The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: # 24

Pen Name: GemmaH

Pairing/Character(s): Bella, Edward

Rating: K

Word Count: 486

Photo prompts can be found here:

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"You know there are fish in there? You'd better watch out or they might bite your toes." I turn around in the ankle-deep water to see a tall, lanky boy who looks about thirteen. He's bending down, collecting stones.

"I've been in this lake thousands of times," I tell him, my nose in the air. "I've never been bitten yet."

"You must have been lucky. My Grandma got her toe bitten clean off in there." He nods seriously at the water. I roll my eyes.

"Do you know there's a fish in the Amazon that swims up into your penis if you pee in the river? The only way to get it out is surgery." He winces and I look away, smiling smugly. "It swims right up there and it has spiky fins, and it sticks them in." I flick my fingers out, like spines, for extra impact. "And it just sits there and grows right inside of you."

I glance at him again and he looks as though he's in physical discomfort. I throw my head back and laugh. He looks at me quizzically and a smile grows on his face.

"Ha! Good one. You actually had me going there for a minute." He laughs, too and I stop.

"I wasn't kidding," I tell him, matter-of-factly. He stops and steps closer to the water, skimming one of his stones across the surface of the water.

"That's disgusting."

Neither of us speak for a while. He continues to skim stones, while I paddle gently, enjoying the cool water. I'm now also keeping a watchful eye out for fish.

"Do you have the time?" I ask eventually, breaking the silence. He checks his wristwatch.


"Shoot, I'm late." I walk quickly out of the water, untucking my skirt from where I'd bunched it into my underwear at the sides to hitch it up.

"What's your name?" he asks me, stopping his stone-skimming to watch me as I stoop to pick up my shoes and socks up from the shore.

"Bella." I glance up, suddenly hit by a bout of self-consciousness now he's turned his full attention to me.

"Do you go to school here, Bella?" he asks.

"Uh-huh." I'm torn. I have to get home, but I don't want to leave while he's talking to me. He's cute, I decide, once you look beyond the shock of messy, copper hair.

"I start on Monday. Maybe I'll see you there?" He sounds kind of hopeful and my stomach flips.

"You just moved here?" I ask. I really should be halfway home by now.

"Yeah, we moved to be close to my grandma. She can't get about too well now. You know, since the incident with the fish."

He's teasing me, but I can't help grinning back at him.

"See you at school," I say with a wave as I turn for home, still smiling.