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{Line Break}

"The 4th Raikage Aye looked at Jiraiya and the red head with black streaks in her hair before rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"So let me get this straight you're calling in the favour I owe you to have your god-daughter trained alongside Yugito by Kirabi to not only control her tailed beast but also to be a ninja" Aye says getting a nod from Jiraiya.

"Yes and I've already sent a message to the Fire Daimyo who'll be talking to the Lightning Daimyo about the idea of having Mito-chan here acting as a ambassador between the 2 nations along with being a Kunoichi of both Kumo and Konoha this is so that she can't be ordered to give up any secrets she learns as she'll be apart of both nations military" Jiraiya says as the idea was meant to help protect his god-daughter from not only Orochimaru but also the Konoha elders.

"And what does your Hokage think about this plan of yours?" Aye asks getting a sheepish look from Jiraiya.

"I've not even told Sarutobi-Sensei about Mito or my idea as I know he would shoot it down just to get Mito within Konoha walls plus I do not trust the Elders who would if they got wind of Mito and what Orochimaru did to her would want her as a broodmare" Jiraiya says starting out sheepishly but turning serious midway through.

"Aye sighs before having Mabui summon Yugito and Kirabi to his office.

"Fine Kirabi will train her until she's 10 during which time she'll be Yugito's teammate meaning she'll be an active genin of Kumo and will have the option to that the Chuunin exams should Kirabi deem both girls ready for them if it's within the timespan of his training of both Mito and Yugito" Aye says getting a sigh from Jiraiya.

"Yeah I got it" Jiraiya says before he kneels down next to Mito.

"Be good for your teacher Mito-chan and i'll come pick you up when you turn 10 okay? and don't worry i'll visit you whenever i'm in the area" Jiraiya says getting a teary nod from Mito who hugs him tightly.

"Yo big bro what you call me and Yugi-chan for?" Kirabi says as he walks into Ayes office having been told by Mabui that Aye had guests in there.

"Until she turns 10 you'll be training young Mito here alongside Yugito Kirabi and that includes how to control her tailed beast" Aye says flatly at his younger brother as he was just glad that he wasn't trying to rap everything anymore.

"Right-o big brother" Kirabi says getting a sigh from Yugito as she looks at the younger girl who Matatabi was says held her older brother Kurama.

"Right C'mon lil miss nine we'll get you outfitted then we'll get you up to speed or else i'm not Killer B the Hachibi Jinchuuriki wee~" Kirabi says getting a facepalm from Yugito and Aye and a confused look from Mito.

"Ah...I'm in your care sensei" Mito says nervously as she looks up at the large man that was going to be training her.

{Line Break}

{Mito age 10}

"Alright let's go Yugi-chan Ero-Jiji will be coming to pick me up to bring me to meet the Daimyo's for me to officially start as ambassador between Kumo and Konoha" Mito says as she puts on her Kumo Chuunin vest with a slight pout as Yugito's Jounin vest as it had been decided by both Jiraiya and Aye that Mito would only become a Jounin after she had more experience as was more experienced as the go between for both Kumo and Konoha.

"I still don't know how you can stand that pervert yo got for a god-father Mito" Yugito says as she makes sure Mito's hair is braided seeing as the younger girl seemed to excited to do it herself.

"He's family" Mito says simply getting a snort in her head from Kurama along with something that sounded like stupid perverted hairless ape when Jiraiya was brought up.

"Kurama doesn't like him" Mito says with a giggle and it was true seeing as Jiraiya had tried to curropt his god-daughter with a icha-icha book which Kurama promptly burned with his chakra before having Mito punch him which she did seeing as she and Kurama had become friends by that time and Kurama didn't have her do anything without a reason, and it's a reason she wouldn't learn until later.

"And he shouldn't what the ero-baka trying to get you to read that smutty book of his" Yugito says under her breath only to blush heavily as Matatabi says something perverted and Yugito to say out loud "Ero-Neko!" getting a laugh from Mito.

"Matatabi giving you trouble again?" Mito asks once she stops laughing while Yugito huffed as she wondered how her bijuu could be such a pervert.

"Always since puberty started" Yugito says in annoyance as she helps Mito seal up her things.

"Well...I guess i'll see you when ever i'm in the Land of Lightning" Mito says as she hugs her best friend/older sister figure.

"Take care of yourself and don't let the Konoha nin get you down" Yugito says knowing that unlike Kumo Konoha wouldn't have had years to get used to the idea of someone wearing the symbol of 2 villages.

{Line Break}

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