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(This fic is purely because Jack always seems so lonely, what with everyone betraying him for their own ends). Again, I reiterate, whilst some things are very canon, many things won't be, and I truly hope that you don't take offence to that. You've been warned, so no flames!

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In the middle of an Indian Ocean -

Edward Teague, Captain Edward Teague, if you will, was currently pacing, which is not altogether too unusual. What made it unusual was that it was in the middle of a typhoon. Onboard a ship. The logical thing to do, of course, would be to take command of his ship and lead his crew to safety, away from the raging storm which threatened to overpower the floating vessel. However, Teague had passed on this duty to his first mate, to busy pacing outside the Captain's Cabin to worry about the tropical weather.

His hand was gripped tightly round the chart he had hurriedly saved from the rain, and his eyes quickly scanned over the route to a small port in India, their destination. He doubted they would arrive for a few days yet, and this worried him. He needed a doctor, or a nurse or someone or something to help his wench through childbirth. He hoped to every God out there that the little bairn would hold on until they were ashore. Then, a sharp cry echoed through the doors, the sound of a babe. Teague was stumped. Surely the wench couldn't have just give birth on his ship. Never mind the overall unhygienic state onboard, but this was no place for a bairn.

A small voice in his mind did remind him that there wasn't really a way to fight with nature and he felt a slight bit of respect for the new mother. To give birth successfully to a child during a typhoon was one thing, doing so without much fuss was a completely different matter. He had heard no screaming, not shouting, no bellows of pain. In fact, it seemed as if she was not even in the room. He heard someone shuffling around inside, stepping closer to the door.

As the door opened, Teague caught the eyes of Lillian, the wife of Teague's first mate, Charlie Carter. She herself was heavy with child, and her dress was strained against her stomach. Red hair tumbled chaotically around her head and she pushed her pale hand through it impatiently. A small smile lit her face as she watched the anxious father stop his pacing to look at her.

"Congratulations Eddy, you've got a healthy, new-born son." Teague's smile could have lit up the room. Lillian moved aside to allow him access to the room which held his newborn son and the mother of his child. Smiling softly at the new family, Lillian put a hand on her inflated stomach, caressing it lightly. Soon, another would join their small family of outlaws and pirates.


The whole crew rejoiced that night at the news of the Captain's son. They drank toasts to the babe who had caused so much worry, expressing prophecy's of his future adventures and amazement over his already apparent fascination of the sea. Everyone had watched in awe earlier on, as Marion, the boy's mother, had brought him on deck, slowly and carefully. As she moved to the railings, to look out at the sea, a pair of bright blue eyes opened for the first time and instead of looking at his source of warmth, he looked out at the now calming sea. Marion, eyes wide, looked towards Teague, who had joined his small family on deck. He just chuckled.

"It seems we've already lost our child to the sea, luv. God help us in the future." Teague smile softened as he took in the small child, resting on his mother's breast and gazing out towards the sea.

"Are we changing course Ed? I don't like the idea of India, not with me bairn. I've heard of that Company, the one who's hung more pirates in the past few years than the navy has in a decade." Dark chocolate eyes pierced his soul as he looked down at Marion. The look she gave him was desperate, her hold on the child just a bit tighter than before. He sighed and nodded reluctantly.

"Aye, we'll head to Shipwreck Cove and drop off the bounty there. It'll be a safe place to raise the boy."

And that is what they did. Teague dropped of his son and wench at the fortified island and stayed with them for a few weeks. He watched Lillian give birth to a little girl, already with a thick head of hair, so much darker than her mothers red curls. He watched as Marion and Lillian plotted together, the children in their laps, as they cooed over the pair. Teague hoped that his bairn would be alright, surrounded by all these strumpets.

A hand on his shoulder brought him out of his musings. "Come on Eddy, it's time to leave the bairns and start getting some more treasure. India's not yet had the pleasure of being plundered by the infamous Cap'n Teague and his loyal first mate Charlie Carter." The man then through a wink in his direction, walked over to Lillian, whom he proceeded to snog senseless. Finally, he ran a hand gently over his little girls cheek, practically beaming when her small hand caught his finger.

"Buh-bye Lottie, keep out of trouble for ya ma." After a few moments, he removed the hand grasping his finger tightly and walked back, past Teague, and onto the ship.

Teague, sighing, reluctantly moved towards Marion. He kissed her gently on the forehead and then picked up the quiet baby in his arms. Jack. That's what they had decided to call the child. It suited him, Teague thought casually, as he noticed the bairn's eyes, which were slowly darkening. No doubt in a few years, they'd be the very mirror of his mothers. Running a calloused finger down his nose, he grinned at the face peering up at him. The eyes held a gleam that Teague was familiar with, even if the babe was only a few weeks old. Curiosity. A danger and treasure to all men. He could only imagine what adventures that curiosity could get Jackie into. He hoped he'd be around to see.

Passing back the child, he walked to the ship, but not before noticing his lads arms flailing about, almost drunkenly. One hand seemed to settle against little Lottie's hand, christened Charlotte Carter by Charlie. He wanted his bairn to carry his name, despite it being a girl. He wasn't even disappointed at the gender, explaining that 'That Carter gene will make her do what she wants, no matter what bits she's got. I reckon she'll make a jolly good pirate when she's good and ready.'

Teague, nor the crew, didn't have the heart to remind him what happened to the few female pirates that dared roam the seas. Walking back quickly to Jack, he knelt and spoke quietly to him, ignoring the amused looks of Marion and Lillian.

"You take care of lil' Lottie, you hear me Jackie. You don't let noone hurt her." And with one quick kiss, Teague was off on another adventure, humming softly to himself, "Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me."


Many years had passed since Teague had left his Jackie on Shipwreck Cove. He had visited them often, and soon ended up marrying Marion, who now bore the name Teague. He ignored her declining health, hoping that if he refused to acknowledge it, it wouldn't be true.

He was currently sat at a table. A very specific table in fact. It was on this table that the Brethren Court assembled and debated issues for the good of all Pirates. He had no want to become a Pirate Lord, nor the duty that went with it, so it was unusual to find Teague sat, pouring over the open pages of the Code. An elderly man, a few feet away from him, watched him with a small grin on his face, which Teague found quite off putting. He was the keeper, and in his old age, hoped he'd find another to leave that responsibility to. He doubted it would be anytime soon, as he watched the Captain tap his fingers impatiently on the table. He still yearned for the adventure of the seas.

Suddenly, Teague slammed the book closed, not wanting an audience. Without acknowledging the keeper, he exited the room quickly and headed to the living quarters. Memories assaulted him as he walked the passage, remembering Jackie's and Lottie's adventures in these very rooms.

He thought of all those times fondly, almost seeing the young children stumbling past him, imagining some grand game to take up their time. How many times had he come back from the sea to bump into one of them, the other not far behind. It was impossible to keep 'em quiet and still for more than a few minutes, and it was altogether unheard of for them to be separated for more than an hour. They even slept in hammocks aside one another, Jack closest to the door to ensure no one would harm her.

Teague remembered what he had said to his lad, so many years ago, and smiled to himself. Jack had taken on his responsibility like a mother to her child. He rarely let her out of his sight and made sure that they were never apart. Even when Marion insisted on teaching Jack, as she had once been a school teacher, little Lottie had followed loyally. Although, it was not always Lottie following Jack.

Both had charismatic and dominant personalities, often having arguments about who would be the Captain when they 'commandeered' a ship. To Jack's credit, he never brought up the fact that Lottie was a girl in his arguments, but made sure to highlight the fact that his father was a Captain. Lottie would then cross her arms and stamp her foot, pouting at Jack until he forgot about the argument and tried to take his friends mind of it by making up a new game to play.

Teague, walking into the door of his family's room, which also contained Charlie's, may god bless his soul. When Charlie had died, jumping in front of a bullet meant for Teague, the Captain had sworn not only to Charlie, but to Calypso herself that he would look after Lillian and Lottie. Upon hearing this, Lottie claimed that she was far to old to be 'looked' after, just turning 8. Jack would then argue that he could take care of Lottie perfectly well, thank you very much, and didn't need his father's help.

What Teague didn't know was that Jack was always a little uncertain whether Edward Teague was his father. He looked nothing alike his father, who had dreadlocks in his hair and icy blue eyes. Jack's took after his mother, a deep brown and his hair hung in dark ringlets, which Lottie would help pull back with a red tie. Whilst his skin was darkly tanned, like his fathers, from all his time outdoors, every pirate he met had tanned skin too. Lottie used to tell him that it didn't matter whether they had the same blood because Daddy's are meant to look after you, just like Teague did for Jack. She also said that if Teague wasn't his Daddy, he still had pirate blood, so she didn't see what was wrong.

He thought Lottie didn't understand because Lottie looked very much like her father, from what he could remember of Charlie Carter. She had dark auburn hair, which he noted glowed a deep red in the Caribbean sun. She had her father's high cheek bones, cool grey eyes and straight nose, despite it being very feminine. Lillian had a rather large nose, not that he'd say it to her face, but he often heard some of the other women insult her behind her back. Jack often would have to pull Lottie away, kicking and screaming, so she didn't harm herself. Or the wenches.

The only thing that Lottie had in common with her mother were her chaotic curls, which she's grumble and whine about when her mother brushed her hair. Jack had taken to brushing it at night-time now, as he knew when to be gentle and when to be firm. She told him many times that she should just have it all shorn off, but Jack had told her if she got rid of her lovely hair, he would not speak to her ever again. This had caused tears to well in Lottie's eyes and only a big hug from Jack made her feel better. From that day forth, she had been oddly possessive of her hair and if any one thought to grab it when they were play fighting or scrapping, she would become wild, kicking and scratching.

It was around this time that Teague had taught Jackie how to wield a blade. Originally, Teague had hoped it would be a bonding moment for him and Jackie. That was until he pouted and refused to even touch the blade unless his Lottie could learn too. So, with a sigh, Teague had given in, and taught the kids some basics. Both were naturals and it wasn't long before they were sparring together daily, hoping to become the best pirates in the world!

Teague suddenly stopped, shaking his head to rid himself of the memories. Lottie and Jack were sat together, both had recently turned ten years old, and were resting after their fun-filled day. Lottie was sat in front of Jack, letting him comb her hair. Teague noticed it was a silver-handled brush which had an engraving of a Sparrow on it. He was sure that it belonged to Madame Cassandra and wondered how Jack had pinched it, as the woman was horrendously selfish and kept a close eye on all her belongings. She was humming a song softly and would sing the words every now and then. Jack would then pick up the next line, his voice strained from the shouting of earlier today. He was playing the Captain this time so he had to yell his orders at the crew. His throat was regretting it now, as his raspy voice contrasted Lottie's smooth one completely.

They both seemed to grow silent simultaneously and Teague watched with curious eyes and Lottie settled against Jack, leaning into him tiredly. Jack then rest his cheek on Lottie's head, noticing the slight lavender smell, most likely a gift from her mother. Sighing, he rested for a minute before Jack tapped her cheek, a silent signal for her to get ready for bed. Whilst Lottie went to an alcove to put on her nightdress, Teague walked towards his son.

"I'm proud of you son," he said, watching Jackie's eyes widen slightly before his poker face, even at this age, went back into effect. Suddenly, the mask crumbled before Teague's eyes and Jack bit his lip as his eyes welled with tears.

"Even after you had to save me from Rusty Knickers when he tried to cut off me 'and. Or when you had to stop Graven selling me into slavery." Jack's voice was low, so his Lottie couldn't hear him, but Teague heard well enough. Rusty had been a childhood tormentor of Jack and Lottie's, as he had taken to saying some unsavoury things toward the young girl. As a result, Jack had offended the pirate terribly and nearly had his hand cut off if it weren't for Teague's intervention, knocking the man out before anymore harm could be done.

Teague also tried to forget about the time that Captain Lucielle Graven had tried to kidnap Lottie. Fortunately, Jack had been quick enough and hid her out of sight, getting caught in the process, which was no matter to Graven, as Jack was a handsome young man, and would one day grow up into a very handsome pirate. Teague had heard of Graven's plan to pinch Lottie quickly and feared for Jack, who would not stand by idly as someone stole his Lottie! He was able to injure Graven greatly before taking Jack back to Lottie, who had sword in hand, running toward Graven's ship. No doubt she was trying to rescue her rescuer.

Teague looked at his son, who had grown so much since he had last saw him. "Even then, Jackie. On a nicer subject, I've got you and Lottie a present," he grinned as he saw Jack perk up and Lottie run out, of the alcove, her white nightdress skirts flowing behind her. She looked at him excitedly and Teague felt a pang of grief as he looked into Charlie's eyes. Swallowing his sadness, he took out something from his pockets.

"For you, Jackie me boy, is a bandanna. Maybe we can get rid of them ringlets some day." He winked at the lad's blush, barely noticable under his tanned skin. "Also got you some kohl, a sailor's greatest friend. You'll be venturing onto a vessel of your own someday, you best be prepared." Then, he turned to Lottie, who was impatiently bouncing on the balls of her feet, beaming at Jack.

"Now, as you are a beautiful young lady, who will no doubt break many pirate's hearts in the future, I give you this ring, which I pinched of a Spanish princess. You look far lovelier than she did anyway," The ring was silver, with what looked like a Black Pearl laid in the middle. There was engravings of vines around the ring, and it was a masterpiece of metal work. Lottie took it into her hands carefully, shy at the sudden attention. Teague, once again winked, chuckling quietly at the raging blush on Lottie's cheeks. Jack huffed, not liking Lottie's attention straying away from him.

"Well, I think Lottie is prettier than everyone in the whole wide world. Goddesses can't compare!" Jack smirked triumphantly as Lottie blushed more, red staining her cheeks, and she soon found herself looking at Jack, embarrassed, through her eyelashes.

"Thanks Jackie," she murmured.

"Also," Teague said, unable to contain his grin at his son's charming compliment, no doubt he'd break a few hearts as well, "I've got this for you." In the Captain's hands was a teddy bear. Lottie's face instantly fell and Jack snickered at his friends ill fortune. They both had long outgrown kid toys and played with wooden swords and other cool stuff. A teddy was not cool. As if he read their mind, Teague responded, "Hey, this isn't just some girly teddy you know. Oh no, this was your Daddy's teddy when he was a bairn. When he became Cabin boy on me da's vessel, the Regency, he had that clutched in his arms every night there was a storm."

Lottie, who had little to remind her of her father, grasped the bear in her arms tightly, and jumped to hug Captain Teague.

"Thank you Cap'n, s'much appreciated." With them final words, she took Jacks hand and led him to the hammocks, laying down with her bear and falling into an undisturbed slumber. Teague smiled at the children and wondered when they would be going off into the big wide world.


Teague stood silently on the docks, the Troubadour, his faithful ship, tied behind him. He was watching Marion, who no longer possessed her youthful looks or her health, hold on to Jack tightly. Lillian was doing the same to Lottie, who was now adamant to be called Charlie. He took note of Jack's bandanna carefully tied round her head. Without the curls framing her face, she looked more striking. No longer was her face rounded with childhood, but became a portrait of striking cheekbones and soft, pouty lips. He prayed to whatever God's were listening, hoping her and Jack never separated. He'd hate to see what happened to the man who tried to draw Lottie's attentions.

The Captain was proud as he watched his sixteen year old son shoulder his sack and grab Lott- Charlie's arm. They made their way toward him and looked quite serious. It was a momentous occasion, they were on their way to becoming pirates. Serving as the Cabin boy and girl on his ship, he knew no one would take advantage of the kids. Everyone who stayed in Shipwreck Cove knew they were under his protection. He prayed that when they left his protection, they'd be alright.

"Reporting for duty, Cap'n," Jack said cheekily, impatient to start this new adventure, with his best friend at his side. Lottie, he was the only one allowed to call her that anymore, was just as excited as he, but was wary of some unknown pirates and had increased their sparring sessions when they decided to leave the Cove. He knew that she had two knives hidden in her boots and her sword strapped to her side. She also had chop sticks keeping her hair in place, which a Pirate Lord had helped her put in, hoping to court this lovely beauty. Jack had been adamant that Lottie did not return his affections and he should just shove off. He then traded some stolen doubloons for a pair of razor-thin knives. He then cut in half the chopsticks and assembled two knives which could be hid perfectly as a hari accessory. He proudly showed Lottie her new weapons.

Jack had got a kiss on the cheek for his concern.

interrupting his thoughts, Lottie dragged him on board. Both were familiar with the Troubadour, as Teague had shown them round when they were small bairns, just able to walk, and every other time he made port. The ship was a second home for them, but Jack was hoping for the day that he and Lottie could be Captain of their own ship. It was a fantasy that Lottie shared, and they had often planned for different ways to get a ship of their own.

Both had ruled out mutiny, as they thought the idea terrible. Also, they both remembered Lillian's stories as children, how the seventh circle of hell was reserved for betrayers and mutineers. Neither wanted that fate before them. Finally, they had both decided to improvise, it was what they were best at. If a oppurtunity presented itself, then they would not ignore fate's sign. However, they would not intentionally go looking for trouble, only if they got something out of it.

Together, Lottie and Jack started carrying out their duties, both grinning to one another when they passed the other.


A year had passed and Teague noticed Jack was growing restless and Charlie right along with him. They were soon infamous among the crew, the perfect partners in crime, carrying out any responsibilities handed to them with ease and determination. Both were made for the life of a pirate and had, like most pirates, fell in love with the ocean.

Teague knew the days of having his Jackie and Jackie's Lottie onboard the Troubadour were numbered and he tried not to let that upset him. He was a lad, he needed to find his own two feet. He had left his mother, youngest Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Sea, early in his youth, to be a Cabin Boy on some other vessel. He remembered his Ma's whispered words, how Jackie would probably steal her title as youngest Pirate Lord, as long as Lottie didn't beat him to it.

Suddenly, he heard the crew prepare to leave the vessel to get supplies. He breathed in the foul air of Tortuga, it promising freedom not many could appreciate. He watched with a heavy heart as Jack and Charlie ventured towards a pub, the Faithful Bride, and sighed as they disappeared. Raising a bottle of rum which had been clasped in his hands since sunrise, he wished them luck. Knowing their luck, they'd need it.

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