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Luminous couldn't remember a time that he hated his reflection more.

With his bright red eye that reminded him of his present corruption, and his sapphire blue one that reminded him of the past that he wanted oh-so-desperately to go back to. One thought blazed brightly in his mind - what am I here for?

Was it to please everyone, trying to be the best that he possibly ever could? Was it to please himself - the three people that he could morph into with all their different tastes and wants and beliefs - or... was it something else entirely? He stares at his reflection again, his eyes sweeping over himself, trying to find something that he had done to himself that existed before this entire mess happened.

His hair? No - that was neatly combed to suit Sunfire's wants - it was him, but it wasn't him in his entirety and he doubted it represented him at all. His clothes? That's Libra's taste he was suiting - gray clothes, the middle of black and white. What about his weapon? Sharp as hell, suiting Eclipse's wants to murder. He can't think of one part of himself that he made to suit himself.

"Hey, Libra," he says softly, and the purple-eyed male looks up to stare at him. "Can you tell me who I am...? What was the last time I was myself?"

"Three hundred years ago, before you received Eclipse, way before you met him, maybe when you were five," Libra says, after thinking back. Luminous stares at him, tilting his head slightly as Libra recalled the memories that Luminous had ditched. "After that, you became more suited to following other people's desires and stared to help everyone else to achieve what they wanted in life."

"Even this? This... hero business...?"

"Nope. That's what Freud wanted and got, even though you didn't want it. You were constantly striving to be the best for someone else. Freud asked for the best Aurora magician, and that's what you became."

"...I see."

Even as he says that, Luminous doubts that he could ever be himself again.

Look into the mirror.
Tell me what you see.
Is it yourself in the shiny glass
or a person made to please?

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