Summary: After the war Hermione's happily ever after is rudely interrupted and on her intercontinental chase to find the culprit she meets up with the Winchester brothers, only to find there might be more left for her than she ever imagined.

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Chapter 2

Both boys jumped up and started towards the bar. They walked to the table she was at, but it was empty, her and her things were gone. Both boys looked at each other.

"Sam, check the bathroom." Sam and Dean split up and scoured the bar for the small woman, checking every nook and cranny in the seedy bar. They met in the parking lot a few minutes later, next to the impala. It began to rain, small drops first and then large fat drops splattering on the pavement and the boys.

Sam shook his head. "Nothing. People remember seeing her, but not leaving."

Dean ran his hand over the top of his head. His fingers became wet. He breathed out. He had to think. "Sam, what did you actually see?"

"She was in a motel room and whatever this thing is jumped on her. I couldn't see what it was though. It appeared solid, but all I could see was that it was dark-colored and not a humanoid shaped thing at all. Whatever this thing is, we have to get to Hermione quickly."

"Shit Sam. That's not a lot to go on," Dean sighed and put his hands on the hood of the car. He dropped his head. Dean felt as if he should have warned her beforehand that there was something evil in the night even if she would have thought he was crazy. She was just an innocent girl and she was about to get caught up in something she didn't understand.

Suddenly he started, "Wait, did it look like our motel? Or was it another?"

Sam's pursed his lips and looked down. "I think it was another one."

Dean laughed, "Get in the car Sammy. There are only two motels in this town." Dean started the engine, but he was in no mood to listen to the purr of the car. He backed up and speed out of the parking lot.

"Why did I have a vision about her? This case has nothing to do with the demon that killed mom and Jess." Sam asked as he stared out the window at the passing small town. The windshield wipers squeaked across the glass.

Dean shrugged, but kept a firm eye on the road. "Maybe she's got some weird powers like you do, like that other kid a couple of cases ago."

"Wouldn't she have defended herself then?"

"Sam, you didn't see her die, just that she got attacked. Or maybe she doesn't know how to turn 'em on and off either."

"I guess," Sam admitted, "go a little faster though."

Meanwhile, Hermione brushed her teeth and slipped into a flowing white gauzy nightgown that was one of the last remnants of her old life as a witch of Great Britain. She turned off the bathroom light and grabbed her wand from the counter. She glanced one last time at the stack of muggle and magical newspapers and books stacked by her bedside. Her lips tipped down and then she shook her head and picked up her work and put it in her small beaded bag.

Her beaded bag held much more than it should and not in a common way, like having one or two too many hair brushes or papers in it, but in a- this bag literally has everything but, the kitchen sink in it. Although, technically the tent she had in there did have a kitchen sink in it… The bag contained nearly everything she owned or was important to her.

Hermione crawled into bed and slipped her wand and a silver dagger underneath her pillow. She was never wanted to be caught off guard again. She climbed under the covers and laid her head on the pillow. Within seconds she was fast asleep.

Sometime later the door slowly creaked open and a shadow skittered toward the bed. The figure crossed a beam of moonlight, but it hardly illuminated the creature. As it reached the foot of the bed it pounced onto the sleeping figure. Hermione let out a shrill scream as she woke and grabbed the knife and her wand.

"Hermione!" Dean and Sam rushed down the hall and kicked open the door. They dashed into the room guns cocked and ready to shoot. Hermione used the split second the creature was distracted to stab it. It managed to dodge, but she still nicked its body. It scuttled toward the door and the boys several shots at it, but it got away.

Hermione was panting in the bed. Her hands were shaking. She jumped out of the bed. "We have to get out of here. Someone will have heard that." She grabbed the beaded bag and then grabbed both boys' elbows. A pleasant, but not entirely ordinary, jolt ran through each of them. Hermione started, confused by the jolt. She decided she would research it later and grabbed onto both men more firmly.

Sam tilted his head and said, "Well that's never happened before."

Dean sighed, "Sammy, you really need to get out more."

"Boys," Hermione said sharply, "I need you both to trust me for a minute." There was shouting in the hall, so Hermione didn't wait for a response she spun on her heel and took both boys with her with a pop.

For a second there was darkness and pressure from everywhere. It squeezed so hard, that neither Sam nor Dean could take a breath or close their eyes. Their eardrums popped and their eyes squeezed into their heads. Suddenly, with another pop, the pressure was gone and the men stumbled. All three of them were standing in the parking lot, only a few cars down from the impala.

Hermione scanned the parking lot. There was nothing except a handful of cars and the lit Vacancy sign. She sighed with relief, there was no one else out there, which meant she hadn't broken the statute of secrecy yet even if it was nearly non-existent in America.

Sam bent over and gagged, but thankfully didn't throw up. Dean didn't fare much better and was on his knees gasping for air.

Dean raised his gun at her and opened his mouth. Hermione cut him off, "Dean, questions later. Right now we have to get out of here."

Dean was sure he would have answered except he was surprised. The rain was coming down harder now and Dean couldn't help but stare at Hermione. While the rain didn't affect Sam and him very much because they were wearing jeans and jackets, Hermione was drenched. Her hair was soaked and stuck to her face, goose bumps were rising on her skin and dear god her nightgown was see through and sticking to her very lovely form. He could make out the size and shape of her breasts and the fact that her nipples were protruding from the cold was not helping Dean's focus at all. Further down he could see her toned stomach and dainty waist and his eyes, without thought dipped lower still. His green eyes glazed over.

Hermione put her hands on her hips and shot an impatient look at Dean. After spending a year in a tent with two boys, she wasn't so much embarrassed by her revealing state, but more at the intensity of the look Dean was giving her. She had been walked in on and walked in on Harry and Ron more times than she could count and they had never made her feel this exposed; like he could see everything inside and out.

When Sam finally looked up he glanced over at his brother and then in the direction he was staring. Sam's eyes widened. He flushed. Dean was right that was one fine-looking woman. Guilt tore at his stomach, he had forgotten Jessica for a moment. Sam looked down at the pavement immediately after that thought. He reached over and lowered Dean's gun and then slid his jacket off his shoulders. He looked at anything that wasn't Hermione as he helped her into his coat. He cleared his throat again and Dean blinked. "Right. Out of here. The car's this way.

Sam lightly grabbed her wrist and tugged her toward the car and Dean motioned for her to sit in the front. Sam sat behind her a gun in his lap.

"No funny business now," said Dean as he backed up and then sped out of the parking lot. The car was silent till they reached their motel. It was like some unspoken rule or perhaps tension was running too high before then. They shuffled her into their room and she sat on the edge of one of the beds still drowning in Sam's coat. For a long minute they were all quiet and stared at one another.

Dean broke the silence first, "What are you and what the hell was that disappearing act?"

"I used apparition to get us out of the room. It's a type of magical transportation that witches and wizards use," Hermione stated using her best lecture voice.

Dean brought his hand back up to rest on his gun. "You're a demon-witch?"

"Of course not! I don't get my powers from drinking anything nor am I bent on destruction. I was born with my powers." Sam thought she looked rather disgusted by the thought of what demon witches did and the scrunched up, grossed out look made her look hopelessly adorable, especially since she looked so tiny in his jacket. Immediately, the guilt welled in his stomach again and worked its way up his throat.

"I've never heard of a good witch. Have you Sam?" Sam shook his head no and continued to think about the mystery surrounding her.

"Have you ever seen a demon disapparate?" Dean looked absolutely horrified by the thought that demons and demon witches could appear and disappear wherever they wanted instantly, regardless of holy water and salt. Hermione could tell what he was thinking and struggled to keep laughter down. As it was, a small grin lit her face.

At the boys reluctant nods Hermione continued, "I don't think true-born magicals are as common in the Americas mostly because of the witch hunts and the fact that most magicals are scared of progress."

Sam could see how that made sense and nodded for her to keep talking.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "And of course you've heard about true-born magicals. You've heard of Merlin haven't you? He was one of the last great wizards before the separation."

"Merlin was real? Sammy I so win that bet!" Dean let out a laugh.

Sam huffed and shot a cross look at Dean, "Seriously, that bet was more than ten years ago!"

"Don't matter. That's a twenty for me!"

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