Please forgive me my dearly beloved readers/reviewers/future minions. Due to a combination of human error on my part with the computer, anti-depressants for my anxiety attacks causing me to make a lot of bad choices, an ACT getting re-scheduled, my PS3 crapping out on me, a couple dozen Christmas gifts, and various other forms of chaos upon my life I have been unable to keep up with writing the next chapter of this story.

But I will promise you that someday soon perhaps when I have made up the 20-30+ missed days of school, and I have gotten pass the ACT in February, and have gotten off these Polaris-damn anti-depressants who have driven me into despair, insanity, and a perverse form of the dreaded Writer's Block (Cue scary music with thunder, and lightning in the background.) then I will be able to get this story back on track.

So please just give me until spring break comes to clean up my act, and get my life back toether so that I may attempt to enrich your lives with my... unique form of misunderstood self-tortured genius. Thank you for your kind words AkaiArsony, and I will read, & review your story as soon as I get home from school tomorrow.

Lastly let me clear the air about something.. I am a depraved bisexual virgin sex maniac. The bisexual part is intended for anime/video game heroes like Kirito from Sword Art Online, and Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss.

Pax Pacis (Safety and peace.) to you all.