I'm The Doctor


Sound system that can play the TARDIS appearance sound effect as loudly as possible

Gullible Dr Who Fanatic


As good a replica of the TARDIS as you can manage

Some amount of acting or trickery skills

Finery (optional)

Great Timing

Replica Sonic Screwdriver


1. Pretend like you're remembering something, but not quite there

2. Hide the fogwatch, and when the gullible fanatic is there, pretend to find it suddenly

3. Act like it seems familiar

4. As they're closing the door, open it

5. Set up the sound system and replica TARDIS as stealthily as possible

6. Don finery and ready sonic screwdriver

7. Play the TARDIS sound effect while they're asleep outside of their window

8. When they run out, act like the Doctor, having just stepped out of the TARDIS

9. Lock the door to the replica so they don't go in and see it's fake

10. Yell something the Doctor would say in this situation you've created

11. Drag it on until it's no longer funny, or until they figure it out and attack you (whichever comes first)

So, here's the second prank, made somewhat similarly to "The Master" but it lets you have a bit more fun I find. You can also change the details a bit so you can convince them that you're the master, or with the first that they're the doctor.

Scarlet Arrow, that sounds wonderful, I would welcome your suggestions!

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