As a bonus, here's my original character profile for Schuyler Grey. I also plan to to some editing on the story.

Name (1st and last): Schuyler Grey

Age (12-18): 17

Gender: Male

District (first 3 choices in order): 7 (alt 9 or 11)

Career or not: No

Personality: Schizophrenic disorder. Forgetful, disorganized and socially isolated. Talks constantly to angel he believes accompanies him. Acts according to angel's advise, in manner that appears random.

Appearance: Tall, skinny and disheveled.

Family: Mother and sister.

Friends: None.

History: Schuyler Grey likes spending time alone outdoors. He has an understanding of plants, animals and natural environment, but little formal education. He is an embarassment to his family and community, but is indifferent to and largely unaware of others' perceptions. He has a history of avoiding trouble and/ or coming into unexpected good fortune by following angel's instructions.

Preferred Weapon: Long knife of kukri type.

Skills (3 and maybe another small one max): Recognizes edible plants, and always avoids poisonous ones, keen hearing and good night vision, able to approach animals without scaring them off.

Weaknesses/fears (3 min): Sensitive to sunlight, minimal fighting skills, unwilling to kill female tributes.

Token: Ball of yarn, which he winds and unwinds when thinking.

Reaping Outfit: Appears in ragged patchwork clothes.

Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteered to replace sister's fiance.

Reaction: None. Has little or no concern for his own survival.

Chariot outfit ideas (I may change): Angel wings

Training strategy: Speaks to other tributes about his angel, convinces a few that he has special abilities.

Gamemaker Train test strategy and what you do: Takes no interest in training. Handles a dangerous animal in front of judges, and predicts the destruction of the Capitol.

A estimated Training Score (I may change it):5 for knowledge of outdoors

Interview Outfit (I may change): Forced to wear Capitol clothes

Interview Angle: "I have an angel on my shoulder."

Survive bloodbath or not: Yes

what got in bloodbath: Knife, bags of mango and beef, coat and rope.

did you fight in bloodbath: No

Arena strategy: Stays out of sight during daylight, avoids other tributes at all times. Leads anyone who approaches closely into a rope snare or natural obstacle (pit, mud, etc). Those he immobilizes are killed, left in trap, let go or offered an alliance, based on advise of the angel.

open to alliance: Yes.