Hi all! Welcome to my new little story, a drabble this time. I rated it M, but it`s just in case the events turn red hot in the future, at the moment it looks pretty light, cheerful and innocent.

The chapters will be posted daily. Enjoy and share your thoughts in reviews if you wish


Chapter 1


"Richard, Momma`s home!" I call as the door closes behind me.

"Meow!" Comes the response and I pick up the furry rascal.

"Hi, kitty boy", my nose disappears in the cat`s soft neck. "It`s so cold outside, baby. Momma needs to warm up. But I`ve finished all our Christmas shopping, a full week before Santa`s due! If that`s not good organization then I don`t know what is", I mutter to myself proudly.


Sipping hot cocoa on the couch and acting as a bed to my ever sleeping pet I read the mail. Not a single bill this time, only Christmas cards from family and friends. Happy days.

And then an expected but inconspicuous, thick envelope falls into my lap and I smile.

"Together with their families

Alice Mary Brandon


Jasper Whitlock

request the honour of the presence of

Ms Isabella Swan and Guest

at their wedding

on Saturday, the 21st of June, 2014

at 4 o`clock in the afternoon…"

So, my best friend is getting married.

And I don`t have a date.

"Richard, we need to dig out your bow tie from your Halloween costume", I say to the creature spread on my chest.

No answer. Go figure.