Chapter 25: Do You Remember?

Nicara gulped at Grimmjow's last statement. Exactly what did he have in store for her tonight? Interrupting her thoughts he snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her along to a nearby hotel. He basically slapped down some cash and ordered the front desk lady to give him a room key. She quickly handed him one, not wasting a second to point them in the direction of the elevator.

The elevator ride up was quiet, except for the sound of Nicara's pounding heart. Grimmjow was holding her hand, he could probably tell she was nervous through her sweaty palms. As soon as they got into the room, he slammed her back against the door, and once again he devoured her lips. Simultaneously, both his hands lifted her butt and thighs, causing her to wind her legs around his waist, her hands around his neck.

Nicara felt him grind his pelvic against her, making her throw her head back to moan. Grimmjow took this opportunity to devour her neck. It hurt when he bit down, not painful pain, but pain in a pleasureful way. Her hands racked though his hair as he continued nipping at her neck.

"Grimm..." He put his index finger over Nicara's lips, shushing her.

"You're mine now." he grinned, his eyes flickering from her face to the giant swollen hickey on her neck.

Before she could respond, he threw her over his shoulder and ventured further into the room. Effortlessly, he tossed her onto the bed, her back hitting the soft mattress. He took off his shirt before pouncing on top. They continued making out, and somehow during all that kissing their clothes came off, leaving them only in their undergarments.

When he unclasped Nicara's bra, she shyly covered her breasts and turned away.

"Don't," he whispered, grabbing her arms. "Don't hide your body away from me."

"But, they're nothing compared to her's."

He let out a sigh. "So ya think I'll be disappointed?" she nodded sadly. "Look, I've had sex with many women before, and some of them had smaller breasts like you, yet the sex was just as good, maybe even better. Besides, I didn't fall for you because of the size of your tits, if I really cared then you definitely wouldn't have made the list. Why are you women so self conscious about the size of your tits anyways?"

Nicara narrowed her eyes, and moved her body so she was sitting slightly upright. She kept one hand across her chest, while she used the other to keep herself sitting up. "Well then why do men care about the size of their dick? It the same thing."

"I don't," he said while adjusting his position to straddle Nicara about her thighs.

"That's cause you already got a huge dick!" she exclaimed, annoyed that Grimmjow wasn't even trying to relate to her situation.

Grimmjow grinned at her statement. "Oh? Is that so, how would you know? You haven't even taken my boxers off yet."

Nicara blushed. Grimmjow was right, she technically hadn't seen it yet, but she knew from a couple sources. "I could feel the bulge through your pants every time I sat in your lap, and when I straddle you." she confessed. While on topic, she couldn't help but break eye contact with Grimmjow to peer down for a peek. She could already see the outline of it through his boxers, and boy was it big.

"Like what you see?" he laughed. He gave her a quick feel by grabbing one of her hands to place on top, earning a surprised gasp from Nicara. He took the opportunity to huskily whisper, "don't worry, there's more to come."

Nicara, both embarrassed and nervous, let her back fall back against the mattress and turned away before letting out a pout. "You're such a dick." He always knew what to say to make her feel better and at the same time make her want to kick him in the shins. Nonetheless, his words made her feel more confident, so she slowly removed her hands from her chest.

Not wasting a second, his lips swooped down and kissed her all over. She could only try her best to hold back the moans. His lips trailed down to her stomach, his fingers lingering on the waistband of her underwear.

Before he could pull them off, Nicara grabbed his hand, halting him. He looked up, wondering why they couldn't continue.

"Grimmjow...I ..." she was at a lost for words. A tear slid down her cheek."I'm sorry." she muttered as she covered her face and sprinted towards the bathroom. She didn't want him to see her like this.

She wasn't sure if she was ready to have sex with Grimmjow yet. Everything was happening so fast. Hours ago she was just picking up some papers from work, she didn't expect to make up with her ex boyfriend and end up alone in a hotel room with him. Yes, she really, really, really liked Grimmjow. But they were just caught up in this passionate, heated moment. She didn't want either of them to regret anything.

He was about to take off Nicara's final piece of clothing, her underwear, and make love to her, but a hand restrained him. He made eye contact with Nicara to see what was wrong, maybe she needed a little reassurance? He don't know what happened cause next thing he knew she was crying her way to the bathroom. Fuck. What did he do this time? He didn't hurt her did he? She seemed okay with everything up till now, that's why he decided to continue.

"Nicara," he called making his way to the bathroom in only his boxers. He found her huddled up in the corner, hugging her knee's against her body. He stood about one meter away from her and squatted down to her level.

"What's wrong?"

"Grimm...I'm not ready."

"Oh..." He said, not even trying to hide his disappointment. "Why didn't you just fuckin' tell me?" he growled, hands hastily combing through his locks. " I wouldn't have gone this far if I knew I...fuck...I guess I'll just take you home now." He wanted her badly, especially since they got this far. Though his body craved her, he wouldn't push his luck, he was going to have to call it a night.

"No, Grimmjow, it's not like that. I still want to stay here with you tonight, just the two of us."

Grimmjow let out a sigh. The woman wanted him, but at the same time not all of him. This was going to be a difficult night. "Why aren't you ready?" he half demanded. He wanted to know the reason for rejection, so hopefully he could change her mind.

"I don't know. It just happened so fast. Yesterday you hated my guts and now your drowning me in love. It's just so confusing."

"I never hated you."

"I know..." she sighed, "but you acted like it."

"Well what was I suppose to do? Act heartbroken and beg for you to take me back?"

No, Grimmjow would never no do something like that; he had too much self pride. "No, but you could've acted more neutral like when we first met."

"You have no idea how hard it was to not touch or kiss you every time you were around me," he muttered.

"I'm sorry," she apologized. She never thought the breakup would affect Grimmjow so much. It was hard to tell what he was feeling. He never apologized and acted like he was fine, but that was him. That's what she loved about him, he wasn't going to change to please her.

He crawled over to her and hugged her against himself, burying his face in the crook of her neck. "I want you .." he honestly sated. "I want to make you mine."

"I know, but can you please wait a little longer? My head's been messed up for the past few weeks. I think I need a little more time before I'm ready."

He sighed, he wasn't allowed to have her tonight, and he was so close. He was sexually frustrated to say the least. They were basically naked, hugging each other, he was surprised he could hold back this much. Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind. "Just cause I'm not allowed to fuck you, it means I'm allowed to do everything else with ya right?"

Nicara thought about it for a moment before hesitantly answering,"I guess...?"

Just because sex was out of the picture, it didn't mean he couldn't have any fun with her tonight.

Grimmjow gave Nicara one of his sly, ominous smirks and turned on the tap to fill the tub. Once it was full he lifted her off the floor and threw her in.

"Grimmjow!" she half screeched, arms flailing in the water. "What are you-?"

Muffling her panicked words, he shut her up with a kiss.

"We're taking a bath together. Do you want to scrub me or do you want me to scrub you first?" he asked innocently.

She shook her head, looking away. "Why are you doing this? It we're not carefully you might loose control and..."

"I'm just doing what I'm allowed to do. I won't fuck you, Nicara, as much as I want to. But, I will memorize every curve of your body, so when the time comes, I'll know exactly where I want you."

She blushed, completely at a loss of words.

"You already made me wait twice now," he added. "So don't expect me to be gentle, you're going to get what you sighed up for. " he said biting her ear lobe.

"I guess I deserve that." She whispered while trying to hold back a moan as his fingertips brushed her body.

They were completely naked now, their wet bodies pressed against another. She had no idea how he was holding back.

They ended up making out some more before scrubbing each others body, using only their bare hands to wash each other.

'Remember, actions speak louder than words.' Orihime's voice echoed through her mind.

Then it hit her. Grimmjow is able to hold back because he cares for her, but most importantly because he loves her. Suddenly her heart was filled with ease. She knew something in her heart was missing earlier, that's why she couldn't continue. It was the trust between her and Grimmjow, she wanted confirmation that he loved her, especially from all the confusion during the time they were apart. Although it would be nice for him to express his feelings in the form of words, his actions were passionate enough to convey his feelings. Honestly, it didn't really matter how he expressed his feelings as long as they were able to communicate to each other.

After rinsing the soap off, they relaxed in the tub full of water. Nicara was in his lap gently stroking his chest. His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful, that is until she accidentally brushed his lower member. He growled and looked down at her.

"Sorry," Nicara said a bit too cheeky, like she was teasing him.

"What? Not afraid I'll loose control anymore?"

"Nope!" she grinned, turning around to straddle his lap.

"Woman..." he growled, his body growing tense. "You're getting yourself in a dangerous position."

"I know," she teased, as she started giving a light rub and grinding him. He lower member hardened immediately, then suddenly he flipped their positions, so he was on top of her, her back against the tub.

His face was serious, mixed with anger and lust as he hissed, "I said I wouldn't fuck you, but if you keep teasing me like this then you're asking for it, and I won't hold back any longer."

Hoping to calm him down, she lifted a hand to stroke his face by tracing down his right jaw where his hollow mask would be. "Then take me," She whispered.

Grimmjow looked at Nicara with complete shock. Did he just hear that right? Did she just offer him to make love to her? He just looked at her, unsure whether to make a move or not, perhaps afraid she would pull away again. Nicara had a feeling he was going to be hesitant with making the first move, so she did. Winding one hand around his neck, she kissed him full on the lips, while her other hand headed down his body.

He seemed to finally get the message now, and wasted no time carrying her out of the tub and placing her back on the bed. She wanted to ask him if they should dry themselves off first, but it didn't look like he had any patience for that. His head swooped down to kiss every part of her body, making her gasp and moan in pleasure.

As Grimmjow came inside of her, he passionately kissed Nicara to muffled her screams of pain and pleasure. He shuddered in pleasure, the feeling of ecstasy differed from before; this moment was beyond compare. He looked down at Nicara beneath him, her entire body was covered in sweat, her face contorted with pleasure.

When he finally finished, she collapsed underneath him, absolutely breathless.

Grimmjow took a look at the woman, his woman. He had claimed her; her entire body belonged to him now with his markings left on her to prove it. Tilting her chin, he roughly kissed her lips once more. He was staring to get tired and he knew she wouldn't be able to handle another round, not tonight. So after the kiss, he pulled her against his body, his lips at the top of her head.

"You're mine." he growled tiredly.

"All yours," she whispered, giving him one last kiss on his chest before falling asleep.

Nicara didn't have any nightmares tonight, but she did have a dream. There were buildings that look familiar to the one's right here in downtown Karakura. In her dream, around the corner of this restaurant sign was an alley, just like any other except there was a hidden door. What was beyond that door was a mystery because she woke up from her dream before she could see.

She woke up feeling completely rested with full energy to start a new day. Her mind was calm and her body was relaxed, especially since she was snuggled in the arms of her lover, his light breathing trickling down the back of her neck. She rolled around to face him, his sleeping face completely calm and peaceful.

Last night was absolutely mind-blowing. Everything happened so quickly, it almost felt like a dream. But it was all real; she had hickies all over her body and her ass was sore as hell. Nicara only had sex with one other man, but it was much different. The man was gentle and went slow, while Grimmjow was rough and liked to go fast. She enjoyed both experiences though, because they brought her pleasure in two different ways.

She never thought about it before, but her current lover, Grimmjow, and her previous lover, Kaede, have polar opposite personalities. Grimmjow has a rough exterior, and can be rude, and hotheaded, but at the same time when he feels like it, he can be caring in his own way. Kaede, on the other hand, was a sweet, gentle, and caring man who always knew how to cheer people up. He always knew how to communicate his feelings, especially through the many times he told her that he loved her. Sometimes she missed hearing the words 'I love you', and wished Grimmjow would tell her one day.

She already confirmed his feelings for her last night, but part of her still wanted to hear it in words. She hadn't said those three words to him either, but that was because she was afraid to. What if she said it to him and he couldn't say it back? Not because he didn't love her, but just cause he couldn't let himself admit such a feeling out loud.

Nicara let out a sigh. She really shouldn't be comparing and thinking about that stuff right now; instead, she should enjoy the moment. Since she knew she couldn't fall back asleep and her body was a bit sticky and sore from last nights events, she rolled out of bed to take a quick shower.

After her bath, She peered out the window of their hotel room to see the sun was rising over the horizon. It was already quite bright outside and the room air felt stuffy, so she decided to go for a walk even though it was only six in the morning.

"Grimm," she whispered quietly while shaking his shoulder. He didn't budge. She was going to try and wake him up again, but decided he was tired from last night. He deserved some rest.

There was a memo pad on the nightstand so she scribbled down a note saying she went on a morning walk and would be back soon, just so he knew where she went if he woke up and she wasn't back yet. She looked at his sleeping face and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead before quietly heading out.

Making her way out of the building, the morning air was crisp and cool against her skin. She didn't know where her legs were heading, but she didn't care, it just felt so relaxing letting fresh air flow through her lungs. The streets were quiet, so there was nothing to be afraid of. That's when she saw it, the buildings from her dreams, or at least they looked like it. The buildings just seemed more tattered, older, with faded colors and broken windows. She continued around the corner and long behold, there was that same restaurant sign hanging. She peeked inside, there was still chairs and tables so the business must still be running. That's when she saw a man inside sweeping. They made eye contact for only a split second which caused his eyes to suddenly light up and cause him to quickly run outside to greet her.

The old man had grey hair looked like he was in his mid 70's. When he came out and had a good look at Nicara, his eyes were full of excitement.

"Could it be you're the same girl who use to come here all the time? Do you remember me?" he asked, his voice a bit feeble and hoarse.

Nicara shook her head, but nonetheless gave him a friendly smile. "Sorry, I don't think so. You must have me confused with someone else. I just moved to Karakura town this year."

"Yes, you're right miss. If you were the same girl, then you wouldn't have aged at all for ten years. So sorry miss, silly me."

"No worries, this girl must've been a really loyal customer if you still remember her."

He slowly nodded with a smile while recalling the past. "Yes, she was. She use to come here all the time cause she just lived around the corner. Sometimes she even brought her boyfriend along, though they would always deny it, I could tell it was young love."

As nice as it was talking to the old man, she wanted to continue her walk. "Well it was nice talking to you, maybe I'll come by for lunch sometime."

"That would be great, have a safe walk."

After waving goodbye to the old man, she continued following the same path as her dream. She found an alley, but there was nothing, just a dead end. The alley was in between two buildings. One with red bricks, the other had beige bricks. The beige had several doors while the red one had none, which was odd. Most buildings had side doors, that was the point of the alley. She felt around the wall, maybe there was a hidden door? She felt a loose brick and gave it a good push, suddenly, a security touch pad popped out.

What was this? A secret place that belonged to the CIA? She was suppose to put her hand and let it scan, but what were the chances of it working? It didn't hurt to try, however, as long as sirens didn't go off there would be no harm done.

Hesitantly, she placed her hand on the scanner, it made a beep sound, and then a layer of bricks opened up like an elevator door to a another door. The door was hidden under the layer of bricks. She knew it wasn't probably safe to go through that door, but curiosity got the best of her. She slowly turned the knob to enter, what seemed like a one bedroom suit. There was a washroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. It was really dusty though, an inch of dust sitting on top of old magazines. Perhaps it was a secret hideout of the CIA; it felt so cool. She read spy books before, but never imagined actually fining a place like this.

She continued to look around, and what caught her attention was the object in the bedroom. Laying on top of the bed was a beautiful looking zanpakuto. The blade was entirely clear like glass, while the hilt was black and red. She lifted it off the bed to take a closer examination. As her hand made contact with the sword, she felt a jolt of energy run though her veins. It made her feel alive. Looking through the blade, she saw a reflection, a reflection of a shadow standing behind her.

"Do you remember now?" the person suddenly spoke.

Even thought she knew someone was behind her, she still jumped from the sound of their voice.

"Who are you?" she demanded, taking a good look at the man. He had pale skin, a slender yet muscular body, with raven chin length hair, and odd helmet like thing and dark streaks ran under his eyes as if he were crying.

"You still don't remember, woman?"

"Remember?" she questioned. Now that she thought about it, he did look a little familiar. She closed her eyes and racked through her brain. Yes, she had seen him before from her nightmares. One time in her dream someone was calling out to him, and the name was...


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