This is my first fanfiction, so I hope you enjoy!

This is a Grimmjow x oc story that I've had in my head for years now. At first, I didn't know there was such a thing as fanfiction, then I was just too lazy to write and publish it, but I'm glad I did.

Just to let you know, updates will be irregular and may take a while because of school. I was wary about publishing this because my writing isn't that good, but I think reviews and followers will encourage me to write faster.

I do not own bleach. This story is written by me for the love of writting and fanfiction!

After the winter war had ended, the shinigami found my beaten body and brought me back to soul society. At first, I was supposed to be experimented on by this insane scientist then executed, but after Kurosaki told them what happened they said I could have a chance to live, in the human world, under the surveillance of fucking soul society. That's just great. But do you know what the worst part is? I have to wear a gigai, which means I'll be weak, only slightly stronger than an average human. I really wanted to kill those bastards, but I knew the odds weren't in my favour, so I got sent to make life in the fucking human world, more like hell.

School. It's only been Grimmjow's third day, but he was already sick of it. All he did was sit in his seat and listen to the teacher babble on about shit that didn't make any sense to him. Most of the time he would just zone out and look out the window, or at the women.

Since the first day Grimmjow entered school, girls have stared at him non-stop, not that he really minded, but sometimes they would get on his nerves with their never-ending questions.

"Grimmjow-kun, do you have a girlfriend?"

"How often do you work out?"

"I love your hair, do you wanna go out some time?"

None of the women really caught Grimmjow's attention. Sure some of them had a really nice ass, and a pair of monstrous breasts, but their personalities just turned him off. Most of them were airheads that could hardly finish a whole sentence without giggling. He wanted an actual woman who is strong, capable of handling herself, not one that was all ditzy and cries over the littlest things.

After the bell rang for class Grimmjow noticed that the empty seat in front of him was no longer empty. Instead, an unfamiliar figure occupied the chair. Was she new, or had he been spacing out this entire time. He sniffed the air in front of him, it smelt odd. Probably some type of crazy perfume girls like to wear.

"Keigo," whispered Ichigo."Has that girl always been in our class?"

"That my friend is the beautiful Nicara. She started coming to our school around the time you were saving Orihime and stuff."

The girl was pretty average looking. She had sleek black hair that reached a little past the shoulders with matching dark eyes. Overall, she had a slim figure, a small chest and ass, but something about her made her look alluring, but Grimmjow couldn't figure it out.

Class passed by quickly and it was soon lunch time.

"OHHHHHHHHH Nicara!" Called Keigo.

Grimmjow watched as Nicara slightly flinched before answering.

"What is it Keigo?" Nicara asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

Keigo and his friends walked over to where Nicara was standing. He tried to put his arm around her shoulders, but she avoided him by moving out of the way. Then she gave a small sigh. Obviously, this wasn't the first time he tried putting a move on her.

"I wanted to introduce you to my friends."

"Uh, okay," she acknowledged uncertainly, hoping Keigo's friends weren't anything like him.

One by one Keigo introduced Ichigo, Orihime and her human friends, and lastly the shinigami.

Nicara just nodded, and gave a friendly smile to each one of them. Then she slightly turned her head in Grimmjow's direction, giving him a slight glimpse. Ichigo seemed to have noticed this and quickly said, "That's Grimmjow, he just transferred in a few days ago."

"Oh," was her only response.

"Do you want to have lunch with us Nicara-chan?" chimed Orihime.

"Uh, sure, should we invite him too?" she asked pointing in Grimmjow's direction.

Orihime hesitated before asking Grimmjow. "Grimmjow-kun would you like to have lunch with us?"

"Tch," replied Grimmjow. "Never in a million years," he said as he walked out of the classroom.

"Wow, someone's got an attitude."

"He's just not very good at making friends," explained Orihime.

They all went to the roof top to eat lunch. Orihime was busy chatting away with Nicara, since she seemed like a friendly person, Orihime wanted to get to know Nicara better.

"So Nicara, did you just move into Karakura Town recently?"

"yeah, I just moved here a couple of weeks ago."

"Why?" Orihime asked curiously.

"My parents go away on business trips a lot, so I told them I didn't want to keep moving and switching schools." Nicara explained. "So I decided that Karakura town would be a good place to stay since they pass by this area often."

"Ohh, so how often do you see your parents?"

"Maybe every other month or so, the timing is really irregular, but I'm glad I get to stay in one place now, it helps me focus on my studies." she replied with a small smile.

Everyone continued to eat lunch, all the girls were getting along with Nicara quite well.

"On the weekend do you want to go shopping with all us?" asked Rangiku. " I heard it's going to be really hot in the next couple of weeks, so we should all go shopping for bikini's."

"Sure, but I don't think I would look good in one."

Rangiku scoffed.

"Well let's just say my assets are nothing compared to yours and Orihime's," explained Nicara.

Rangiku couldn't exactly disagree, since Nicara's bust was only about the size of Rukia's.

"True, but you'd still look good in a bikini."

"I dunno..." Nicara was about to argue but was stopped by Rangiku.

"Than it's settled, on Saturday, we meet at the mall and were going to shop till we find the perfect bikini's!" Rangiku concluded.

After school ended everyone started to walk home.

"Hey Nicara, where do you live?" asked Orihime.

" I live a block away from the Kurosaki Clinic."

"Oh, that's Ichigo's place. The clinic is mostly run by his dad and his two sisters."

"That's nice, how lucky of him..." Nicara muttered, almost sounding a little jealous.

" Do you want to walk home together? Cause I also live nearby."


The two girls walked home together, it wasn't long until they got to Nicara's house.

The house was an ordinary, plain house. It had only one floor, and was kinda small, containing only two bedrooms, and the bare minimums, but it looked like a cozy place to live. It also had the nicest little front porch and a huge back yard.

"Do you live here alone?"


"Doesn't it get lonely sometimes?" Orihime suddenly asked.

"I guess," said Nicara.

"My parents and brother passed aways years ago. That's why I wondered if you were ever lonely, I know I am." Orihime explained, her voice barely a whisper.

"I'm so sorry Orihime, now I feel guilty... but that's why I have Ari." Nicara replied.

Nicara whistled with her fingers, in seconds a Golden Retriever came running up to her, his tail wagging wildly back and forth. She pet him behind his ears, making him roll over onto his back so she could caress his stomach. Those places seemed to be Ari's soft spots. Then Ari got up, finally noticing another company besides his master. He cautiously stepped towards Orihime and sniffed the air around her. After Ari decided Orihime was safe, he happily jumped up and tried to lick Orihime on the face.

"Awww, your dog's so cute!" squealed Orihime, as Ari continued to lick her.

"I'm glad you like him, I think he likes you too. Maybe you should get a pet to keep you company," suggested Nicara.

"That's okay, I have made so many good friends now and they're always there for me, I couldn't be anymore happier." Orihime thought about the times her friends had protected her and how they risked their lives just to save her in Hueco Mundo.

"I'm glad to hear that, well you can come visit me and Ari anytime."

"yeah, I will, and same goes for you."

Orihime waved goodbye to Nicara and Ari before making her way back home, a huge smile never leaving her face.

Grimmjow followed Ichigo back to his house and into the bedroom. Since soul society didn't know where to put him, they decided that he would stay in Ichigo's house that way Ichigo and his father could restrain him if any thing happened. Grimmjow's 'room' absolutely sucked. In fact, he didn't even have one, his 'room' was only Ichigo's closet, he barely even fit in it. So most of the time he just came back so he could drop off his stuff and change out of his school uniform, then he would go out and come back late at night to sleep in the closet.

Grimmjow walked out of the house and into the streets of Karakura town, trying to find something to catch his eye. occasionally he would get a wink from some woman passing by, some were ever brave enough to ask for his number. However, he didn't exactly understand what they ment by that. He was Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, sexta espada, but humans weren't suppose to know that.

The main thing Grimmjow spent his money on was food. Grimmjow surprisingly enjoyed human food, he ate almost everything, his favourites being chicken, fish and milk. Food practically the only thing that kept him happy so far. Sometimes he wanted to pick a fight with some of the men on the streets, but that of course wasn't allowed. The only time he is allowed to fight to stop some criminals, self-defence, or when hollows attacked.

Upon coming to the human world Grimmjow was given a hollow badge, since being in a gigai was a lot harder to sense spiritual pressure. Only when the badge was beeping, or when the shinigami told him to could he come out of his gigai and fight with full power. Since arriving in the human world, there hasn't been any hollows, so he hadn't fought ,or been out of gigai for days.

Grimmjow continued wandering through the streets. He stopped outside a fancy looking restaurant, spotting a familiar face.

Nicara was sitting at a table, not alone, but with a male. He seemed slightly older than her, maybe in his early twenties. They had just finished their food and was about to pay the bill when the male took Nicara's hand and kissed it. His lips lingering on the back of her hand, while his eyes stared intently into her dark black eyes. She instantly blushed, her face turning light pink.

"I had a great time with you tonight, Nicara," said the male.

"Umm, me too." she said, still blushing, while trying to hide her face.

"Do you think we could see each other again sometime soon, like tomorrow night?" he seemed a little desperate, but Nicara was still too flustered to notice.

"Sure, I guess."

"That's perfect, come on, let's get to my car and I'll drive you home."

After the male and Nicara left the restaurant, Grimmjow watched as they got into a black vehicle with the word lamborghini inscribed on the back. As they drove away, Grimmjow couldn't help but feel agitated at what he saw. Who was that man Nicara was with? Was he her fucking boyfriend? It seemed like he was, or was going to be in no time. And for reason that bothered Grimmjow for the rest of the day, and night.

Authors Note:

The story takes place after the winter war, so anything after that part of the series is not included in my story, oh and ichigo still has his powers in this story.

I think the singer Lights best portrays the look of my oc Nicara.

Somehow I ended up making Nicara have a pet dog, which wasn't something I originally planned, but I think it worked out pretty well.

The next update should be up in about a month, usually on weekends. It takes me forever to write a chapter, you could say I'm still new at this.

So, yeah, this is my first fanfiction, so please give me some advice and criticism on the story! I am always looking forward to improving myself!