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POV The Joker

How many idiots does it take to capture a bat? Obviously more than 5, I had to run before the cops arrived. Stupid Bat, I just want to get rid of the competition. Gotham will be mine!

The rain began to pour causing my face to melt into my scars, the pain tomorrow would help me forget about tonight. I ran to my apartment and opened the door. Nothing new, two guards playing poker in the corner by the weapons cupboard, crappy couch which is fully deflated and the blood stained rug which lay lifelessly infront of the telly. I would re decorate but seeing as we are constantly on the move, the peeled paint can stay. I slumped down into my arm chair so the men could finish there game and began to slowly trace my life lines in my palm with my favourite blade.

Tonight was the night I realised the batman didn't work alone, he had two accomplices. One was a cocky lad in his late teens, head to toe in non advanced armour. He was a fighter I'll give you that seeing as the bastard wouldn't get off of me while I held the girl down. She shouted Robin twice so I guess that's the pricks name.

The girl was about 16 with a bat mask that covered her eyes. She must've been related to him in some way other wise she would be an idiot to fight. She has a little fight in her, I like that and the way she would rebound of the batman would get him angry. I like a show and that was top notch entertainment. To make the bat man weak I had to lose the kids.

Getting out of the arm chair, I put the blade away and threw on a heavy coat which concealed my scarred face. The big trench had an enlarged collar which hid my scars, it was my fathers. I walked towards the park in pouring rain and sat watching the chaos in the city.