The Tales Of A Rainbow

Chapter Three: The Fury Of A Rainbow

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Now, let's continue with the story!

April 13th, 400 B.C.

Rainbow sighed, he was feeling very bored as he looked at the rain softly hitting his window from the windowsill inside of his cream coloured mansion that had just become the second largest building. The new town bath had just been finished after Rainbow had been bitching about getting one for hundreds of years. And when asked why, he turned red and mumbled something about a friend had said he should put it in.

Anywhore, Rainbow hadn't really been doing anything for the last two hundred years, mostly playing with France and being bored. He had grown into a fourteen year old, his new boss named something that Rainbow didn't care enough to remember made him wear these new clothes. He had to wear a tan dress that was really short with a large maroon coloured bow on the really low neckline and darker tan boots that came up to his thighs.

When Rainbow had asked why he had wear this dress, his boss answered with we both know you are not the best fighter and we need to gain allies somehow. Rainbow remembered what France did when he saw him in the dress, the blond nation that looked older looked like he was on cloud nine and told Rainbow he looked adorable to which Rainbow turned a deep shade of red.

Rainbow looked at the rain that had ceased, but the sky was still dark with clouds. He heard his bedroom door being swung open and whipped around in alarm, his eyes wide. What he saw made him want to punch fate in it's fruking face. France, who was now the size of a sixteen year old, was covered in his own blood and tears as he ran to Rainbow, tackle hugging him.

Rainbow wrapped his arms around the bleeding boy I knew I wouldn't be able to protect him forever, but you didn't have to rip the innocence away this early, you're a bitch fate Rainbow thought angrily, but his anger turned to heart-wrenching sadness as he watched France cry.

"France, who did this to you?!" Rainbow couldn't keep the panic out of his voice as hard as he tried.

"E-England said th-that we were just going to pl-play a game a-and then h-he pushed me down. H-He kicked and punched me, h-he said his soldiers were a-attacking"

Rainbow's sadness turned back into anger, he was going to kill this England guy for destroying the innocence that had so desperately tried to protect. He stood up, France still hanging onto him for dear life. Rainbow unhooked France's arms from around him and set France on the bed, calling for the doctor. He smiled at the blond nation, hoping it would comfort him.

"France, Feciano will take care of you, he's my doctor. I will go out and get England off of you and make sure he stops hurting you, okay?"

France nodded and Rainbow smiled gently, keeping his anger at bay until he got onto the battlefield. Rainbow turned around, passing Feciano on his way out and nodding to him to which the doctor nodded back. Rainbow walked outside and called a town meeting, telling his people about how England had hurt someone he cared about and he wanted revenge. There's a plus to being a country, if your people are happy, you are too and if you're angry, your people are too.

He walked north, an army of about six thousand soldiers and townspeople holding weapons ranging from axes to swords to crossbows following him. After about ten minutes of walking or maybe it was ten hours, whatever, it was ten something, the army arrived to the battlefield. Rainbow's jaw dropped, France was getting his ass beat fighting lessons for France can start tomorrow he thought, mesmerized by the fighting.

He had never been in a battle because his bosses always said he was too small and weak, now nobody questioned him as he stormed in.

"WE'RE HERE TO HELP" he screamed at the french who were trying to fight the English.

Rainbow saw a nod from the one who looked to be the leader and turned to look at his army before whipping back around with a grim smile on his face.

"BROS BEFORE HOES" Rainbow screeched, running toward the English with an axe of battle in his hands.

A, what he assumed, English soldier ran at him with a large sword with a golden handle, Rainbow kicked him in the balls. It was a cheap shot, but all is fair in war, right? While the Englishman was down Rainbow swung the axe above his head and in one fluid motion brought it down on the soldier, effectively slicing the soldier's skull in half.

Rainbow stared at the blood as it sprang out of the skull and flew everywhere, he felt slightly sick, but there was a small feeling of enjoyment. A sick smile stuck itself to his face as he continued to slaughter the English soldiers. A small part of him was scared about how much he was enjoying this and told him stop, to just stop. But he didn't, he was getting revenge, saving France, and having fun.

A scream caught in Rainbow's throat as he felt a sword go right through his stomach then get ripped out by the one holding the sword pulling to the left. Blood was pouring from the wound and the Englishman screamed, the blood wasn't scarlet, it wasn't crimson, it was rainbow coloured. Rainbow put a hand over the wound in a futile attempt to stop the blood and threw the axe.

It hit it's target, right in between the eyes of the soldier. Rainbow growled, ripping the axe from the guy's face and scanning for that England guy who Rainbow assumed was a country along with him and France. He saw a guy who looked to be the leader of the english people, he assumed it was England so what else was he supposed to do other than do some assassin shit to get to the guy?

He snuck up behind the guy as he was fighting a blond french guy with forest green eyes who was losing and was covered in his own blood. The Frenchman ended up with a sword in his chest, Rainbow sighed, he really needed to teach France about fighting. Rainbow lifted the axe up and brought it down on the leader person's head, he was blond with green eyes and the bushiest eyebrows that Rainbow had ever seen, I mean it looked like caterpillars were chilling on his face.

Blood splattered everywhere and the guy collapsed, but he was still breathing and his eyes were open. After two minutes of watching the guy who was still alive, Rainbow confirmed that this was indeed England. He crouched down to the fallen nation's level which, appearence wise, was around age twenty.


"What do you want, wanker?"

Rainbow smiled, this nation had guts and he had gained about four respect points from him.

"Well, you attacked my bro and I really don't take kindly to that because I will not let what is left of him be destroyed"

Before England could respond Rainbow brought his axe down and it stuck in England's chest, England was unconscious within thirty seconds. Rainbow left his axe and let out a screech, making everyone freeze, staring at him.

"English people, your leader is down, you have lost this battle, now leave and never return"

Rainbow sighed as all the soldiers' eyes did not make it past his waist, as he was wearing the dress he was unwillingly forced into. He was a little disappointed in his soldiers, but ya know, you win some, you lose some and that didn't make sense at all. Rainbow smiled as the English finally noticed their fallen leader, picked him up, and got the hell out of there, they ran like they stole something.

Rainbow smiled softly at the soldiers, both French and Rainbowian before walking south, his army following as they headed back home.

After an amount of time, they made it back to RainbowOcinas, his beautiful capital. Rainbow looked at his wound from that sword, the blood had stopped and was dry, it had turned from vibrant rainbow coloured to black. Rainbow didn't care about the wound as he ran into his mansion, up the stairs and into his bedroom where France sat on the bed with some bandages.

France jumped as Rainbow hugged him with a bright smile on his face. France wrapped his arms around Rainbow, smiling back.

"You won"


The France caught sight of the dry black blood...


Rainbow rolled his eyes before silencing France with a kiss, it was short, but Rainbow didn't know what that kiss did to France. For France had a crush on Rainbow that Rainbow did know about and he didn't know he was playing with poor France's feelings.

"As you know, I am The Rainbow Factory and for that my eyes and my blood is rainbow coloured, but when my blood dries it turns black"

France nodded before mumbling something like "okaybye", jumped up and ran home. Rainbow watched as he ran away, wondering what he did wrong.

Not the best way to end a chapter, but whatever. Also, if you have not noticed, this is not historically correct. Just going to tell you that now, I will try, but it will usually fail. Anywhore, until next chapter! ~.3.~