Chapter 3

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The room was tense with anticipation as Ranma stared into the eyes of the purple haired amazon contemplating his response. Taking a deep breath speaking in a kind voice "Don't worry about Shampoo it ain't your fault my life sucks at least you try to help in your own special way." That alone caused Shampoo's eyes to light "Aiya airen thank you Shampoo promise do what Shampoo can to make Ranma happy." While they continued to stare into each others eyes Ranma had a surprising realization "Wow I can't believe I never noticed how cute Shampoo was until now." But he was soon startaled out of this thought by a rather loudTap tap tap looking to his left he sees Masamune taping on the table.

"Sorry I got lonely while you were starring into your girlfriends girlfriends eyes sorry by the way Shamps.'

She's not my oh forget it by the way why do you think Shampoo see a go match for me.

Hahahahahahahahahaahaha... oh you were serious. Well I'm surprised you didn't figure it out I mean she's perfect for.

"How so"

"Okay first off out of all your fiancee's she the only one who takes her martial arts seriously Ukyo does it when she's not crazy, Akane is a street brawler with a gi I mean it's a hobbie for her and thats pushing it hell in all the time I've been here I've only seen her jog and brake bricks and Kodachi is nutty as squirrel shit. Second she's openly affectionate towards you I mean seriuossly you need some love in your life I mean Ukyo's cool and whatever but she just doesn't show you enough attention again Kodachi is crazy and if you get with her I might find you a few days later holding yourself while rocking back and forth in the shower. But is nearly as bad as Akane the girl has no love for anyone in her body and the ones that bitch likes is anyone who kisses her ass. Not mention Shamps is devoted to you she'll do whatever she can to make you happy but in there defense everyone but Akane would do that so you know.

"Shifting his eyes back and forth Ranma asks in a suspicious I mean in all the time I've known you you have never be this mean to someone other than pop."

Looking Ranma dead in the eyes "It's because I've traveled around the world twice and I've seen her type before she is what I call a stupid challenger she does things that everybody knows is stupid but do to her pride and in order to when something won't back down but even if somehow against all odds she manages to succeed in her challenge about 5 minutes later she stop caring about it.

"Is true?" Shampoo asked

Hell yes it's true look Ranma if you marry someone like Akane one of a few things will happen either Ryoga will sleep with her behind your back because they're both two timing snakes, she will sleep with your divorce lawyer out of irony or she'll sleep with one of your martial arts students mainly because she's a bitch and he's horny so you know.

"Aiya." "Wow did not expect to hear that." Both Ranma and Shampoo said at the same time in a shocked and surprised tone.

"I know it's some sick shit but any way the final reason is that Shampoo is the only one that can truly understand you both as a martial artist and as a curse victim. But could forgive all that about Akane if she wasn't so useless I every letter that he sent it's always the same thing with her she gets kidnapped and despite what she says about being a martial artist she just sits and waits for you to save her its like she develops Stockholm syndrome man."

Wait you said Shampoo was the only who would understand what about you."

I can't be around you for ever besides you need some that won't try to kill you."

"BULL Shampoos tried to kill me looking at Masa in triumph then turning to Shampoo look apologizing with his eyes ."

'Bro I'm only going to tell you this once she had to it's her peoples way that would be like me telling you to stop eating so fast it's the way you were raised regardless of were you happen to be. Beside think how she feels she just won here tourniment finally becomes a champion only to lose to an outsider in less than 5 minutes in front of everyone and not to mention she became a champ like 10 minutes earlier than that. And the worst part is the only person that can give back her honor and allow her to go back home to her friends and loved ones won't even get to know her". Shock reigned all over Ranma's face in realization "Oh Kami I'm am so stupid Shampoo I'm so sorry and I will do everything I can to get you home.

No need wrry Ranma Shampoo happy here because Shampoo get to be around Ranma But if Ranma want make up how about taking Shampoo on date say Friday. Shampoo said with a smile.

Um okay Friday than. Ranma responded

"Well you two continue to talk I'll be back in a few."

"Where are you off to."

"Oh no where just got some business don't worry about it." Masamune said while running out the restaurant in a flash.

Tendo Dojo

Where is that pervert! Shouted Akane.

Akane thanks not nice to say about Ranma. Kasumi lightly scolded

"It's true Kasumi all he's done for the past 2 weeks is spend time with that Mosomoone he hasn't payed me any attention at all."

Actually sis it's Masamune also you never want to spend time with him it's always pervert this and Ranma no Baka that face it you only want him around now because he's gone. Nabiki interrupted.

Shut up Nabiki by the way why did that jerk hit earlier.

Oh Masamune that boy all the good I did for that boy only to get such disrespect not to mentioned unskilled compared to Ranma. That boy shames where did I go I wrong.

Probably when you didn't kill me when you had the chance. Said a whisper from behind Genma. Against his better judgement Genma turned around and stared into the menacing face of Masamune. "So I'm disrespectful huh and apparently unskilled than that means you can take me huh."Masa declare why cracking his knuckles ... Silence reign in the room as Genma was frozen in fear while staring straight into the eyes of one of the few people in the world that are not only skilled enough but also has a desire to kill him. Nnnoww lets not get cccrraazy now no need to get violence. Genma stuttered. Nope was all he responded before lunging at Genma (for censorship reasons I will describe the painful and possibly life threating beating that Genma received lets just say that by the end of the beating uh I mean fight Genma had two black eyes, 4 broken ribs, a dislocated jaw and his right arm and left leg were both bent in an unnatural position.) "So who's unskilled now sensei." Masamune said in a sarcastic tone.

How dare you attack my friend for a second time have you no shame. Shout Soun using the demon head technique.

Seemingly unaffected by the fear based technique Oh I should be ashamed look at you your the one who should be ashamed. Masa said in a calm voice.

Why should I be ashame your the one who just beat up the man who willing trained you."

First off I payed him fair and square and second your the unfit parent.

There was a string of gasps around the room until suddenly Soun shouted how dare you I'm a great father.

Oh really when your wife died what did you do you grieved on its own it would be okay but you grieved for more than 10 years one year would have been fine but 10 even you know thats ridiculous you allowed your dojo to lose all of your students all because you were to much of a punk to get back on your feet. Hell you use your died wife as an excuse to avoid real work all together cause when something involved work or a relationship you start crying like a bitch I mean look how your kids turned out your oldest is a slave in her own home and a possible drug addict I mean no body is that happy all the time. Your middle child is a blackmailing extortionist that will probabily be either in prison or dead by the time she is in her 20's and last and certainly least your bitch daughter that believes the world revolves around her and if you don't kiss her ass than your shit to her. Not to mention what kind oh asshole father actually willing gives one of his dauthers away to some random guy I mean for all you knew Ranma could have been some kind of rapist or serial killer I mean come even you can't say you were thinking clearly. Now all you can think can think what you want to about me but at least I'm honest I leave the life I have with shame and I accept who I am. Masamune finished his speak while walking towards the door.

Oh no you don't don't think you can walk out this house after what you said Akane shout while throwing a sloppy punch towards him.

Masa dodged the punched then delivering one punch to Akane's face than one to her stomach then ending it with a round-house to the face. Pathetic and your suppose to be the heir of your dojo simply pathetic. He finished saying while finally leaving them all with there thoughts.

Neko Hanten

"Yo bro you might not want to go back to the Tendo's for a while I just through putting them...ah Ranma were are you. Masamune said upon returning to the restaurant looking around only to see nothing no Ranma or Shampoo. Hmmm were are they. He said only to hear a giggle coming from upstairs. Why did they move upstairs oh well they're probably just playing video games. Masamune thought oh how wrong he was cause after opening the door were the giggling came from he was saw the most surprising sight he had ever seen a shirtless Shampoo on top of an equally half naked Ranma not to mention they were in the middle of a heavy make-out session.

"I said talk to her but this is good to". Masamune said shock the distracted duo.

'Um Masa when did you get here. Ranma said in a panic

"About ten minutes ago so Shamps how is he.

"Aiya Ranma is too too good kisser Shampoo never be happier."

"Glad you like the result. Ranma said while rubbing the back of hid head with a smirk.

"Yes Shampoo is how about encore."

Wait before you two get back to "business" would you mind explaining how this happened"

I did what you said I talked to her turns out we have a lot in common one thing led to another and here we are."

"Good enough for me. I have a question though what does Mousse look like? Thnking for a minute Ranma responds He has long black hair, thick glasses, blue pants and a long white robe." No I mean his curse form." Oh just a white duck with the same stupidly thick glasses. Oh so that was Mousse." What do you mean?" I kind of took a duck by the same description to an animal preserve they were really grateful saying something about mating season oh well.

Well gege Shampoo really happy and grateful for gege giving Shampoo's airen but if you no leave in 10 minutes Shampoo get up and beat gege to coma.

Note taken since I have ten minute here Ranma." Masa said while tossing something to Ranma. Looking in his hand he notices its a key. Whats this?" My apartment key. Why are you giving me this? Oh because its yours now I payed have a years rent already so it would be a waste to just leave it vacant I mean I only payed that far in advance because I thought it would take longer to get you two together but thanks to you Ranma you saved me 5months and 2 weeks I don't know if I should thank you or hurt oh well." he said with a smile

Blame yourself for doubting me. Ranma said with confidence. So when are you coming back? He asked with a smile.

"I don't know a couple of weeks or a month or 2." he responded with his own smile. Well I'll be gone by tonight you should move in by tomorrow I'd hug you goodbye but I'm pretty sure Shampoo here will try to cut my nuts off. He finished by giving Ranma a fist bump.

Why Masamune leave so soon?

Thats because I promised Soap and Ann I'd take them on a vacation somewhere warm maybe Hawaii well I'll get out of your hair so Sayonara bro. Masamune said while leaving.

"Sayonara bro." Ranma said with a smile

"Why airen no sad?

"Thats because he's my brother I'll have his back he'll have mine but enough of that. Ranma said getting up and walking to the door leaving a depressed Shampoo only to see him shut and lock the door. So where were we?" he said jumping back to Shampoo with a smirk. "Oh right here. She said getting back on top of Ranma. "But first Ranma get comfortable." Shampoo said while graping Ranma's hands and putting on her plump round ass and going back to another heavy make-out session.

The outskirts of Nerima

Arriving on the border separating the craziness of Nerima from the outside world Masamune comes face to face with both Soap and Ann. "Sorry I'm late thanks for packing. Soap nodded. Don't worry darling so are we done can we finally go on vacation you promised." Soap nodded in agreement. Yes yes were going right now. Both Soap and Ann grabbed each arms of Masamune as the trio walked into the sunset.

The End (Ok not really)


Nerima nighttime Tendo Dojo

A shadowy figured creped into the Dojo "Damn these guy's have terrible security at least Genma was easy to find. He notes looking at a unconsciouses Genma Panda with a sling around his arm on the floor surrounded by sake bottles. Stupid drunk. he muttered as he dragged Genma out the dojo.

Nerima Zoo

Masamune drags a full black painted Genma Panda (or Genma Black bear now) into the bear habit Let's see how you like being attacked by a bear maybe you'll scare it away with stillness hahahahah. Masamune laughed while running out of the zoo back to the were he and his girls set up camp.

The End (For real this time)

Authors Note: Finally over took about a week but I finished it whether you like it or hate. You can flame me all you want but before you do remember one thing it might not be the best Ranma & Shampoo (the best Ranma 1/2 couple in my option) fanfiction but it's mine and I did one thing about 60% of all fanfiction writers fail to do and that finish those people I don't like they get me hyped up about there work only to stop.I know its not there fault but it still bothers me that I don't know the ending. Any way thanks for the support.