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On With The Show!

POV Robin

Being led by Jim Gordon, we broke into the warehouse and checked every room for her. It wasn't until we broke down the door of the last room and found her in the corner. She looked so different. Hair long and dull, the beautiful sheen that it once had had faded. Her face and arms were covered in scars and blood was stained on her cheek. Her scar was still there, the tear of fire. She was so skinny now, had she been eating? I don't know but her dress hung off her and she had the Jokers jacket over her legs to keep them warm.

Batman ran in and scooped her up, her body looked so battered and worn. Both Batman and I then noticed the scar on her shoulder blade. We kept it to ourselves though seeing as she was crying. We ran out to the bat mobile and strapped her in.

"Gordon, I'm taking her to the station. Meet me there and watch out, we might have company." Bat mans deep voice showed concern and a tad of fear. I hopped in the back and we set off down to the GCPD where she would remain in questioning. Pushing open the doors, batman made his way through the squeaky clean corridors into the dark room where she would be questioned. Limp and lifeless, she was laid on the floor of the questioning room. I sat with her until she awoke, batman had left. She was fading in and out of reality, her mind was finally at rest. She smiled when she wasn't dreaming and shook violently when she was. I panicked at first but it finally clicked that she had scarecrows gas and that's enough to make anyone crazy!

I left the room to get some coffee, yup, Im a real hero now ... Drinking coffee. The kettle slowly boiled and clicked when the bubbles rose aggressively to the top. I poured in some instant crap and stirred in the hot water, smaller bubbles rose to form a bigger one which engulfed my hole cup. Basically I was so tired I had over filled my cup and caused boiling hot water to spill over the counter. Cleaning it slowly I focused on every intricate detail on the counter, the small scratches, the coffee stains...why am I like this when I'm tired? A scream broke my concentration. As I dashed towards the questioning room, I saw Lexi cowering in the corner.

"Lexi ..." I asked walking in to the room slowly and shutting the door ever so gently.

"He's here." She said whimpering.

"Who?" She screamed again. I went over and touched her on the shoulder.

"The fire man is coming to get me! Keep him away!" She was kicking at this point and thrusting her hands out in front of her. She screamed one last time and then froze. Her body completely tensed up and her eyes slowly looked down to her shoulder with the scar. What was happening? She remained like that for about a minute then relaxed her body onto mine.

"Lexi, how are you feeling?" I softly spoke, words dangling of my lips.

"I don't know. I keep seeing him, the fire man and after a while he disappears. It's strange and I feel constantly on edge. But you make me feel safe Robin, without you ... I would have lost my mind." She held my arms tightly while resting her head on my chest.

"I'm here now, no need to worry."

"But he said he would kill you!"

"I found you, I don't care about him." I gently pushed her hair back which made her eyes glisten a little. "Do you remember what happened? With The Joker?"

"After that video tape I tried to escape but got caught and was used in a dirty auction so he could steal people's money. My shoulder still hurts and ..." She paused as two medics ran in to help her. Her shoulder looked nasty. It hadn't been taken care of but was clean. I left the room as Bruce Wayne appeared in the window.

"Hello Mr Wayne, are you ready to take her home?" Jim asked as the medics finished bandaging up her shoulder and giving her medication.

"Yes I am. I will call you if she says anything about the Jokers where abouts." He said. He walked in and lifted her up so she was hobbling with his shoulder for support. They got in the flash sports car and rode away.