Antigone is in her tomb

Haemon enters

Haemon: Antigone… How can I let you go…? Why must you leave me to suffer?

Antigone: I know where my duty lies. I have done nothing to deserve blame.

Haemon: But you have not thought through the full extent of your actions. You risked you life for your brother, and what did he do for you? Attacked your city!

Antigone: He was the rightful heir. I was loyal to his cause because he is my brother, and I love him. I understood the consequences of my action. The gods will reward me; I was the only one who was loyal. Not you, not Ismene, ME! I will live on forever in the land of the dead, knowing I did what was right.

Haemon: But I love you Antigone. Yet you have made me question my beliefs, challenge my loyalties. Made me choose between you, my bride, and my father.

Antigone: Only in times when loyalties are tested do we see how willing people are to act on their beliefs. You say you stand by me, but you are not willing to commit.

Haemon: But how can I, when to commit is to break my loyalty to my father? I love him, I am loyal to him – I cannot choose.

Antigone: But you cannot fence sit either. We all have a duty to the gods to obey their wishes without question. Creon ignored his duty, and by accepting his opinion you also defy the gods. We only live for a short time, but in the world of the dead we live forever, and our choices in this world affect our afterlives.

Haemon: Your sense of duty is admirable, but don't you think you are over-hasty in you decisions? You may have upheld your duty to the gods, but have defied the will of your ruler. Surely that is not something to be proud of? To defy your leader is as much a crime as to defy the Gods.

Antigone: I can knowingly defy him because he is wrong. My beliefs are true, and others see the truth past the shadow of Creon's actions.

Haemon: But they are not as defiant of the will of Gods as Creon is. They see the truth behind both sides of the conflict.

Antigone: Yet they can see I am right, and Creon is wrong. I pity him, for his lack of faith.

Haemon: I pity you for your fate.

Antigone: Don't you understand? I do not regret my choice, and I accept my fate. Only I was loyal, and I stood true to my beliefs. I will go to my grave with dignity, and will be honoured by the Gods.

Haemon: But what if Polynices hadn't wanted you to die for him. If he truly loved you, he would not put you through this.

Antigone: How DARE you assume you know how he felt. I know I am doing the right thing, do not dare to change my mind.

Haemon: I am not trying to change it, merely make sure you have made the right choice, and thought through it.

Antigone: You may not agree with me, but I know my mind. I see you cannot accept my choices, and will never understand my loyalty. I thank you for your concern, but you needn't show it.

Haemon leaves

Antigone prepared a rope to hang herself