanort isn't the only one who can keep you under the radar as it were.

"Wait, two days ago? That's ridiculous, I haven't been here for two days—" He paused, how could he be sure. All he had for now was the whispering echo's word to go on but if what it had said was true then had this voice at some point visited the world of light and if so, did it know a way out?

I know all that there is to know Sora, you have power… you have potential, all you have to do is reach out and use it. The only one holding yourself back at this point is you.

"Are you saying that I'm the reason I'm stuck in here?" Sora could not open his eyes. He refused to, just because once he opened them he was afraid of seeing something that his brain would not agree with.

No, you tried your best with what you could do at the time. But you could do so much more if only you tapped into your full potential.

"And… what would this full potential be? The power of darkness? You can forget it, I'm not interested," Sora's body floated downwards into the deep abyss as he spoke, "I'll find my own way out if you won't help."

Find your own way out… considering what you were doing before, I don't think you'll be able to tell your head from your toes at this point.

Sora said crossly, "What does that mean? If you're supposed to be helping me out you're not doing a very good job at it. So I guess you can start by telling me where I am right now."

Kairi parted her lips to speak but found that she simply couldn't. It was unbelievable that they were possibly thinking about this let alone that she had even heard it come out of their mouths.

"Me? A Keyblade wielder? Well that's great and all but aren't we forgetting someone?" Otherwise gathered in the room was Yen Sid in his chair and stroking his beard calmly while the short Mouse King Mickey stood next to him along with Donald and Goofy. Beside her and clearly disappointed in himself was Riku who had yet to talk to her about Sora. In fact, he had chosen to mention very little about the events that had transpired two days ago in the World That Never Was. Finally in the room unless the moving mops counted, was Lea who was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed and arms folded. Everyone except Kairi who had not been with them at the time had discovered that he had gained the ability to use the Keyblade and with it, he planned to save Roxas and someone else… someone he couldn't remember but it was something nonetheless that was constantly nagging him.

"Make no mistake Kairi, we do not forget all that he has done for us. But as it stands we do not have the capability to try and take on Xehanort again. I see from the look on Riku's face that he has barely said a word to you about what happened." Yen Sid's eyes widened and he looked over to Mickey to explain the rest.

"Well ya see we tried to rescue him, we really did. But something unexpected happened at the last second and I'm not quite sure what it was. Xehanort somehow found a way to unstop my stopza spell and then he went on to challenge Riku. And this is where it gets weird. Riku seemed to have the upper hand and then some sort of extraordinary thing happened which changed the tide of the battle."

"Extraordinary thing? Sounds like you're making excuses." Kairi said angrily.

"Kairi, please listen to us for a second will ya? You're not thinking straight and it's understandable since we were much like you when it happened and we still kinda are. But I swear to you that something strange happened in that fight, some alien kind of force intervened which allowed Xehanort to gain the upper hand in that fight and well, we had no choice but to escape. We're thankful that Axel, Donald and Goofy arrived when they did or both of us would be toast."

"It's Lea!" Lea yelled in frustration before he regained his composure and coolness, "And I can vouch for him. Something didn't seem right there, considering the old windbag Xehanort himself seemed surprised at the intrusion. Now that's something he didn't expect."

Kairi wrinkled her mouth, "You changed your name?"

"No, I've always been… Look I'm not a Nobody anymore alright? Let's focus on what's going to happen next." Lea held his hand out and summoned his new Keyblade, the bright orange and red body sent Kairi into awe.

But she didn't have time to admire, "It doesn't matter if it was some strange force or the tooth fairy, we need to go back and save Sora. Riku, you agree with me don't you? Riku?" However when she saw that Riku was not responding, her small frame walked up in front of him. Her hands reached as far as they could go before slapping the tall boy in the face.

"Kairi!" Mickey exclaimed wildly, Donald and Goofy joining in on his surprise. Lea just chuckled.

"Are you seriously just going to stand there while your best friend suffers? I can't believe you. Don't you remember how he never gave up on you even when you fell into the darkness. You tried to go it alone but Sora was always there to help you, you just needed to reach out to him," She stepped away from him and walked up to Yen Sid's desk slamming her hands down on it, "We all owe so much to him. We can't let him be a pawn in Xehanort's schemes."

Lea raised his hands for a second to gather everyone's attention, "I say we listen to her, if not because she's scaring me right now then because Sora also saved me once. That and my buddy Roxas is there and I'm going to save him with or without any of your help."

"And how do you plan to do that with minimal Keyblade training?" Yen Sid asked with a brow raised not just at Lea but at Kairi as well, "We only have two wielders who are adept and skilful in their use of the Keyblade but as you can see one of them seems quite lost and searching for himself at the moment. Then we have you two who are inexperienced and have little knowledge of the Keyblade and its magic. Chances are we would also be outnumbered if it came to us rescuing him."

"Well then since we can't decide, how 'bout we have a vote?" Goofy suggested clicking his fingers.

"There's nothing to vote for, we have to save him now!" Kairi clenched her fist and slid her hand away from the desk slowly.

"We should concentrate on rescuing Aqua first." Riku spoke up after a rough battle with himself, he knew little about the other Keyblade Master other than what Mickey and Yen Sid had told him and Sora.

Kairi scoffed at him, "You guys are unbelievable."

"No, don't you see Kairi? Mickey and I go into the realm of darkness and get Aqua back first, in the meantime you and Lea will be training to use the Keyblade. By the time we get back you two should be ready, or it will at least be enough to keep you safe. Donald and Yen Sid can train you both in magic and when we get back we'll help too. Then all of us, you, me, Lea, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Aqua will go after Sora. We'll save him, I promise you that." He walked up to Kairi stronger than ever and placed his hands on her shoulder.

Sora ran through quickly what the whisper had told him. It had been two days since he had fallen into this pit of darkness and according to the whisper Riku had abandoned him. That much was nonsense, Riku would never do such a thing, but still… two days… Not only this but his body was still in the possession of Xehanort, but surely his body was right here?
"You can't expect me to believe half of this right?" Sora shook his head in disapproval.

You're the one who's closing his eyes. If you want to believe, all you have to do is open them. Simple, unless you can't stand to face the truth.

Sora opened his eyes no longer afraid, but as soon as he did he wanted to close them again. He looked at his hand, or where his hand should have been at least but he found nothing of value or anything belonging to him. He clutched at his face with is invisible hands and pulled at his cheeks looking at the corner of his eye. Nothing.

"This can't be… how am I talking or even thinking right now?" Sora asked in disbelief.

You're a wondering spirit… a soul with no place to call home except the darkness. Desperate to find a home to be loved, you cling to the darkness like a baby which clings to their mother. Make no mistake, you have no home now, or at least for now. But you can, I can help you get out of here assuming you're willing to do as I say.

Sora's mouth snapped shut for a second before saying, "You seem to think I'm so weak that I would rely on the darkness, even saying crap like my friends abandoning me and then you expect me to believe it? I don't need your help, I will get out of here on my own." With that Sora pursued his destination, he was diving not down but floating up… and he would get there. All he had to do was believe.

Interesting to write a SoraxLarxene fanfic, probably one of the more challenging things to write considering she has a rather sadistic nature from what we've seen of her but I like a good challenge. Sora and Aqua is slightly more believable but of course it will take time to develop both relationships, especially with Kairi in the way. Don't worry Kairi, I'm sure one day you'll get your own fanfic.

Also should mention the almighty Lea will be travelling with Sora and the girls for some points down the line. Makes for interesting dialogue between him and Larxene and obviously Larxene's name will change since this will be her somebody though for her name, I'm still deciding between two of them.