Summary: After the war Hermione's happily ever after is rudely interrupted and on her intercontinental chase to find the culprit she meets up with the Winchester brothers, only to find there might be more left for her than she ever imagined.

Chapter 1

A dart thunked into the center the board. "So basically, we know nothing," Dean Winchester shouted over the music and giggling girls.

His brother, Sam looked up from the leather bound notebook and shrugged. He let out a gust of air, "There's nothing in dad's book or any local legends about whatever this thing is."

"And this is definitely our kind of thing?"

Sam leveled a look at his brother, "Do you know of anything human that clubs its victim to death and then only leaves the bones and maybe a limb or two?"

"Well, no…" said Dean.

"Then it's definitely our kind of thing. Besides, it only attacks people who are visitors, never any of the town's people. That's a definite pattern."

Dean frowned and looked away. "Hot damn that is one fine looking woman." said Dean as he watched a young woman walk into the bar. She looked younger than him, maybe in her early twenties. She was about average height, with long chocolate curls and flawless skin. She was dressed in fitted jeans and a tan belted jacket and a pretty, but serviceable shoe. He watched as she lugged a stack of newspapers in with her to a booth. She cursed as the large stack made a loud thunk when she set it down. Dean continued to stare at as she slid into the booth and put her head in her hand and let out a little moan.

"She looks way out of your league," Sam snorted.

Dean whistled, "Well, Well it looks like she might have more in common with you Sammy anyway."

"Dean, I'm not going over there," said Sam.

"That's one classy looking lady, you sure?" and at Sam's nod Dean said, "Suit yourself. And uh, keep researching," as he strode away.

Sam took one last look at the pretty girl and then Sam rolled his eyes at his brother and looked back down to read again.

By the time Dean got over to the booth where the woman was sitting she had already taken out a paper and had ordered a beer. Dean tried to squint at the words on the newpaper, but they were a little blurry from where he was standing. So he slid into the booth.

Hermione was well aware that there was a handsome man walking toward her to chat her up. So when he sat down she took her time looking up from her work.

Dean nearly gulped at the glacial stare the pretty brunette gave him, had she been any less beautiful he might have jumped up then and there and left her alone.

She raised one brow at him and spoke with a clear British accent, "Can I help you with something?"

The accent did him in. "Oh god yes," he said as she gave her a slow grin and looked her up and down.

Hermione couldn't believe this guy. He was certainly forward. Now, normally she would never consider hooking up with a stranger, but she had come in angry this evening, mostly because she was no closer to finding Ron's killer that she had been a year ago. It had been a year since the eve of their wedding night and Ron's murder and she didn't know anything more about it.

This guy was attractive enough. Well that was a lie, he was as handsome as sin and she bet that arrogant panty dropping smirk had gotten to many girls before; it was certainly getting to her. He had beautiful green eyes and a straight nose with a smattering of freckles across it.

Really, there was no harm in just flirting. She desperately needed stress relief and reading cases in papers that held no pertinent information was only making her more stressed. Besides it wasn't like it was going to turn into anything. He was way to good looking to be actually into her. A little fun wouldn't kill her though and maybe chatting up some bloke would be as fun as Lavender insisted it was.

So with that decision she laughed.

Dean thought it might have been the most sincere laugh he'd ever heard at a bar and he smiled in relief. She flashed a wide smile at him, "You're pretty brave. Most guys would have run when I didn't look up right away. I'm Hermione."

"Dean," he said. "So what are you doing in here? This doesn't look like your typical type of bar?" He waved his hand to gesture at the mixed crowd of rowdy locals.

"Just some research for work," she answered lightly. There was something about Dean that was familiar and that made her a little wary. She peered at him beneath her lashes, he was stunning with his saucy green eyes, beautiful jawline, and nice teeth. That was something about being the daughter of two dentists that Hermione couldn't shake, she always looked at teeth. She didn't know exactly what was so familiar about him, but until she could do some research she would just be extra careful. Her carefully honed war instincts were shouting that there was something dangerous about this beautiful stranger, but she thought that was ludicrous since he was clearly muggle and she was a war veteran and she was going to end up in her own bed tonight anyway.

He leaned forward as he smiled at her, "And what exactly is it that you do?"

"Oh, I'm a bit of a freelancer," she smiled again. She had the most beautiful brown eyes rimmed with long thick lashes he had ever seen and Dean wanted to kiss her then and there.

"So you write then?"

"Oh, I'm more of a freelance," she paused, "I guess the most accurate description would be dectective. And you?"

"Really me too," he said as he pulled out his deputy's badge. "Are you working on the murders in this town then?"

"No, I was unaware there were murders happening in this town, I was just passing through and will be gone in a few days as soon as I find the lead to a case I'm working on."

Dean frowned. "Only a few days?" there was something important about that he was sure of it. But then she leaned on her forearms and there was no way she knew she was showing that much skin and Dean could nearly make out…

"Are you listening?"

"Dean shook his head and dragged his eyes back up to hers, "I'm sorry. What did you say?"

Hermione tilted her head "I asked about the murders."

"Oh." He paused to gather his thoughts. "We've had three people turn up dead this week or at least we think three. The bodies really aren't in much of a state to confirm anything."

"That sounds terrible, do you have any leads yet?"

"Not a one."

"By the way you look awfully familiar. We haven't met before have we?" said Hermione as she stared into his green eyes curiously.

"I think I'd remember a pretty girl like you." He glanced at her lips and then back up to her warm eyes and his lips curved into a suggestive grin.

A rosy blush stole across her face as she grinned. "I don't sleep with men I don't know."

Dean smirked and his eyes twinkled, "Really? Well maybe we have met before then, sweetheart."

And before either of them could say anything else there was a loud "Ahem."

Hermione cringed, painfully reminded of that cow Umbridge, but turned to look at who had interrupted and was definitely glad she did. Standing there was a man who made her forget all about her association with obnoxious throat clearing and whatever her name was. He was tall, maybe three or four inches past six feet with hazel eyes and hair that Hermione briefly thought would be wonderful to run her fingers through. Obviously she'd had too much to drink, even though her beer was barely touched.

"Dean, we need to get an early start in the morning," the stranger said sharply, but buffered it with a charming smile toward Hermione.

"Sammy, this is Hermione and Hermione this is my partner Sam. Hermione is somewhat of a detective too," Dean gave Sam a narrow eyed look with a forced smile. They reached out to shake hands and as Sam grasped her hand every magical cell in Hermione's body knew there was something different, something dangerous, and maybe even something magical about Sam. His hands were warm though, so very warm and calloused. She wondered if his hands would feel as lovely on the rest of her as they did her hands.

"Nice to meet you Sam."

Sam held a hand up to his forehead and squinted in pain. "It's nice to meet you too." He hissed, "Dean we have to leave now." Dean threw Sam's arm over his shoulder and leaned Sam's larger frame into his side. Hermione could see the concern in his eyes as he carried his partner out the door. He glanced back at Hermione and gave a concerned smile. Hermione waved him off and he left.

Hermione quickly grabbed her things and walked briskly out the back entrance of the bar. She didn't know what either of those boys were but, she was now siding with her initial instincts; there was something dangerous about them.

In the parking lot of the bar, Dean sat Sam down and waited as his brother twisted and turned in his vision.

For Sam as soon as he had touched Hermione he could feel a vision start to overtake him. His vision went funny colored and he struggled to hold it together until he was outside. When he crossed the threshold he surrendered to it. He closed his eyes to lessen the pain.

Hermione was asleep in a bed. A shadow scuttled across the room toward her and a black figure jumped on her. She screamed.

Sam gasped for breath as he returned to the parking lot of the seedy bar they were at. "Hermione's in danger."

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