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It's been 2 weeks since Masamune and his wives arrived in Nerima

Flash back 2 weeks earlier

"Who?" questioned Ranma

"Them" Masamune said while pointing towards the door way.

Out came two girls that looked between the ages of 16-18 the one to the right was a buxom black haired girl with a ponytail she wore a black skirt, a blue shirt and a white short sleeved jacket over it. To the left was an equally busty dark skinned red head wearing a black battle kimono with flames at the bottom that showed off her perfect curves.

"This is Soap and Ann." Masamune sail with a smile.

"What did you get me two new fiance?" Ranma said dryly

"Ranma you...NO man these are mean hot huh." Masamune said completely interupting Akane before she could enter her angry rant.

"So let me get this straight you got your own finances?" Nabiki asked.

"You got it Nabs." said Masa with a smile

"Wait how do you know my daughters name?" speaking Soun for the first time since Masamune first showed up.

"Oh that's easy Ranma's been sending me post cards and letters since he first came to this place he gave me a general description about everyone who lives here so it's like I already know you guys which is good so we don't have to go through the whole awkward getting to know each other stage in any relationship.

"Okay but that still doesn't explain why you choose now to come for a visit boy!" Genma shouted

Instead of responding Masamune calmly walks over to Genma squats down looking him dead in the eye. BAM out of no where he gives Genma a devistating haymaker right to the face sending him right through the wall in to the kitchen.

"Danm." mutter Akane in shock.

"Oh my are you okay Mr. Soatome?"Kasumi asked in a worried tone

"Ouch" Nabiki

"Hahahahaha" laughed Ranma

"How dare you hit a guest in my house who do you think you are!?" an enraged Soun shouted

"That bastard knows what he did." answered Masamune sending a powerful glare to Soun making him sweat.

"Okay but did have a point what brings you here?" Kasumi asked not feeling the power of the glare do to it not being aimed at her.

"Oh right do to the situation I completely forgot about that. So to answer you question first I wanted Ranma to meet Soap and Ann. Soap is an amazon I met while traveling through China during my training ain't the right Soap.

"..." Soap nods yes.

"Oh right I forgot Soap can't talk it's an oath of silence or something." Masa said while sighing.

"And Ann?" Ranma asked.

"Well Ann's a little different you see I kind of won in a game of poker long story I don't wanna talk about it.

"Darling you you know I love it when you tell the story of how you save my life and we are now bound by the strings of fate. Ann said while giving him a hug and smirking at a fuming Soap.

"Ok thats enough I don't care about this stupid relationship of yours I just want to know why your here!" Akane shouted interrupting the three guests during there moment.

"Oh right sorry I keep getting distracted were was I …... oh right I'm also here to talk about Ranma's engagements." Masa stated.

"Young man I know your close to Ranma but he is engaged to my daughter Akane and that's final." Soun stated strongly without question.

" I find that hard to believe Mr. Tendo." Masa said in a serious tone.

"And why is that Mr. Mamiya?" Soun asked

"Oh because of this." Masa said while flashing a piece of paper.

Looking at the paper everyone minus Genma who was still passed out in the kitchen saw Ranma's signiture and above that were the words. I Ranma Soatome here by agree to allow Masamune Mamiya final decision for my marriage. On the side of the paper is a notary stamp. The entire room was dead quueit until suddenly WWWHHHAAAATTTTT! was what broke them out all out of there silence courtesy of Akane.

"Yah it's true about three years ago I got Ranma to agree to this" Masa said.

"Hahaha this is ridiculous there is no way anyone will up hold this." Soun said with a smug smile.

"Oh really yet this engagement is still legit despite the fact that unlike me you don't have any written form of agreement written or other wise so who are you to say this isn't legit?" Masa asked innocently.

"He's right daddy you don't have that or anything of the sorts." Nabiki stated in a calm voice.

"NNNNOOOO the schools will never be joined! Soun shouted before passing out.

"Well this has been fun but I better find a place to live in town for a while nothing personal but I think if I try to live here even if I payed rent your dad might try to kill me in my sleep Any way Ranma I'm gonna ned you to show me theses fiances of yours so I can check them out. See you man. Masa said while putting the contract away and running out the dor with his wives not far behind.

Flashback ends

Since that days Ranma and Masamune strating spending large time out of there days talking about Ranma's fiance problem. Not to mention sending Ranma to therapy to try to find a way to cure his cat problem due to the fact that to Masa it seemed to be ridiculuos to be a world class martial artist but still be afraid of cats despite how helpful it can be (which is a blue moon.)

" Well Pops is finally up nice shot by the way."Ranma said in a nonchalant tone.

"You know the next time I see him I might put him in the hospital." Masa said with a bit of vemon in his voice.

"What did pops do to you anyway." Ranma asked.

"You mean you don't remember that sucks guess I'll have to remind you then remember back about 7 years ago when we saw that bear.

Flash back 7 years ago

A young Masamune is being held in place by Genma about 20 feet away by a raging bear.

"Um Genma I know thinking isn't your strong suit but tell me this won't it be safe to climb that tree over there to avoid that bearing eyeing me rather than just standing here.

"Boy first call me sensei and second everyone knows the only way to chase a bear off is by standing completely still it shows them you have no fear." Genma said trying to sound Sagely

"What kind of piece of shit book were you reading man. I mean come on his still standing there Ranma's already in that tree over there. He said while point to the tree with little Ranma in it watching. "Besides only an idiot would think this is a good ide... Masa stops in mid sentence realizing who he was talking to.

"Well we're dead Genma I'd say it was nice knowing you but I'd be lying." he continued.

"What did I tell you about talking back to me!" Genma shouted which seemed to enrage to bear enough to start charging.

"Let me go go Genma theres still tome to run." a panicking Masa said

"No hold position." Genma said.

Time seemed to slow down for Masamune as the bear continued charging towards the two. By the time it was five feet away Masa looks back a sees a scared Genma watching the bear and looking like he was about to move. Which he did but not in the way Masa had hope or expected instead of grabing Masamune and running for the tree Genma pushes him even closer to the bear and rocketed away to the tree shouting "The life for a martial artist is filled with struggles and triumphs but this is one of the struggles."

Realizing what just happening Masamune could only do one thing and that was shout "Genma you son of a …...

Two week later a heavily bandaged Masamune is staring at the camp fire while being fed by Ranma until Genma sits down next to him get his attention.

"Almost lost you there for a minute." to this day no one knows but some how Masamune was able to tackle Genma and furiously beat Genma within a each of his life with piece of the burning log from the campfire.

Flashback ends

"And thanks to him I can't look at a bear with going into a combination of fear and anger which I call fanger. I mean it's because of him that I have a scar of a bears claw going from my right shoulder to my left hip and thats not include the bite marks if I didn't cover my face I'd probaby be dead!" Masamune shoutedending his story.

"Ya now I remember that was trouble." Ranma said with as much sympathy as possible.

"His just lucky I don't splash myself with water and rip him to pieces." Masamune said while enraged.

"Come on Masa you can't attack pops in your curse for." Ranma simply.

Coming to a complete stop and looking Ranma in the eye "Ranma I turn into a wolf im pretty sure I can eat him and no one will care. I mean what will people say oh no a wolf just killed a lazy thief that abuses kids." Masamune said with sarcasm and continued walking.

"Okay you got a point so were are we going." Ranma asked

"Oh the Neko hanten". Masamune stated

"Why." Ranma asked

"Two Reasons actually first im hungry and sec... Ranma prepare to Die." was all Masa could say before being interrupted by Ryoga during one of his sneak attacks.

"Ranma its time you and I settle the... Don't interrupt people it's rude. That was all Ryoga heard before being badly beaten and left on the side of the ride by Masamune who continued to down the path to the Neko hanten.

"Ah Ranma who was that?" Masa asked.

"Um Ryoga." a surprised Ranma answered.

"The lost boy uh I thought he dead oh well he sure was rude." Masa plainly stated

"Shouldn't we help him?" question Ranma.

"Why so he can attack you again he said Ranma prepare to die meaning he forfeits all rights to live if he loses its a fact beside I'm hungry and I'm buying. Masamune answered.

"Really why?" Ranma asked completely forgetting about Ryoga at the mention of free food.

Pulling out a blue wallet "Got his wallet." Masa said in a sneaky voice as they continued their journey.

Upon reaching the surprising empty Neko Hanten they were greeted by the buxom purple haired amazon. "Ni hao welcome to Cat Cafe." shampoo greeted until she notice who it was "Ni hao airen she said glomping on to him.

"Bro you have a problem with her?" Masamune questioned in disbelief.

"Shampoo get off and were's the old ghoul?" Ranma asked.

"Great Grandmother had go out and get supplies and looking for prank caller and Moose on delivery." Shampoo stated.

Looking back and forth and putting a hand behind his head Masamune asked "Prank caller huh any leads"

"Not yet" Shampoo said.

"Ah Masa why did you ask that?" Ranma asked

"No reason any way hi Shampoo I'm Ranma's brother Masamune Mamiya." Masamune said while changing the subject.

"Oh Ni Hao gege." Shampoo said with as much enjoy as possible

"Sup um this is fun but um can we get a table." Masamune asked

"Okay table for two." she responsed

After getting there table and ordering there ramen it was time for Ranma to re ask his question from earlier "Masa earlier you said you said you had another reason for us coming here what was it."

Thinking for a minute grabbing a surprise Shampoo with lighting speed and pushing on Ranma's lap whle the ramen lands safely on the table "Oh right the other reason is I wanted you to meet your only remaining fiancée." he said while digging into his ramen.

"Wait what." was all Ranma could say before a delighted Shampoo deep kissed him then sqeezing his face between her bountiful breasts.

"Haha Any way Bro I've got ask you a question why have you been so sad and withdrawn since" Masa asked

"Nothing Im just tired of all this crap that is my life everyday it's the same some stupid as martial artist shows challeges me or kid naps Akane pop and blame me and then they force me to go save only for Akane to hit me because of something about being a pervert or whatever and to top it after I save her the guy I fight will get off scott free no jail time, no fines not even community serve for kidnapping. Not to mention that girl Akane you've read my letters you know what shes like treating me like crap while everyone including her kidnapers get treated better then me. So in order to avoid people looking at me and try to run me out of town because all these freaks and weirdo show up I have to keep my mouth shut like it's my is why I seem so sad and withdrawn and now you have the nerve to bring it making me relive all this shit I should... was all he say before Masamune slapped him in the face stooping Ranma during his rant of repressed anger since first coming to Nerima .

"Sorry I would have waited longer but you started to transfer your anger on to me. Now that I hear this is the only advice I can give you is leave they can't blame if your not there.

Ranma just sat there looking down and thinking about those words for a moment until he felt a pair of arm wrap around him looking up he sees the sad face of Shampoo. "Shampoo sorry for causing Ranma grief and will do anything to make to Ranma." Ranma looks into Shampoos eyes and takes a deep breath. "Shampoo...


I should point out this next chapter will be like bash city I mean I'm gonna throw out as many character flaws as I can find. So for the next few days I'm gonna be doing some real research on this show and I mean real research anime, manga, even the website and wiki pages. So stay tuned its gonna be fun.