Chapter 66


"Edward," Leah pokes her head in the door, "You have a patient. It`s Bella Swan with Richard."

"Oh, great! Thanks a million, Leah," I say and close a document on the computer.

As I open the door to the waiting room, the sweet sight of Bella chatting with Leah meets my eyes.

"Hey, beautiful," I walk to my girl and kiss her on the temple.

"Hi there, Doctor," she smiles and winks at our flabbergasted nurse.

Oh, shoot; I`ll have to come clean later on.

"We`re here for the check-up that you insisted on," Bella continues.

I take the cat carrier and lead Bella into my examination room.

"You and Leah acted like you knew each other," I say as I set the carrier on the table.

"That`s because we do, Edward. Remember when I told you about that other man from the site, Jake?"

"The personal trainer?"

"Aha. He came in with me the day Richard was sick."

"Oh! And Leah has a new guy! You mean, it`s Jake? She`s dating your Jake?"

"Yes, she is. Small world, isn`t it?"

"Wow," I let out. "So, we got Rose and Emmett together and now Leah and Jake. Maybe we should open our own match-making business, Bella?"

"I have considered it myself!" She laughs.

"Incredible," I shake my head in disbelief. "I haven`t met the guy yet, do you think we could do a double date some time?"

"Certainly. But not before we get totally used to each other and bored of making out every time we meet, because that would be awkward," she jokes.

"Well, in that case we`ll have to wait until we die, because I`m never going to get tired or bored of kissing and touching you," I murmur and kiss Bella, who`s standing across the table.

The cat moves in the carrier.

"Okay, now I`m switching on the doctor mode for a minute," I state.

"Okie dokie."

"So," I continue, peeking through the holes of the box at a magnificent furry face, "this is your sweet pussy."

"Edward!" Bella exclaims.

As if I didn`t know what I was doing, ha ha!

"I knew you`d say that," I give her another wink.

"And I knew you were looking for that kind of reaction," she responds.

"It may have to do with the fact that lately, Bella, everything I do, say or think revolves around you, and I can`t and don`t want to stop."

"You took the words out of my mouth," she tells me, and I try hard not to throw her onto that exam table. Heaven, help me.

"I`ll take care of you later, milady, let`s have a look at this baby boy here," I say and open the carrier. "Hello, Richard, it`s nice to meet you, buddy," I talk to him while taking him out.

The animal instantly looks at Bella first, and she pets his head for comfort.

"Look at you," I marvel at him. "You are one handsome devil. Bella, he`s gorgeous; his coat is thick and shiny; his eyes are clear, his ears … let me see, little fur ball … yep, all clear."

I ask Bella some questions about the cat, and as I get the scales ready to weigh him, I hold him closely to my chest and can hear him purr.

"What a purring machine," I tell Bella.

She looks happy, but astounded, "Honestly, Richard doesn`t just let new people hold him so calmly, and he definitely doesn`t turn his motor on, as I call it, for people he just met. He even takes his time with my parents. Consider yourself special, Edward."

"Interesting," I say. "Sometimes we need to ask the owners to hold their pets, because they`re distressed and untrusting, that`s true. Some others though feel safe and taken care of here, I suppose. They understand and sense much more than we think and understand ourselves. Animals are much more in-tune with nature, and they trust their instincts. Given our circumstances, I consider myself special and accepted as one of his own people."

"You mean as one of the food slaves. It`s like meeting the kids, isn`t it?" Bella suggests.

"Absolutely," I agree. "It looks like we have both been accepted by our furry kids. The rest is up to us, Bella."

"Amen," she says and we seal the deal with a kiss.