To my new and old readers it'll come as a shock to see an update to this but I've decided to finally remake this fic as I was somewhat disappointed in my earlier version so enjoy.

{Line Break}

Orochimaru smirked as he looked at the Uzumaki jinchuuriki and the only reason he knew the child was an Uzumaki was the files that his sensei kept in his desk where he had easily stolen them.

"Foolish Sarutobi-sensei really shouldn't keep such files hidden in his desk" Orochimaru says to himself as he starts chuckling as he made a list of things to do.

Subject: XXXXX {Future perfect host body}

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 4 years

Gender: Male

Clan: Uzumaki

List of future experiments for subject:

Infusion of DNA from Subjects mother Uzumaki Kushina in hopes of transferring the Adamantine Sealing Chains

Infusion of DNA from Uchiha Mikoto hopefully subject will gain the Sharingan

possibly if I can DNA from a Hyuuga clan member

Infusion of Kaguya clan DNA

"I'll add more as the brat ages as I don't want to burn out my future perfect host body after all kukukukuku" Orochimaru says as he starts the first infusion of DNA from Uzumaki Kushina into Naruto.

{2 years later Naruto age: 6 Location: ?}

Orochimaru had to scratch his head as after the DNA from Uchiha Mikoto took hold there had been a burst of chakra from the kyuubi that lasted for half an hour surrounding the child in a cocoon of red chakra that slowly turned violet in colour before it faded leaving behind a changed Naruto.

Status update to subject: XXXXX

Name: Uzumaki Naruto?{Will need to come up with new name for subject}

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Clan: Uzumaki/Uchiha

Traits gained from successful infusion of DNA from Uzumaki Kushina and Uchiha Mikoto:

Red with black streak hair

Eye colour is unknown for the moment

Subject due to interference from the Kyuubi has become Female

Awaiting till Subject is removed from the chamber used for DNA infusions before testing subject...blood tests does show up positive for at least one bloodline trait.

{May give subject a cursed seal once the subject is older}

Orochimaru blinked as he looked up from writing his update on his future body as one of his minions ran into the room.

"Orochimaru-sama we have been found by Jiraiya who is attacking the base as we speak" the 'minion' says as the room shakes causing Orochimaru to curse as jiraiya was to close for him to get his future body out of the base.

"Tell every scientist who can to evacuate and for all nin to make sure they can take any notes they can" Orochimaru says as he starts collecting his own notes but in his rsuh knocked his update onto the ground before rushing out a secret tunnel he had made to evacuate in a rush.

Jiraiya ran a hand through his hair as he looked at the hastily abandoned lab and sighed.

"Missed him again due to those nins he had guardian the tunnels" Jiraiya says about to turn around and leave before he stepped on a piece of paper and bent down then picking it up to read.

"Damn you Orochimaru!" Jiraiya growls out as he starts searching for his god-son now god-daughter oh he would let his sensei know about the lab but not until he got Naruto out of there and somewhere safe, Jiraiya sighed knowing very well that he'll be calling in some favors owed to him but it was for a good cause.

{6 Months later Location: Kumo Gates}

Naruto or as she was now named Mito stared at the gates to Kumo then at her God-Father and tilts her head.

"Why are we here?" Mito asks softly as even after 6 months of resting and recuperating from how Jiraiya had released her from the tank she had ben held in for Orochimaru to experiment on her.

"I've called in a favor I was owed by the Raikage Aye to get you trained by one of his Nin a Jounin by the name of Kirabi or Killer B who'll be training you alongside another by the name of Yugito Nii" Jiraiya says as he ruffles his god-daughters hair before handing the gate guards their passports who signaled a pair of hidden S.P.A.R.K's Kumo's version of A.N.B.U to lead them to the Raikage tower to meet with the Raikage about Mito's training for the next couple of years.

{Line Break}

Shorter then the original but I like to think my writing's gotten better since then and the 1st chapter of the remake is up so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you my readers.

posted 12/24/16