Surprise, Surprise

"Kanade! Kanade, where are you?" Yuzuru yelled through the house that they share. Kanade's white head popped out of the kitchen and stared at her husband.

"Yes?" She asked him. Yuzuru smiled at her, she only seemed to grow more beautiful each day. Yuzuru held up some flowers he had bought for her on the way back from work.

"Today's the day, you know," He answered her, handing her the flowers and holding her from the back, sticking his nose into her hair. Kanade accepted the flowers gratefully and put them down on the counter.

"I know, we have to celebrate," She replied, gesturing to everything that she was preparing in the kitchen. Yuzuru walked over and inspected everything, they were all their favorite dishes, but the one that stood out was the spicy mapo doufo, it's what they had eaten on their first date.

"Two years together today and you go all out." He joked, Kanade nodded her head.

"It's special, besides, I have something to tell you over dinner," She mentioned while stirring the mapo doufo. She turned off the burner and picked up the pot, smiling at Yuzuru in the meanwhile. "Coming, Yuzuru?"

He nods his head and follows her to the table in the dining room, sitting down and helping himself.

"So, what is it you wanted to talk about, Kanade?"

She builds a light pink blush in her cheeks, not picking her head up from her plate of food.

"Well, um, I was looking at the calendar earlier and I noticed something kinda important..." She mumbled. Yuzuru stares at her some more, waiting for her to keep going on. Kanade gulped before taking a deep breath and standing up. "I haven't had my period in over two months." She blurted out. Yuzuru dropped his spoon and stood up too.

"You what?!"

"I haven't had it! I checked the calendar five times, it's been over two months!"

Yuzuru took a couple deep breaths and started pacing, does this really mean what he thinks?

"And I kinda took a pregnancy test too..." She muttered. Yuzuru's head snaps back to her. She shifted balance on her feet uncomfortably. "It was positive."

Yuzuru stayed still, half shocked from the sudden dawning of it all, and half estatic with the news. Kanade had a worried reaction on her face, she was waiting for a response. When Yuzuru saw this, he simply smiled, walked up and kissed her.

"That's wonderful news," He started, "I can't believe we're going to be parents."

She looked up with a slightly surprised look on her face, then let a playful smile caress her lips.

"I think so too."