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'That STUPID DUMB-ASS! How could he say that! I Karou Matsurbara not looking feminine!? Who does he think he is? Oh just he wait, when I see him again I'll make sure to kick him to next week!'

I was speed walking towards my next class, even though I was already late. I opened the door only to stop when 30 pairs of eyes stared at me, the teacher gave me a frown. He seemed to be in his thirties, he had brown shaggy hair and was wearing a clean suit with glasses.

"Who are you? And why are you late?" He asked me strictly.Huh wonder what got his panties in a twist.

"Karou Matsurbara and I went to take a dump" I replied cooly walking towards an empty seat in the back of the class next to the window. When I looked back I saw standing there in shock while students chuckled.

snapped back from my his thought "w-well then. Since today is your first day of school I won't give you detention" he glared at me for a few seconds but resumed talking about grades, essays, and something about a project?

About another 45minutes of talking the bell rung. Finally! Another second in there, I would have surely died from so much boredom!

"Karou!" I turned around to find myself face to face with Momoko and Miyako.

"That was hilarious! face was priceless!" Momoko exclaimed making Miyako giggle.

Andou? Was that his name? Hmm... Oh well! I'm still going to call him . But besides that...

"What class do you have next?" I asked

Miyoko and Momoko looked at there schedule "I have biology" they said at the same time. They seem to noticed what they said and smiled brightly.

"But I though you guys only had two classes together?" I questioned them, they shrugged there shoulders.

"Guess we read it wrong" they replied in unison, but soon started away saying their goodbyes to me. I find it kinda creepy that they somehow say things at the same time, especially since their siblings.

I sighed "well I guess I have math alone" oh boy! (Note the sarcasm)

I finally made it to my my class on time and sat on the very back. Hopefully the teacher won't call me since I'm terribly bad in math. I sat boringly in my desk, while waiting for the teacher to come.

"Hey is it okay if I sit here?" A voice asked snapping me away from my thoughts.

I turned to my right side to see a very attractive orange-headed guy wearing a a cap backwards staring at me. I sat there staring at him in daze unable to talk. Let me tell you, he knows hoe to rock the boys uniform, and that's coming from me! (Who is also wearing the boys uniform)

He smirked widely "like what you see?"

Snapping myself from my thoughts I gave him a glare "I wasn't staring"

"I didn't say you were sweetheart" he replied giving me another conceited smirk.

Okay I barely know him, but I could already tell that we aren't going to get all.

"Whatever" I grumbled quietly as the teacher decided to come in.

"Hello class my name is..." And before I knew it, I knocked out. Hey don't judge, to me math is the most uninteresting subject ever! Besides English and Biology.

Someone shook me lightly "Hey sweetheart, time to wake up"

I opened my eyes drowsily, I blinked a couple of times to adjust my vision and started to stretch my arm.

"What time is it orange-guy?" I asked the annoying guy who woke me up.

He seemed to be confused from the nickname I just gave him "orange-guy? Can't you be more creative like sexy god or something. Oh and it's nutrient"

"Thanks and no, I wouldn't want to boost your already big ego" I answered back while grabbing my backpack and walking out the classroom. As I was exiting the door I heard orange-guy shout something to me.

"My names Brick by the way!"

Brick? Hmm for some weird reason the name kinda suited him.

I decided to skip nutrient and went to my next class which was arts it was my second favorite class (somewhat). As I walked in and took a seat in middle. Everyone seem to have a partner sitting next to them making me look so lonely.

"Good morning class! I'm your art teacher this year, please call me " a peppy voice interrupted my thoughts. In front of the class stood a young tan women with long auburn that reaches her waist wearing a pink-flowery dress showing off her good body.

"Damn! I would tap that" a random guy shouted somewhere in the back though it seems I heard that voice before. Uh! Boys just can't keep their mouth shut at all can't they? Especially this one.

Mrs.H doesn't seem affected by the comment but her hazel eyes seem to have a glint in them"I'm sorry, I'm not interested in boys"The class seemed to be in shock, me included.

"I'm into men like my husband" she continued while holding out her ring finger showing us a silver jewelry wrapped around it.

"Burn!" Another random guy shouted, which also sounded familiar.

"Shut up Brick" the guy angrily shouted back.

'Brick?' I turned my head to the back to see the orange-guy sitting there smirking at a raven hair guy with emerald eyes...wait! Emerald eyes! It's that dude that I bumped into today!

"That's enough ! You will sit here next to Kaoru who is the girl right here" Mrs.H announced pointing towards me. The two of them stared at her blankly.

Mrs.H seem to realize what she said "and I mean you Butch" and with that said she started going to her desk and announced 'free time' for the rest of the period.

Butch started walking towards me while mumbling curses towards Brick. He sat down and gave me a glance.


"IT'S YOU!" He yelled out jumping up and pointing an accusing figure towards me.

I just looked at him in annoyance "yeah yeah. Now sit down and be quiet"

Before he can say something another voice interrupted "oh it's you sweetheart"

Oh I know that voice, beside us stood Brick "oh hey Orange-guy"

Butch looked confused "you guys know each other?" But was ignored by the both of us.

Brick raised his eyebrows "I already told you that my name, so why are still calling me Orange-guy?" He asked. Butch just kept looking at the both of us in both confusion and...anger? Why the heck is he angry about? Then again he is always angry.

I shrugged the thought off and sighed loudly "Well it wouldn't be fair if I call you by your name, while you can call me sweetheart now is it"

He seemed to be thinking for a moment"yeah your right. So what's your name?"

I smirked slightly"That's for me to know and you to find out" And at that precise moment the bell rung, so I quickly got my things together and ran out of the classroom before he could say another word.

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